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How do I build a cheap gaming pc? Hi. I am hoping to piece together myself (with help of computer guy friends) or find a site that will build me a cheap gaming pc. Is there a way to make one that will be sufficient for games on the Orange Box, WoW etc, that won't cost me a fourtune??? Any ideas will help! I have an older computer that I wouldn't mind altering... it's a dell optiplex... I also have a laptop, but I don't think I can really alter it. Thanks!
Could somebody build me a cheap gaming pc? Could somebody build me a gaming pc for around €300 from this website I need the pc to be cheap because I only do web surfing and light gaming. Although I will not play demanding games like crysis 3 I would like the pc to play battlefield 3 on medium to high settings @720p
How do i make my Gaming pc build cheaper? without changing the GPU or CPU i am also getting Cougar RS750 750W 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply and MSI B85-G43 Gaming Motherboard
What is the cheapest gaming pc I can buy/build? I am looking to buy a gaming pc but I also want to spend as little money as possible on it. I want to know what the least amount of money I can spend would be to be able to buy or at least build a computer that will play at least RPGs even if I have to lower the settings a bit. I hate not being able to play anything and all that i am looking to do is to change that so I can play most things on low settings.
£1000 Gaming PC Build? Ugh, I'm useless at this stuff. I've been told building your own pc is a great money saver, but I don't know shit about what parts I need :/ My budget is £1000- £1050... Include the case if you can :D
Cheapest way to get a gaming PC? I'm looking at getting into game design/programming. I know that requires a pretty powerful desktop to render/run the program. I was looking at building a PC. However, I'm not so sure I have the abilities to do that. I was also looking at a barebone PC. I'm not sure what parts it comes with, though. Buying a prebuilt PC is a no-no. Too expensive. These are what I was looking at. I don't remember, but I think it's $700. Quite a bit. However, computers ARE expensive. Should I go with 16 gigs of RAM, or 8? I'm going to be doing game/graphic design. At my school, the computers have 4 gigs, and I can just barely get by. As for Derek, I think he's right, to an extent. Oh, no I mean all the parts I picked were about 700 in total. I don't have a budget. I'll get what I need to get.
Decent but not to expensive gaming pc? I really want to get a gaming computer as I've played on my friends and I just feel the experiance is much better, but tbh I know like nothing about them so any help would be good. I don't really want to make one myself because of the difficulty of it so is there any cheap but good gaming computers I could get?:) Too*
Cheapest computer that will run Games for Windows? Where can I find a computer that has good enough specs to run these games. If you dont know what I mean, Im talking about Gears of War PC or Halo 2 PC. The ones that will get you achievements. They all have minimum requirements to play them. I already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers. I just need a tower. What is a good cheap gaming computer that will run all of those games? Thanks
how to build a cheap gaming pc? like what parts do i need to buy, whats the cheapest i just want a decent gaming pc that can maybe play dragon age origins no crazy mega computer that can like set off nukes in canada ,also abput how much would this cost the budget for me is around 300 $ specificly what do i need whats the most immportant like do i need alot a RAM or proccesing speed what?
building a cheap gaming pc? I'm building a really cheap gaming rig ($450 cheap) and I need suggestions on parts and where to get them. My requirements are: Asus P5N-D motherboard, <2GB ram, quad-core CPU, FireWire 800, and graphics card must have VGA and HDMI. I have a DVD drive and a hard drive. eSATA is preferable but not a must. I need suggestions for online retailers. Thanks.
Cheap gaming PC build? I am new the to pc gaming and I want the cheapest list of parts that will be able to play the upcoming battlefield 4
Building a CHEAP gaming PC? What is Cheaper, Building or pre-made? How much? What is better?
Cheap 350 dollar gaming pc build? is it possible with a core 2 duo? i have a keyboard mouse, and a monitor i know i need some money but i want to upgrade from my petty p4. lol should i buy a refrb one. my brother bought 1 with quad core and 9800 gtx for $586
Building a Custom Gaming PC? Hi, i'm making the switch from console gaming to PC, i'm building my own PC to try to save some money and get the experience of building my own PC. I would like some advice as to witch hardware such as CPU's GPU's i should buy. Any input and help is appreciated. First off like i said its going to be a gaming computer i want to be able to play any new pc game on the highest setting possible without problem. Id personally would like dual graphics cards but if i could get it done with one that would be good too. Also i want to be able to go beyond 1080p. i've heard of 4k HD, but is there higher?? if so i would like the ability of my computer to support it. Ive read that some games depend more on CPU than GPU? Which brings me to the question of which CPU? Ive heard Intel is a little better but AMD is cheaper? Now to the computer case/chasis? i would like something that looks cool w/ alot of room and nice ventilation and cooling but at a low cost. And what about sound cards? i havent done much research on these but some custom PC's that i've seen other people build, a sound card wasn't bought or on the list? Motherboards? RAM? HDD? Optical Drive? Also, cooling? what options do i have should i go with water cooling or Heatsinks? Whats best cost/performance?. This is basically all i have at the moment, there are still a number of things i know i have to keep in mind... Help?
Building a cheap gaming pc? I wanna build a gaming pc. Something that could cost me less then 800$. I have never built my own pc, but people say its cheaper and better to make one instead of buying somthing like an alienware. Is it possable to make somthing even cheaper and to play games like Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Crysis, or mass effect? If you got any suggestions please put links on where I can buy parts or how I can build my own.
Where to get a cheap gaming PC? I desperately need a new computer, and since I'm a huge gamer, I decided to get a gaming PC. Problem is, they're all usually $3000+. Anywhere I can get a gaming PC that's "cheap?" (cheap as in, gaming pc cheap.) Thanks.
Is building a gaming PC cheaper than buying one? I keep wanting to get a gaming PC. I like consoles but I am a hardcore gamer and PC is supposed to be superior to all consoles. Gaming PCs are really expensive, and I mean REALLY EXPENSIVE. I want to know if making a PC would be better and cheaper than just buying a already made one. I really want to play amazing games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and America's Army with no lag, good graphics, good FPS (frames per second), and an overall good experience. Please answer, I REALLY want to know.
Building a powerful gaming PC [cheap]? Ok so this is what I have so far for the computer (it's a desktop) HDD1 TB 7200 RPM -$60 RAM8 GB DDR3 2x4 GB -$50 CaseFractal Core 3000 -$70 PSUAntec EarthWatts EA750750W -$100 I need a good, cheap GPU, CPU, MOBO, hi-res monitor (i was considering doing a 2-piece monitor thing, but I'm not sure how to set it up), keyboard, and sound system. I would like the highest quality parts, but if certain parts don't need to be top-notch, then please tell me. My price range is around 1000 dollars. I would like this computer to be good enough to run TES V: SKYRIM, and mods, as well as a few other games. So again, I need GPU, CPU, MOBO, HIGH RES MONITOR, KEYBOARD, and SOUND SYSTEM, cheapest possible that is worth buying. please post name of item and price of it. Thanks!
