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Give your feed back on pc gaming and hardware? i am sick of people saying you need a a high end computer and an expensive card ect for playing games people bitch to much about frame rates that in most games you will not notice i purchased a 50$ Biostar N68S3+ mobo a $60 Zotac Gt 440 512mb Core 810 mhz 96 processing cores GPU paired with a phenom II x2 565 3.40Ghz Cpu also 4gig 1333 mhz ram and i max Flight sim X out with no lag and find myself tweaking for more and last night i played the mass effect 3 demo maxed TES V Skyrim Maxed out again very smooth no lag so my opinion is the PC industry is a money Racket and people are either miss lead with no real experience performance is not always in the price but if you would like to comment on how you feel about PC Gaming Feel Free i will admit there are bad Graphics cards out there but then again my cheap Zotac proves it's not always in the price a guy asked if his i5 is good for gaming and a person replied it's ok but i would get an i7 man Fuck i7 i am murdering Games with a Phenom 565 BE i am plying games Maxed out that means res also and to the dud below i am not Crying lmao and i have an xbox but i love pc an i am actually taking up for the pc gamer it is the rich people who have always had expensive stuff that have no experience with low budget hardware because they never tried it that will tell you money makes performance and also to the Billy Mays Dude i don't care if your Certified i am self certified been learning Computers since i was 12 computers have always been my hobby i don't need a paper saying i know my stuff learning come from experience and how much you explore study and show interest no College can give you that now i am 24 and i can say you may have been buying hardware for 7 years but i have been working with what i am for the pc gamer meant to say working with what i can afford well mass effect 3 looked bad ass last night the textures and facial features believe me the games look good if they didn't i would not have built my new budget gaming rig and to answer your question jhon c i am playing skyrim at 1280x720 i haven't tried changing it higher but as for flight sim x a very cpu intensive game 1920x1080x16 Smooth and believe me it looks great btw this is a Hardware Discussion if you have a low budget gaming pc post your specs and reviews you will find that it's not the price but the hardware and setup some low end hardware will out run high end hardware with the cost to performance Ratio the proof is in the pudding of course i will buy a better card than the GT 440 512mb but it's funny how well it performs for a mid Range card it's not the memory that makes a GPU fast it's how fast the CPU can Translate Store and Process Data to work with the GPU i don't use all of the 512 mb i am just using a cheap card factory core clock 810 my clock 855mhz and keep in mind not all processors motherboards are the same and you may not get what is Shown Same goes for GPUs
games on pc vs xbox/ps3? i almost need a brand new pc for every single new game (bf3, bf2) but these games run smoothly on xbox and ps3.. without any upgrades... is the quality of the images worse on xbox/*ps3? i dont think so so how does this work? thanks!
Good gaming computer? Hey, I'm currently planning on building a gaming PC and I was just wondering if this PC would be a good rig and if all the parts would work together. I would like to play games such as GTA IV, Crysis, Just Cause 2, Bad Company 2, and other games like those. Motherboard: MSI 785GM-E65 Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 RAM: Corsair XMS3 TW3X4G1333C9AG 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM Hard Drive: Western Digital WD10EARS 1 TB Caviar Green Hard Drive Power Supply: Corsair VX550W Case: Aerocool VX-R Graphics card: EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Fan: Cooler Master V8 CPU Fan Thanks for the suggestions DocEvil, I looked at that fan, and it looks better than the one I was planning on buying. For the hard drive, what do you mean? What should I use it for?
I can't run old games on my new computer!!? I am trying to run a very old game on my pc but it seems that i have compatibility issues. It just doesn't work on modern computers with newer hardware. Everything goes fine, I launch the game but I get a crash at some point. I tried many times but my game crashes continuously. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? The game is Drakan: Order Of The Flame
Can I tweak my PC to play XBOX360 games using some XBOX360 hardware? My computer beats the crap out of an XBOX360's capabilities. Most computers do. Any idea if this is possible to do and how?
