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  • Building Your Gaming PC Buying a good gaming PC may be tricky at times. While there is plenty of competition on the gaming computer market the generic versions have a lot of things you may not really need but still have to pay for. If you are a true gaming enthusiast you may be better off building your own customized gaming PC.
  • WalMart enters into partnership with iBuyPower Mass-market retailer WalMart has entered into a new partnership with well-known gaming PC manufacturer iBuyPower, offering online customers the ability to get preconfigured systems shipped free to stores.
  • AVADirect Custom PC Review HULIQ News reviews a custom gaming PC from AVA Direct, a company with excellent build quality and very competitive pricing. Jumping into the world of custom PC configuration can be daunting for people without a fair amount of technical knowledge. That said, especially for those looking for gaming capability or a powerful workstation, custom configuration is normally the best way to go. After looking at a number of different companies, HULIQ News settled on AVADirect for its newest gaming rig.