Help building a gaming PC? Hey, I'm looking for help to build a gaming computer, but Im not to sure with the different specs. It would be great if someone could give me a good suggestion or a great PC it's self. Thanks
I need a cheap gaming PC? I need a cheap gaming desktop because my laptop is getting old and really slow and it is not holding up for all the new games. What is the best gaming PC I can get for $750 I can build one too.
How does this gaming pc build look? I have put together this build on pc part, the link is here I was wondering how well all the parts would run some of the latest games, and if you have any key suggestions to improve the build. I am looking at getting a cheaper case but don't want to lack in quality. Thank you for your time
Anyone know how to build a cheap gaming PC? I have $650 and I'm trying to build the best gaming PC I can for that amount of money. I am going to be playing World of Warcraft and would like the best graphics I can get and play with. Can anyone tell me what I need to get in order to have a great gaming PC for that price? Thanks!
Should I build a gaming computer? or Buy one pre Built? I always hear that building a gaming computer is cheaper and better, however I dont know a thing about how to build one and how to get all the parts to be compatible and I dont even know where I would began to start searching to find all the parts for the best price to me it just seems like building one would be easier. I'll just give you a little background on what I plan to play, I want to have a computer that can run BF3 on High settings and get around 60+ FPS, also be able to play minecraft on Far with 60+ FPS, Can someone assist me in what I should do, I have $1000 to spend towards this computer, If you are able to help me it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me some of the main components to have on the computer so I at least know where to start. I have set aside $300 dollars for a monitor and already have a keyboard and mouse so I will not need to use the $1000 towards that. If Making a computer within my wanted specifications isn't possible please let me know.
help building a budget gaming pc? I am planning on building a gaming pc and i'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible. I have found good deals on most of the parts i need, but I am having trouble deciding on processor and graphics card. I have researched the AMD APU's but i'm not sure if it is the right option. I don't plan on playing games on ultra or even high settings but I want something that can get the job done. I would like to keep the combined price of them under $175, but if i have to go a little bit over for alot better performance I will spend a little extra. Any suggestions for what to buy, Thanks!
I want to build a cheap gaming pc for $200? Ok so i am looking to build myself a new gaming pc. I don't want anything fancy just something that can play Minecraft definitely and maybe some of the newer games on low or medium graphics. I realize I can't get much for $200 but at least something that runs minecraft without lag right? That's basically all I want so can someone give me links to the different parts I want? Keep in mind I already have a DVD drive and all the essentials (keyboard, monitor, mouse.) Thanks.
building a gaming pc? i was wondering how much a gaming pc would be two build and run blackops on 60fps on max setting and is it difficult
Midrange build gaming pc? hi, just wanna ask few questions, i want to build a midrange gaming pc with this specs: intel i5 processor nvidia geforce 550ti or 560 gb ram 500gb hard disk just wanna ask what motherboard is good for this build and also a PSU (power supply unit) and also the case? is this build ok? *8 gb RAM
Building a gaming pc? can someone who has built a gaming pc that can play battelfiled 3 and more give me links to all things they bought for it. thanks for help
Cheap gaming PC build? This'll be my first PC build and I want it to be under or around $400. I want to play mainly planetside 2 at playable framerates in battles that are pretty big, like taking a bio lab. Honestly I need any advice, also a list of parts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Building a Custom gaming PC? Im looking into getting some sort of gaming PC and I need some advice. I really like the alien wares, but it seems everyone finds them to be rubbish and overpriced. Is this true or is it just something a kind of elitist says? I also hear a lot of talk about building a custom PC, but is this a truly viable option? And is it really all that cheaper compared to simply buying a prebuilt alien ware? You see, I have never put together a computer before, so obviously I wouldn't know what I was doing when I tried to build one. How hard is it and how long did it take for you to build your first PC? Is there anywhere that I could possibly find a guide? So, what do you think? Try and build my own or buy an alien ware?
Build a Gaming decent pc? Can someone build me a gaming pc on i want it to be ivy bridge based and for 600 or 500 dollars including the os. want it to be as high performance for the price willing to pay
Cheap Gaming Computer Build? I want to build a computer that will support sims 3 and minecraft as cheap as possible. It would be nice for some extra memory as well so I could add more games. What would be the best parts (for the lowest price) for me? Thanks so much
best pre built gaming pc? i am looking into buying a pre built gaming pc i know building one is better and cheaper i just cant be bothered and don't know what too look for i am very interested in cyberpower gaming machine i have a few here i am looking at purchasing if someone can look at them and tell me which is the best one i am very interested in this one particularly someone can recommend a good prebuilt model running battlefield on ultra and crysis 3 on ultra or high
is it cheaper to buy or build a high quality gaming pc? by the end of the year, i will have about $700.00. with that amount of money, will i be able to buy, or build a better gaming pc? the games i will play are skyrim, starcraft 2, battlefield 3, crysis 2, and star wars the old republic. i have a moniter, mouse, keybourd, and Speakers. i want high graphics, and no lag. so?
First gaming PC build? This is my build I'm planning to do, mainly for gaming. Any thoughts? Any advice? Any criticism? This is my first time building a PC but I do know a lot about them. Also, I don't want you to tell me that I should "do this build," or "use an i7 processor because they're better" or whatever. I just wanna hear your thoughts.
Build a Gaming PC cheap? Hey i was wondering if anyone could help me build a PC. I'm 12 and i make about $40 bucks a month. I think it will be impossible to build a nice gaming pc with $40 a month but i wanna try. I also have a old windows 98 running and i also have a PC tower i could build it in. Please help!!!
What is the cheapest pre built gaming pc that could get at last 30 fps with minecraft sonic ethers? I don't want to build a pc. Can you please tell me what the cheapest gaming pc is that i could get atleast 30 fps with sonic ethers unbelievable shaders mod dof
Where can I get a good cheap gaming pc in Melbourne? I don't have big budget but at the same time I wanna get the best bang for my buck. I know the big stores a rip offs and i'm not too keen building my own (i haven't built one in almost a decade and am a little rusty). I'm in the south east suburbs of Melbourne if that helps any. Would prefer to pick it up myself and not pay the extra shipping. Any tips on the best places to pick up a cheap new gaming pc would be great!