Should i Get a Gaming PC or a Console ? Now i Want to buy a New Gaming PC/Console in the Next Month. i Can't Figure out Which one to get. Should i Get a High Spec PC or should i just get a Console. now i'm Stuck Between a Laptop, Desktop and a PS3. Everyone of them has it's Pros and Cons. i'm Currently Thinking about buying A Desktop for it's High Performance. But Some people Keep telling me to get a PS3. Can somebody please Explain which one should i get and Why ? And One More Thing, is Multiplayer Gaming on PC as good as Multiplayer gaming on Playstation Network ? And Can You Play Online on PC Just Like on PS3 (CoD, Battlefield...) ?
Should I quit PC gaming? So the next gen consoles are coming out and I'm a little lost wether I should quit pc gaming and switch to console gaming. The consoles have quite a bit of exclusives which I am interested in and I'm really going back and fourth. What should I do please help.
Increase my PC's performance - gaming? Ok, so I just bought the new "code of honor" conspiracy island. it's sluggish and aiming is like sliding on ice, slowly. I tried different methods increasing performance. What are some of the ways to increase PC performance, I don't have time to go out and buy a new video card so please tell me, I can tweak my PC, download freeware etc. Please put it in list form and dont tell me to buy a new computer. I have plenty of RAM and hard-drive space. I have a video card which is old so my suspicions are that it is the card, but in the mean time please help!
Did this Generation let you down & tell me your reasons why this gen of gaming let you down or not? I will give you my reasons why this gen of gaming let me down: - Online pass & seasons passes -DLC -Oversaturated of Shooters not enough variety & original games - Fanboys of each side -HD Remakes - too many sequels - Too games developers focusing too much online than the Single-player - Single-Player games are short cause they focus more on online of the game instead focusing on the single-player - Single-player games doesn't need to have online like Bioshock & Mass Effect 3 - Graphics & realism over game-play making the game too realistic - Incomplete half assed games that they release to market when it's not finished it has full of bugs & glitches they will charged 60 to 80 bucks for it - People are online that play to win by cheating & hacking the game but not for fun - Motion gaming is killing hardcore gaming
Apple VS. PC / Leapard vs Vista / IMAC vs Dell..? Ok, so im thinking about purchasing an IMAC 24 inch screen. This is probably one of the most controversial arguments ever. I will be using it for Pictures, Music, Internet, and maybe a game or two every now and then. If I didn't get the IMAC, then I would go for a new Dell 15 inch Studio Laptop, or even better a Dell Latitude business Laptop.. What does everyone think? I am an expert PC User and I don't know ANYTHING about Mac or Leapard...
Need advice regarding gaming PC? Hey, I'm going to build a gaming PC in about 2 months time. So I needed a little help especially as it is my first time I'm doing this myself. My budget will be around 2000 Swiss Francs, and I have estimated 400 Francs for a monitor + a case, which leaves me at 1600 Francs for other hardware. This is what I've come up with: PSU: Seasonic G-650, 650W, 80+ Gold = 119 MOBO: Asus P8Z77-V LX = 112 CPU: Intel i5 3570K = 237 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4GB = 75 GPU: Gigabyte HD 7970 OC 3GB = 427 SSD: Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256GB = 250 Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Z = 117 Which adds up to a total of 1337 Francs, so I had a little left for some overall tweaking or just save money. Where would be best to maybe invest a little more money? What are your advices and comments on this build? Is the motherboard good? It was simply the cheapest I've found, yet it seems to have usb3, and sata3 supported. Although I want to make sure it doesn't fail on me after 6months quality wise or other problems which I'm not aware of. Also how is this PC gonna fare in games for me? Assuming I'll buy a 1080p monitor and want to play games like Bioshock Infinite, Guild Wars 2, Far Cry 3 and the likes of those. Also are there like any other stuff I need to buy? How many fans?