Is it possible to build a gaming pc for under a grand? Is it possible to build a gaming pc for under a grand? This computer will be used from graphic design/multimedia (flash video creation, photoshop, etc.) It will also be playing games such as WoW, Portal 2, and maybe even Crysis 2. Any recommendation on how this could be done would be greatly appreciated. If you believe the system I'm looking for will cost over 1,000 please explain why. And thank you!
is it cheaper to build a gaming pc or just to buy one? I can't afford a top of the line gaming pc, however, i keep reading comments that it is cheaper to build a gaming pc than it is to buy it already made. would it be possible to build a gaming pc that can handle great graphics at around the 500-600 dollar area. I want to use my pc to play system emulators as well as be able to play current games at good speeds. Please any help will be appreciated.
How to build a gaming PC for Battlefeild 3? Hi i would like to build a gaming PC for Battlefield 3. I am looking for 70 fps and try to build it for around $600. Please tell parts i can use and where to find them. Thank you for any help
How to build a cheap gaming pc? I want to build a custom gaming PC for under $500. Ideas?
Does anyone knows where to buy a cheap gaming pc? Does anyone know where can i find a cheap gaming pc because i'm a little short on money?
How much will it cost to build a gaming pc? I was looking into building a gaming pc instead of buying a next gen console since everyone online says its cheaper than a console.. Which I only seen the computer not including a monitor or keyboarding or anything go for $699 at the cheapest? Can someone tell me a rough price point of what the price would be?
what is the chepast way to build a gaming pc from scratch? Hi I am thinking of building a gaming pc from scratch and I want to know what the best parts are and whats the cheapest parts I could get to build a gaming pc?
Is building your own gaming PC still cheaper than buying it all put together? So I have about $1.5k to spend on a good gaming pc. I would like to know whether or not it would be cheaper to just build my own computer rather than buying the thing pre-built. If it was cheaper, what specs would you recommend? I am looking to play games like BF3 and ARMA 2 (w/ DayZ of course) as well as the future releases of some series. Is my budget enough to get a good gaming PC? Again, what specs and parts do you recommend? Any help is appreciated. Thanks everybody!
How can I learn to build a gaming rig? I always hear and read about how it's better (and cheaper) to build your own gaming pc instead of buying a custom one from a manufacturer like Alienware. But since I know very little about building PC's, I wonder if there's a way to learn without having to pay for a class. Does anyone have any suggestions?
i was wondering if it is really cheaper to build your own gaming PC? my computer is getting really old now and i saw the new star wars; the old republic and thought, i need a new computer. i did a little research and the internet says its cheaper to build your own gaming PC than buy one from a store. there is only one problem, when i went to new egg to find the components i found myself overwhelmed by the options and names of everything. basically, i have no idea what I'm doing. if anyone could help, that would be awesome.
What are the main things you need for a gaming pc? I want to build a gaming pc and I need help. I mainly want to know whats required and wants mainly wanted. I'm kind of on a $450 budget so please keep that in mind. Thanks!
Can someone link me to a good cheap gaming pc? Can someone link me to a good cheap gaming pc? Or can someone build me one and link me to it? Preferably under $800
What upgrades should i install to Built a perfect gaming pc? Hey there ! So i have a Nice graphics card , Don't worry about it ... All i want to know is what processor and Motherboard should i choose to build a gaming pc ? My budget is $ 320.... I want cheap and a nice Hardware . Hoping a positive response :D .. Sorry , I forgot to add something.. The budget for only motherboard is $ 320 .... The processor would be selected as per the reviews .. Thanx !
What is everything i need to build a gaming PC? I was going to buy a gaming PC, but i was told it was cheaper to buy the parts and put it together myself. I'm not a pro but i have somewhat experience with computers. I just need to know what exactly i need to buy and where i can get them for cheap. My budget is around $500. Thanks for the help.
Where can i find the cheapest gaming pc? I bought unreal tournament 3 recently, and i didn't know the graphics were so high resolution. I need to get a gaming pc to play it and i really am dying to play. where could i find the cheapest one?
Where can I buy parts to build the cheapest gaming computer possible? I want to play Call of Duty 5.? Does anyone know where I can buy all of the parts to build a good gaming pc for the cheapest price? I am good with computers but I have a tight budget and want to run cod. Where can I buy the cheapest parts possible?
What is the cheapest gaming PC that can play pretty much any game on Steam (mostly by Value) at around 60 FPS? I can build it my-self so yeah. And something cheap and nothing flashy, something that can be upgraded. (Like a striped-down gaming PC with alot of room for improvement (motherboard real good, other stuff not as good but I want it where I can upgrade it later to a high-end PC)
What website is good for building gaming pcs in the uk? I need a good website that is cheap and they know what they're talking about. Alternatively a good gaming pc pre built
Is the NVIDIA GT610 1gb good for minecraft and is cyberpower pc computers any good? And also if you can please give me some good sites on recommendations for good cheap gaming pc's Well the price range is 500$ for the computer and that is my budget for a gaming pc, should i buy or make?
Can somebody help me build a gaming PC? I really want to get a gaming PC but I don't want to just waste money on an alienware just for the logo. Unfortunately I do not know very much about CPU specs and what to get. Can anyone help or suggest me how to make the cheapest gaming PC that can play games like (Skyrim, Bordelands, Call of Duty) I know gaming PC's arent cheap but can you show me the cheapest route to where I can be enjoying the games I listed above. Thank you!
Should I build a gaming pc right now and wait with the PS4 till my birthday? My birthday's in april and I was wondering if I should build a gaming pc from my money now. I have 300 euros but a friend will give me extra money + a very powerful graphics card he's gonna replace. I really want the ps4 so I can still play with my friends But I think most of my friends will probaly still wait a few months after it's release. And if I build a gaming pc I could just pirate games.
What parts should I use to build a high performance gaming PC? I want to buy a custom gaming PC. This desktop would be specifically for games so functionality isn't that important to me. I want it to be a high performance computer to be able to run any game on medium or high settings. My budget is $700 but I'm willing to go up to $900 (not including monitor). However, anything cheaper is also okay! I know that I want the CPU to be from intel, and I would like an nvidia GeForce graphics card. But all other parts are up in the air! I do not have a monitor or an OS either (but I have an idea for both) so you can throw those in for suggestions as well!
Where can I get a kit with pre chosen parts to build a gaming pc? Okay so I want to build a custom gaming PC because I've heard they're much cheaper and more customizable. The problem is I'm terrible at picking out specific parts and I'm wondering if there is a place where I can get a kit that's like a LEGO set in the sense that it already has the parts chosen for me but I just need to put it together?
I need a gaming pc that will come to 900$ MAX with monitor and OS included? So i'm trying to build a gaming PC. And all the builds I like that i've made come to 1,000 or more with the monitor and OS (windows 7) so I need a build that will come to 800-900 total with the monitor and windows 7 included. Games i'll be playing... Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, and Elder scrolls online whenever it comes out and maybe Skyrim and the Total War games.
Which Motherboard and Processor is best for a Gaming PC? Hi.I want to build a new Gaming Pc.Please give me ideas which motherboard and processor and other components should I buy.Personally I like Abit and Gigabyte motherboards.Front Side Bus must be minimum 1333MHz(over is good).But I don't have any Idea about processor.Please give me any idea or any link where I can find best and latest price.I'll be very grateful.Thank you.
Help on building a gaming pc for the first time, where can I get parts if I live in Latvia? Now I live in Latvia and I need a good place where I can buy all of the parts I need to build a computer, also what do I need? I heard that getting a antistatic wristband is a good idea, how do you use it though and is there anything else like that I should be aware of? Can anyone suggest me some good specs for the PC preferably a AMD gaming pc since it would be cheaper - my budget is around 322.92 lats(600 dollors) but I'll save up to 400 lats(743.22 dollors) if it's worth it.
What's the best and cheapest hardware i can buy to build a gaming pc? Please include as much details as possible. I'll be building a gaming pc from scratch. Thanks. It should be able to play every game. thanks again.
What is a cheap alternative to Windows 7 for gaming? When I build a gaming PC I dont want to have to spend extra money on and operating software. Please dont say linux because I read that it doesnt offer as much stuff on gaming as others do.
What is the best gaming pc for €800 that delivers to Ireland? Im looking to get a gaming pc for about €800, I know that it is alot cheaper to just build a custom PC but I do not feel that I would be able to do that. I have been looking at a few websites such as and but I have no idea which one is good/bad. Im mostly into console gaming so i dont really want to pay for a pc that is over €800, i mostly use my current laptop to play Minecraft, stream movies and render videos (I currently dont play other games because my laptop cant handle them very well) I was going to buy the alienware x51 (i5) for €799 but alot of people say that they are over priced for the components that are actually init so im hoping that somebody can help be out by sending me a link to a pc that is better than the alienware x51 for about €800 because if i cant find a better one ill just end up buying the x51 because thats about the only one i know that is good for gaming (my friend has it and says its really good) If you are sending me a link to one that is on all the pcs are listed in pounds (£) so €800 would be about £655. Thanks in advance for any help :) Also the HDD must be at least 500 GB but preferably 1 TB
What are the steps in building a good gaming PC? I'm looking online and I think it will be cheaper to biuld from a cutom computer place and I want to know the best things you need in a good gaming PC. example: processer, memory ect.
What is a good cheap gaming graphics card? I want to build a little gaming pc. Im going to put a 3.2ghz amd phenom ll X4 in it as the cpu. Along with 4gb of ram for starters, will later upgrade to 8gb, and a 500gb hard drive. What is a good cheap gaming graphics card for playing games like minecraft, hot pursuit, and maybe some COD? Thanks On COD, only Zombies
What website or store can i get a good reliable gaming pc? i am planning to buy a gaming pc and i have searched websites like ibuypower, cyberpower,dell,best buy. But what do you guys think?
How can I build a gaming PC? So I would like to make my own gaming PC since many people say it will be cheaper to do so, but I don't know how? What things would I need to buy? My budget would be 2,000$ or lower, and I would like to run games like battlefield 3, team fortress 2, minecraft, and left for dead 2. Please help!
How can I build a gaming PC? So I would like to make my own gaming PC since many people say it will be cheaper to do so, but I don't know how? What things would I need to buy? My budget would be 2,000$ or lower, and I would like to run games like battlefield 3, team fortress 2, minecraft, and left for dead 2. Please help!
How does this gaming pc sound to you? So I plan on building a gaming pc soon. I have a mildly tight budget(700 - 900$). Give your honest opinion on it and all. I plan to play games such as Skyrim, Planetside 2, Battlefield 3 and Elder Scrolls online(when it comes out) Thanks. Case: Antec 900 Motherboard: MSI Z87 G43 Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon 7770 Power supply: Corsair CX600 CPU: Intel i5 4430 RAM: Corsair value select 8GB 1333mhz HDD: Seagate 500GB OS: Windows 7 HP Optical Dive: OD pulled from previous pc.
What are some good parts for a gaming pc? I plan on building or having my friend build a gaming desktop pc, since I've read that its way cheaper than buying one ready made.So I want to know what are some good parts for a pc that will run League of Legends, Minecraft, Counter-Strike(the latest versions), Amnesia, and a few other games. What site has all the parts, preferably for cheap. I only need good enough parts to last two or three years until I can get the top of the line parts.
How many watts of power will I need for my gaming computer? This summer I plan on building my own gaming PC and assembling it at home because it is cheaper and I like to customize things myself. It is an 850 dollar computer but the specs are exceptional. For the motherboard and processor, I am following a YouTube tutorial. In the YouTube video it says only 500 watts of power are needed, but in the comment section somebody (who was picked for best answer) claims that you actually need at least 630. I am planning on getting a 750 watt battery anyways, but if I don't need to, I'll try and get something cheaper. So how much power will I need based on this setup: Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 Quad-Core Processor 3.2 GHz 4 Core LGA 1155 - BX80637I53470 – ($188.79) Graphics Card: Gigabyte Radeon HD 7850 Graphics Card (2GB) – ($194.99) Motherboard: MSI LGA1155/Intel B75/DDR3/SATA3 USB 3.0/A&GbE/MicroATX Motherboard B75MA-P45 – ($64.99) Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8 GB (2 x 4 GB ) – ($59.98) Hard Drive: 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue Hard Drive – ($59.99) Power Supply: Corsair CX750 Builder Series ATX 80 PLUS Bronze Certified Power Supply (750W) – ($88.24) Optical Drive: Asus 24xDVD-RW Serial ATA Internal OEM Drive DRW-24B1ST (Black) – ($20.04) Tower: NZXT Technologies SOURCE 220 CA-SO220-01 Matt Steel Mesh Front Mid Tower Case with USB 3.0 – ($68.98) Operating System: Windows 7 System Builder – ($95.88) (Monitor:) ASUS VS197D-P 18.5-Inch HD LCD Monitor – ($89.24)
How much cheaper are pc and laptops from china compared to australia or us.? I am planning on getting a gaming laptop or buying gaming pc parts from china but i want to know around how much cheaper they are in china compared to Australia and USA.