which should i buy pc or wait for ps4? i love playing on console with friends and pc i haven't taste well . so i don't know well,which should i go with and i wouldn't like to spend 1000 o 1500 dollars on a budget
PC gaming or PS4/XboxOne? What advantages does console gaming have on gaming on a good laptop? Is there anything at all that's better on gaming consoles thank on a PC? What are he advantages of Playstation 4 on a Gaming laptop? thanks
In Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, the game play is SO DAMN SLOW AND LAGGING!? I have Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Soaked, and Wild. When I play it on one computer, it was fast and fine, but that computer is old, so now it's really really slow. Then, I downloaded it on another computer and it's faster, like on the menu and when it's loading, but when I play it, it's REALLY slow and lagging, like when I view the Coaster Cam, (It's when you get to "ride" on the ride) it's really lagging and it's no fun. Even in the daytime, it's lagging. At nighttime, It's worse. Is something wrong? Please help me! P.S. I'm using Windows XP
Computer shutsdown while playing game that needs nvidia graphics.? I have an HP compaq LA1951 LCD monitor all in one and whenever i play any game which needs nvidia like gta sanandreas or cs source or gta vice city delux or sims 2 the coputer itself shuts i down i dont have nvidia i have ati whenever it shutsdown and i feel the back of my computer it is boiling hot. and i dont have nvidia i have ati catalyst graphics My compputer is an Hp all in one desktop LA1951 compaq LCd monitor ATI catylist graphic card AMD athalon processor ATI radeon HD 3200 graphics my computer link Card name: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc. Chip type: ATI display adapter (0x9612) DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz) Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9612&SUBSYS_2A97103C&REV_00 Display Memory: 892 MB Dedicated Memory: 253 MB Shared Memory: 639 MB Current Mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) (63Hz) Monitor Name: HP Compaq LA1951 LCD Monitor Monitor Model: MS200 Native Mode: 1366 x 768(p) (63.191Hz)
PC Vs PS3 For Gaming? Right i have quite a nifty PC i would say, Nvidia 9800 GTX+ 1GB Graphics Card, 4GB or RAM, 2.7GHZ Dual Core processor, & a 25in 1920 X 1200 Res monitor Now i also have a 60in Plasma which only use's the PS3, i've been going form one from another for a while now Xbox to PC, PC to PS3, PS3 to Upgraded PC & now i'm back to PS3 cause big screen Gaming is cool Thing is i really like the PC's choice of upgrading plus the extra Higher specs region of it - Crysis for example - that is an Immense game especially at highest of high settings which i can't really do I was just wondering what you lot think i should stick with
Can a PC over achieve a Console? You see, my question is kind of tricky, i have searched alot for the answer, but the few i found were very unsatisfying. Now, Do u see how.. lets say the Xbox 360, it has 512 mbs of ram and 256 mbs of Vram, a 115W power supply and ? 700 MHz ! At this point any person would wonder, How can that play a game like Crysis 3 looking THAT good? ON VERY CHEAP hardware! How come a PC needs atleast 10x those specs so it can achieve what the Xbox 360 achieves!?! Why cant PC's even come close to that performance at 3x Better the hardware!? Note: ( If you haven't seen an xbox 360 crysis 3 gameplay, id recommend you go watch one ) Now, yes, we all know PC's are for multitasking , But come the ***** on.... their is something called task manager, you can close all the processes, use a speed booster, free hardrive space, and have 90% of your proccessor availble and still lag like hell in MUCH worse games than crysis 3 with 6gb ram, an ati 256mb processor and a 2.6 ghz pc. So, how come? People say there isn't some magical cure that can speed up your pc alot except the average system tweaking, but CONSOLES PROVE THAT TOTALLY WRONG. My point is that there MUST be a way to somehow tweak your PC or Laptop into playing games like that, it MUST be possible! And i am willing to do whatever it takes to take full advantage of my rigs hardware
Why do people pay for next gen consoles when you can get a PC? I can build a PC for less than $500 and it will out preform consoles. Plus you can do anything on a PC and they have way better games. Plus, games like battlefield 4 and skyrim can barely run on consoles; console specs are equivalent to a 2008 PC. And If you like controllers better than key boards you can plug controllers into PCs. Also you play online for free and have amazing steam sales. Im confused as to why people pay for a $500 console that is outdated technology.