What company is the best for pre-built gaming pcs? I know, most of the answers are going to be: build your own! It's cheaper! I know it is. But I'm no computer expert. I just want some Ideas in where to buy a good prebuilt gaming pc if all else fails. And, if possible, the cheapest. Thanks!
How do I go about assembling a gaming PC? From what I heard building your own gaming PC is much cheaper than buying a brand new one. But the only problem with that is I'm only 16 and no little to nothing about how the inside of a PC works and I wluldent know where to start. So how does a 16 year old go about assembling a gaming PC? a guid? Get help from someone who has done this? I don't know where to start with this one so who wants to lend a kid a hand?
What specs and configuration could you suggest for gaming PC? I'm planning to configure a gaming PC and im confused about the specs of gaming PCs,could someone be kind to share tyheir knowledge about computers? Here are some of my criteria: -The price first and foremost,preferrably affordable and cheap not neccessarily branded. -Hard Drive? -Processor? -RAM? -Graphics card?
What is a cheap PC configuration nowadays that can max out Crysis smoothly? I want a cheap PC configuration, that can max out Crysis on very high with anti aliasing, on 1080p resolution (16:9), running smoothly always above 50fps. Please help.
Where to build a cheap computer for some game use? Hi, I'm an avid gamer and Ive never really had a good game computer. Does anyone have suggestions on a website/company that let you customize the PC a little before you buy? What would you build if your wallet was a little tight but you need a mediocre gaming PC?Thanks everyone.
What is the cheapest processor that could run bf3? I'm going to build a gaming pc but I have only 800$
Hi, can I have some help building a gaming pc? Hi, can I have some help building a gaming pc? I'm planning to build a decent gaming pc. My budget is £400 ($650). I'm quite new to this and need some help selecting some parts. I live in the UK, so can you only provide links for sites in my country. I just need some basic guidelines, where to start etc. Some decent, affordable graphics cards, would be helpful. Thanks I want to be able to play Crysis, for example on high, no AA
What is a Great Value Gaming Rig Configuration? The title says it all. I am building my first gaming PC and want to know what is a good gaming configuration for under 900$? I want to play modern games on max including BF3. Please help me with this. Thanks.
Where to buy or build a cheap gaming pc.? I am wondering where I could build or purchase a cheap gaming computer. I am mostly just interested in playing Skyrim with Ultra settings and being able to install the real high res graphic mods. I would say my budget is $1500-$2000 and I would like to to get a PC that will last a few years before I have to upgrade it. I would also like to know what kind of specs I should.
How can you customise a pc case to make it look like a gaming case? Im building a gaming pc and I want to customise the dull pc case I have. I want to paint it and put on a handle, as well as add better ventilation. Could you please suggest cheap and easy ways to customise it?
What is the best website to buy PC parts? I am building my gaming PC, as PC gaming is obviously 1000x better than console, and I would like to know some good websites. I know NewEgg and Tiger Direct. Any other cheap sites?
What gaming PC should I ask for this Christmas? This Christmas I am asking for a new gaming PC so that I can start playing more PC games on my computer again. The thing about my current PC is that I don't think that the new PC games that I want to play on it will run smoothly. Some of the games I plan on playing are Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 (assuming it turns out to be really good when the relaunch of it happens), Diablo 3, might consider getting Skyrim (because the PS3 version is just CRAP), and might try some shooters if I feel like it. My current computer runs actually pretty good except the graphics card keeps overheating when I play a game. Be it a flash game (like a fb game) or try an online game like Final Fantasy XI. I also from time to time use an art program called GIMP and just practice doing artwork on the computer. The program takes up a lot of space both for the program and the pictures I make. It also gets a virus from time to time but that's mainly because I only have Norton Security. Wondering if it would be better to just get an Apple computer. So I what I want to know is this. Should I ask for a new computer? If so, which one that can be found for around $500 to $700. OR Should I just get someone to work on my computer and buy new parts for it. I know that often can be cheaper to do and less of a headache to move all my files over. I will post my specs below. OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002) System Manufacturer: HP-Pavilion System Model: FQ550AA-ABA m9426f Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz Memory: 8190MB RAM Hard Drive Space: 431 GB free of 582 GB Would really appriciate any informative input on this.
should I wait to build a PC when windows 7 comes out? I'm in no rush to build a gaming pc but I am eventually going to build one, I was wondering if I should build one now or wait until windows 7 comes out along with Directx11 in 2009.
What Should I include in my Gaming PC? Im about to build a gaming pc, what type of motherboard, graphics card and processor should i get?
What parts should I use to build a quality gaming pc for around $750? I want to build myself a gaming pc for around $750. I'm not a genius when it comes to computer parts but I was wondering if I could build a PC this cheap that could run games like far cry 3 and battlefield 3 at high or max settings. If not, how much more would I have to pay to play those settings? this is not including monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard, but how much should I pay for those. I'd like to use sites like newegg and amazon but if they're out of stock for the moment it's fine, I'm planning on building it in a few months, once I earn the rest of my money. Thanks!
Is having Two video cards better then having one really good video card? I want to build a gaming PC. So i want to know if it would be better for me to buy 1 high end video card or 2 older (not to much older) video cards
How much would it cost to build a gaming pc? I really want to buy an affordable gaming computer. Apparently building one yourself is much cheaper and you can get the best for under $1000? Also, if you can: Can anyone build me a good gaming pc that is under 1000$ please, it has to be future proof for at least 2-3 years? Thanks alot. I have already have a monitor and other software (OS and office) Hmm, something that would be able to play crysis on very high would be perfect for me.
Help with what I should get to build a gaming PC? Can anyone help me by suggesting a good graphics card, processor, how much RAM i should get for a gaming PC that can run games smoothly or give me a few websites that are good to find this kind of thing? Thanks!
What is the difference between windows 7 OEM and windows retail full version? I'm currently building a new gaming PC and this time I just want to save the time and hassle and just buy a genuine copy of windows. Unfortunately their garbage OS is overpriced and I would prefer to buy the cheapest one available. Anyways, from what I have heard OEM licenses are tied to the very first computer you install and activate it on. So does that mean if I delete my windows partition from my hard drive and reinstall windows to my machine, I have to purchase another license?
What is the cheapest and/or best website (UK) to build a custom gaming PC? I am living in the UK, and have seen quite a few different websites for this sole purpose more often than not, and was wondering if some websites are better than others. If you know a good website for PC packages as well I am looking for a gaming PC for hopefully no more than £1000, and I'm not sure I'm willing to choose to spend any more on one than that. Thanks
What is a good and rather cheap gaming PC? I like to play PC games like Portal and steam games like that, but I have a acer and that's not really a gaming. It does play portal but it lags (not to badly) at points and makes it not as fun to play. I have herd of alien ware but WAY to much, I gust want a PC that play games and doesn't lag (that much). If you can help me PLEASE that would be so great thanks.
i want to build a gaming pc for cheap? i know barley anything about computers so if you could point me in the right direction and list some parts to build a cheap gaming pc it would be helpful
what do i need to build a cheap gaming pc ? ok can someone please give me the exact parts that i will need to build a gaming desktop for around $600 or maybe less i just need to know what goes together and stuff thank you
Cheap gaming PC build? hey can anyone tell me a cheap PC build. Manly i just want to play wow but i want the PC to be able to run like Crysis on low settings. A PC that can play any game on low settings would be nice. My budget is from $500-$750. Thank you and if you have any links to websites, plz let me know.
build cheap gaming pc? I'm looking to build a pc that will play Unreal Tournament 3 and Call of Duty 4. I already have a decent monitor but need a box that will play these 2 games. Is this possible on a $300-500 budget? I've been looking at Tiger Direct but not sure what I should be looking for. I would like to go the intel route.
How would you build a cheap gaming pc? Using this configurator. I only play WoW, i know its not as demanding as most games. Also, ill be using windows xp instead of vista. please help me!
Is this ok for a cheap gaming PC build $800? Hi Guys Is this ok for a cheap gaming PC build $800 here what do you suggest? is this good enough it's a complete build screen and all
Will this cheap gaming pc build run guild wars 2 and diablo 3 at mid/high settings, with no lag? I am aware that the build is missing an internal hard drive, an OS, and a dvd drive. I have windows 7 and a dvd drive, if someone could find an internal hard drive for me that would be greatly appreciated. I am also aware that this will not run high end games and isn't really a "gaming pc" so to speak. However, i would like to know if it would run skyrim on low settings with no lag. I am new to computers so if you think any CHEAP upgrades can be made or i am missing something please let me know. Motherboard- Graphics card-HIS Radeon HD 6750 1 GB (128bit) GDDR5 Eyefinity DisplayPort DL-DVI (HDCP) HDMI PCIe X16 2.1 Video Card H675F1GD Tower-LOGISYS Computer CS301BK Black solid 6.0mm SECC metal ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 480W Power Supply CPU-AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0GHz Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor ADX250OCK23GM - OEM RAM-Kingston ValueRAM 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM Desktop Memory Also let me know if EVERYTHING is compatible! Note:The power supply comes with the case/tower. Thanks for everthing! Also how will Fallout New vegas, Assassins creed:brotherhood, and kingdoms of Amueler reckoning fair?
Cheap Gaming PC Build? (Tight Budget)? I've been recently looking into buying a gaming computer. After searching for a couple of days, I could'nt find a powerful enough computer that could play the games I wanted and fit my budget. So I've fallen back on building my own pc. I have no experience with building pc's, but im sure its nothing youtube couldnt help. so my big question here is what parts should I get for the pc? I know i need a case, an operating system, motherboard, RAM, Power supply, and probably most importantly a good graphics card. However, I am on a pretty tight budget, so if all of this could be done for $400 or less, that would be great, although im not expecting it. If you guys have suggestions on what i should buy, please post the specs of the computer in the comments below, and if possible, where to buy them. Thank you! I dont need a monitor, so we can leave that out of the equation.
Should I build this cheap gaming pc? Using the components listed here.£300/lm/R16DQJ3I57J2XZ I need it to run team fortress 2, and garrysmod at decent fps, will this rig do that?
A cheap PC gaming build? I wanted to know which components would be great for a gaming PC, not the greatest stuff but definitely not the worst either, Just the middle of the road,, if you could put all the parts you'd recommend that would be great, Thanks!
Is this a good cheap gaming PC build? Motherboard: ASRock N68-S3 Processor: AMD ATHLON II X4 Quad Core 640 Graphics Card: Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 6850 1GB RAM: 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC-10600 (1333MHz) Case: ATX Midi Tower Case Black with Windows 7 Home Premuim
cheap gaming pc build - which parts ? i am thinking of building a new gaming pc ( first one) i dont no which parts to get i dont wanna spent much (300£ probly) i can play crysis on medium with 20fraps on my laptop ..specs -duel core 2.2ghz -crappy graphics card at 256mb --3gb of ram so i dont think it will be hard to get a pc with better specs than that for 300 -- so what yall think - cpu? motherboard? graphics card? psu? fans? i allready have monitors and keyboard-mouse thanks
Can someone help me build a decent yet cheap gaming pc? I've never tried to do this before so I really don't know what to look for. If you could suggest a few parts it would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking of spending roughly £300 pounds
Is there a cheap gaming PC I can build under a tight budget? I was wondering, if there was a cheap PC I could build that can run S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat in DX10 (MAYBE 11) for between say...$300-$400? It's my current favorite game for P.C., but I'm also using it as sort of a benchmark, if you will... Paying for everything but the case, I just wanted to get the best bang for my buck on a budget. I was thinking maybe, 3-4 gigs DDR3 RAM, two decent gaming cards (2x 512MB DDR3 128-bit sound alright?), PSU, mobo and a dual-core processor, and whatever else I may need. ATI-based system, preferably, because it's mostly cheaper. (also because I've never had an Nvidia system) Are there any recommendations, packages, or parts lists you can recommend? Any help would be much abliged, thanks!
Good Cheap Gaming PC build under $400? I know $400 is really pushing it, but does anyone have a build that could run games smoothly? Games like Guild Wars 2 and TF2? (I don't mind if it ran smoothly on med-low graphics). These were some builds I found, are any of them good enough to run GW2? Build 1 Intel Pentium G640 Sandy Bridge, 32nm 2x 2.8Ghz 65W TDP AsRock H61M-U3S3 Intel H61 Chipset 6x SATA II(I) 2x USB 3.0 MSI Radeon HD 7770 OC Edition GCN 28nm GPU Free Dirt Showdown G.Skill Value Series 1 x 4 GB DIMM DDR3-1333 Mhz Dual Channel HGST Deskstar 7K1000.D 500BG, 7200 RPM STAIII, 32 MB Broadway Com Corp A3728-Series 2x 120mm fans (1x optional) Corsair CX430 V2 430 Watt 80+ Certified Rosewill RFA-120-RL 120 mm case fan Build 2 AMD A6-3650 Llano 2.6Ghz Socket DirectX 11 AMD Radeon HD 6530D ASUS F1A55-M Micro ATX AMD Motherboard Crucial Ballistix sport 8GB DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Western Digital Caviar Blue SATA 6.0 Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Cooler master GX Series Cooler Master Elite 430 Cooler Master 120mm Case Fan
Somebody Help me for my Cheap PC gaming build,? somebody provide me for specification for a Cheap but not obsolete PC and can handle online games. Thank you very much..
What's the best tutorial on the web for building a cheap gaming PC? I'd like SLI integrated really, but that doesn't really matter. Update: When I say cheap I mean 1500 and under, because I know SLI is not necessarily "cheap." In Maximum PC they gave a great tutorial on a $1500 gaming PC that lacked a sound card, modem, etc. I was just looking for something to compete with the one in said article.
Build me a cheap PC for gaming? So I've been looking around and with my current laptop being trash and not able to run games I figured I should look into a good gaming PC but I'm not really sure about which parts from where to go with what and what motherboard will be enough etc. So the only restrictions are: $600 or less, parts from a reliable source and it has at least an i5.
Where can i buy cheap/chinese hardware to build a gaming pc? I know this question has been asked again but the answer the other guy had was for computer accessories, not computer parts/hardware. Well i want to buy a mainboard, cpu and a video card. Does anyone know a website where i can buy and send them worldwide as i live in Cyprus?
Looking for Cheaper Gaming PC Build Than The One Listed Here!? All I want to ask is if this is a great gaming pc build for 1000-1500 dollars: Hardware/Components: NZXT Guardian Black SECC Steel Chassis ATX Asus P8Z77-V LK Intel Z77 DDR3 LGA 1155 Motherboards Intel Core i5-3570K Quad-Core Processor 3.4 GHz MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition Graphics Card x2 Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan Patriot Memory Intel Extreme Masters 16 GB SanDisk Extreme SSD 120 GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s2.5-Inch Solid State Drive Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA III 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache XFX PRO750W XXX Edition Semi-Modular 80Plus 600 Watt Power Supply Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (Full) System Builder DVD 1 Pack Lite-On LightScribe 24X SATA DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive IHAS424-98 Please give me your insight on this build all I am looking for is a nice cheap 3D Monitor. Thank You! Questions: Will I get good frames per second while running fraps on games like Borderlands 2 Crysis 2 and 3 Black Ops 2 Batman Arkham City The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Cheapest gaming pc build? I have no idea what to get there are SO MANY options on what to get. I want to be able to play games like guild wars 2, cod black ops 2, gmod left for dead 2 games like that maxed out. I don't need any skyrim capable pc. I just want something cheap that will max out those games. I was thinking something like the i5 3570K with the Radeon 6950 but that is kind of expensive for what I want to build, any ideas? Please give the total parts list, thanks. the thing is L1me my budget is $800 which can max out those kind of games but I don't know what parts are perfect for the build so yea it can be done
Please someone knows where can i build a cheap but good gaming pc? (I live in malta)? I think i would like: 2Gb RAM Core2Duo 8/9Series DVDRW 300Gb HDD Ethernet, 4USB, Surround Sound Card TFT 17/19 Inch Good Mainboard that is that compatible with the grapichs card
Building a cheap gaming pc, advice please? Hi, I am building a new gaming pc mostly for playing WoW (World of Warcraft) but also some other games. I know these aren't really demanding but i want something that i can use for a couple of years without having to upgrade. I am looking for a pc costing NO MORE than $750 (Including monitor!). I'd preferrably want to spend about $600-$650 though, as cheap as possible! ;) I am new into building computers and so i need advice and compatibility checks etc... So far i'm thinking of this build: : Motherboard + CPU (Asus M4A785-M Motherboard with 8.1 Integrated Sound + AMD Athlon II X4 620 Quad Core Processor) = $179.99 COMBO RAM (Corsair XMS2 4GB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz 2x2048MB) = $74.99* Rebate, Originally $99.99 Hard Drive (Seagatve Barracuda 250GB) = $44.96 Mouse + Keyboard (Iogear GKM502) = $19.99 Monitor (ASUS VH198T 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor 1440x900 10000000:1 Dynamic 5ms VGA, DVI Black) = $129.99 PSU (Silverstone Strider ST50F ATX 500W) = $59.99 Case (Cooler Master Elite 335 Black ATx RoHS Case) = $44.99 Speakers (Logitech S-150 USB Digital Speakers) = 12.96 : Graphics Card (ASUS ATi Radeon HD 4830 512MB GDDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI/PCI-Express - Retail) = $110.49 Optical Drive (Sony DRU870S 24x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer ... - Retail) = $40.50 SATA Power Adapter = $4.79 I can't find any cheaper RAM right now ... I'm not sure on what cables i need to buy and another problem is that the graphics card is sold out or they've stopped selling it :((( . One more problem is that i live outside the US and i can't order from some sites like Newegg for example. Advice on what to change, what to leave, how good this build is etc...
Help with a gaming PC build? So I'm looking to build a cheap budget gaming PC, but as it's my first one, I'm not sure what the best parts around are. So, I've decided to split them from 2 different retailers, ebuyer and Aria. What do you think of the parts? Can I improve them? Parts: Ebuyer: Casecom 140mm Blue LED Case Fan - 3 and 4pin Connection 120mm Blue LED Fan - 4pin Molex Connection Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium - Licence and media - 1 PC - OEM - DVD - 64-bit - English OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz Obsidian Memory Kit 1.65V CL9(9-9-9-24) Samsung SH-S223 22x DVD±RW DL & RAM SATA Optical Drive - OEM Black Aria: 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue SATA 6Gb/s 16MB Cache (WD5000AAKX) Corsair Builder Series 430CX Power Supply AMD Phenom II X4 840 Quad Core 95w (Socket AM3) Processor - Retail MSI GTS 450 Cyclone 1GB OC 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card ASRock N68-GS3 UCC (Socket AM3) DDR3 PCI-Express M-ATX Motherboard Xigmatek Asgard Pure Black Edition Gaming Case And the total of all this, just £421.89. But is it any good for a gaming build? Thanks guys! :)
Which is cheaper? A custom build gaming PC or a company build gaming PC? I was thinking of buying a new gaming PC (that can play recent games),which one is more cheaper? A custom build one or a company build PC (like Dell,HP etc)
Building a Gaming PC cheap? ok so i have a really tight budget, and i cannot pay it all at once, maybe a place to finance(reccomend?) or will take payments, or just parts i can buy over time anyways, i want to build or have built a gaming pc that will be good for a while, but cheap, any answers? if i can finance or buy parts seperate im willing to spend around 1000 usd and i already haev an xbox 360, i just need to upgrade my pc because i wish to play some newer games
Cheapest Gaming PC build? Tell me the cheapest gaming pc you can build which can run new games in max or in medium settings Tell me all the parts and prices in Rs.
Where can i buy a really cheap gaming pc? Is there anywhere that sells pc like Dell XPS or iBuypower with low grade parts? I mean like with a gaming mobo, but the cheapest everything else the mobo will support? I'm looking for something that i could slowly upgrade myself and i don't want to have to build the whole pc. Something around $500-$600
what is best ways and parts to build a gaming pc?? cheapest? tell me the best and cheapest parts to build a gaming pc
How to build a gaming PC? I would like to build a gaming PC for as cheap as possible, while being able to play some modern DX10 games like Crysis and Stalker. How much will this cost? Where are some good sites to reference what I should get for components? Which version of Vista do I want for gaming? Where should I buy my components?
can i use cheap motherboard for gaming pc? im planning to build a gaming pc. a modest one. can i use a cheap motherboard and use it with athlon II x2 cpu and 128 bit graphics card? will it work just fine? @ jim . 1gb, 128 bit. is that ok? @ izzy, for graphics card, 1gigabyte of RAM. 128 bit .
is it possible to build a budget gaming pc for $300? im only 16 so parents are still paying for stuff until i get a job so i need a cheap gaming pc and my limit is $300, and i want to build my own so can someone give me links to all the parts i need for cheap, plez?, thank you
Build my own gaming PC or buying an actual gaming computer? I was thinking if it be cheaper to build my own gaming pc than pay up $1500 and up for a Alienware. If you think it's cheaper to build a gaming PC, can you list some specs I might need. I can shop at or Fry's electronics. If you think me buying an actual computer, list some that don't burn my wallet. Thanks!
Is this computer bundle good for building a fairly cheap gaming pc?
Cheap Computer Parts to build my first PC? I am thinking about building my own PC and was wondering where can I find good cheap parts. I already know of Newegg and Tigerdirect and it still seams expensive. So are there any better websites for building PCs? Also can you explain why everyone says building a gaming PC is cheaper? I kept doing the math based on Tigerdirect prices and it's much more expensive than buying a computer from BestBuy and upgrading. I mean after the Hard drive, OS, Memory, Case, Motherboard, Power Supply, processor, DVD drive, etc. How is it cheaper?
Can someone give a list of parts for a cheap gaming pc? I want to build a gaming pc, but i dont really have alot of money because im not old enough to get a job. So i want to know some cheap parts that will allow me to play new games like "The Old Republic" but also parts good enough to last me a while. My case can hold ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards. I prefer parts from newegg, tigerdirect, or bestbuy. I want to build a gaming pc, but i dont really have alot of money because im not old enough to get a job. So i want to know some cheap parts that will allow me to play new games like "The Old Republic" but also parts good enough to last me a while. My case can hold ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards. I prefer parts from newegg, tigerdirect, or bestbuy. I need all the parts for the pc: motherboard, ram, hard drive, cpu, etc.... My budget is 500$
i want to build a cheap gaming pc? i want to build a gaming rig that will play games like black Ops , not to worried about highest quality graphics , just something mid range. i have a 42" tv but i dont need hd gaming. any tips
Where can i get a good cheap gaming pc?or have one built for me? im trying to get EVERYTHING for under $1,000 monitor hdd speakers network card everything i keep getting ito the 900's without monitors can somebody customize one for me somewhere? or tell me where i can go i dont want to build it myself iw ant someone else to build it like ibuypower or something along those lines.
Is it just me or have gaming PCs bevome dirt cheap to build? I remember paying 150 for my 7800 GS agp card, and now Im seeing nVidia 8 series cards for under 100 bucks new. Also, RAM is also dirt cheap... Am I missing something, or has PC gear gotten amazingly inexpensive in just the past year?
cheap custom gaming pc anyone? any suggestions? how much? what are the parts? send me a link.? i am planning to build a custom pc and i want it for gaming.. actually, i have no time for research right now cause all i can think of is work, work, work, and work... i need the cheapest and the coolest custom pc badly. any sites or links to buy a cheap one? dual or tripple monitors dual core video card cool cpu case and all of the PC parts needed..
Where can I custom build a Gaming PC, Australia? I want to buy a customized gaming tower online. I don't like dell because you have to buy a monitor with the tower. Any well known and secure sites? OR where can I buy a good gaming PC from a store, something cheap like $1500, Sydney.
Building gaming pc..? Ok i would like to build a pc for cheap for gaming and the games i would be playing is BF2, CoD 4, CS:S, and BF3 when it comes out. Please tell me the approximate price of the things i need to buy and what they are. P.S. cash is pretty tight in are family right now also i wanna quit console gaming so no saying buy a console
Where can I get a cheap, dependable gaming PC? A few years ago I had my girlfriend's brother build me a computer. A few months later I had a couple problems with it, and he wasn't very enthusiastic about helping me with it. Of course when me and my girlfriend broke up all bets were off. Anyway, I am in the market for a new computer now, as that one is now completely out of commission. Getting a computer built by someone else is way cheaper, but I don't know if I know anyone trust-worthy. Where is a good place to get a cheap, dependable PC? Are there any places in the Seattle area that build PCs and offer a warranty? I guess I should amend myself and instead of saying "cheap," I should say "cheapest." I know building it myself would be best, but I don't know the first thing about it. Is there any website that would be good for learning how to put these together?
Building a cheaper gaming pc? I am trying to build a basic entry level gaming pc with a mildly low budget. I just want to know if this pc will perform well. Geforce 9500gt ddr3 2gb 667 mhz ram amd 64 x2 processor im pretty sure it will handle games well but i want to be sure. thanks
Dual or Quadcore for a gaming PC built on the cheap.? I want to build a Desktop around a GTX280 but i don't want to shell out for a quad core 3gHz chip. I've been doing some research and found a dual core for about $200, would i be loosing a lot of performance (frames per second) if i went with higher speed dual core instead of average quad core? The chips i'm looking at are the 45 nm intel core 2 chips. The only uses i plan for this computer is playing games. So the most CPU intenisive chore would be playing supreme commander. Thanks
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