Problem with the new SimCity game? You know, the new one that came out on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. I understand that there are tons of problems with it right now, and that EA and Maxis are trying to fix them. Is one of those problems that the game runs anciently slow? I can get into the game but it moves very slowly. Any help? I'm hoping it gets fixed soon.
do pc games usually set automatically graphics quality to system correctly? i have a quad core q6600 and a 8800GT video card. I was wondering, do games typically set themselves to the opitimal setting for my system, or do I need to tweak settings on each one to get better quality. Don't get me wrong, crysis and others look pretty good. But it seems like they could look better. I'm not sure about all the parameters, as I'm not really that into games to have learned all of it. Is it usually worth tweaking much?
PC vs. Mac? Which one should I get for a laptop? Ok, I need a new laptop! I've never had a Mac before, I've always had PCs. My friend just got a new Macbook and I like it a lot. I have windows XP right now. I've heard bad things about windows Vista. My boyfriend has vista and I've only used his a few times and its annoyed me everytime. Which would be better for me? I'm not really into games to much, although I do have a few. Mostly it would be for homework (word, powerpoint, etc), pictures, iTunes, and internet. What are the pros & cons of each?
The ultimate question...PC or MAC? I have been struggling with this for awhile. I have used a PC all my life and love the operating system and I know so much about it. I like that you can tweak things and all of the good games who can just go to walmart and buy on your PC and you can't do that with a mac. I'm about to buy myself a laptop and I am confused on what to get. My friend just got the new macbook and it is awesome. All the features and such, but I am still not as comfortable with that as my PC since I am the type of person to go beyond changing your desktop background. I will be heading off to college in less than two years though and a lot of the majors I am choosing from require a mac to use all the software. Should I get a PC now and just get a mac for college, or go ahead and get a mac now even though its not what I want and out of my price range?
gaming computer advice.? I was wondering if anyone thats good at making gaming computers or knows get specs for a gaming computer could tell me if this set-up is good at all or if its all wrong. if it's bad if you could be awesome and tweak that link to a good one but if you did could you keep around 1000-1500 :p
How can game consoles run games smoothly all the time? Like an Xbox 360 was made in 2005 and it can run games like Crysis 2 on 60FPS with that old hardware. And I think the Ps3 has worse hardware. Can someone answer this troubling question?
Is there a real game boosting software? I mean like a software that boosts the game, increases fps in order to give you a smooth gaming experience. And I tried a lot of these programs like Game Booster, Game Accelerator and other ones to optimize my entire system in order to have the best performance in gaming but I've never seen any improvement in the game in any of these. So is there a software that tweaks the in-game graphics or your system so you can actually have a better gaming performance?
What's wrong with Linux and gaming and more? 1) Why is Linux not recommended for gaming? 2) How can I reformat and make my new OS Linux?
Need help with building a Gaming PC $1500 budget? Im looking to use an Intel processor. I already have a monitor which happens to be a 46' Sharp Aquos LCD Flat Panel HDTV so i want to be able to have the video card to have hook ups to it. Not sure if S-Video or HDMI makes a difference between the two but i do have both on my TV. Anyone know what would be a good setup for about $1500? I thank all those who give advice.
How would you tweak this gaming pc build? CPU: i7-3930K FAN: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO MotherBoard: ASUS P9X79 DELUXE GPU: GTX-690 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16 GB DDR3 SSD: 128GB Samsung 830 Series HDD: 2TB Caviar Black PSU: Corsair HX 1050 Case: Cooler Master HAF X 942 Full Tower Chasis Optical: LG - 14x Internal Blu-ray Disc Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive Monitor: Dell - UltraSharp 30" U3011 Widescreen Flat-Panel LED HD Monitor
PC Gaming worth it or not? I was looking to get into pc gaming and I wanted some opinion if I should or not
I this a good PC gaming setup? Processor: AMD Phenom ii x4 965 black edition Motherboard: Asrock 970 EXTREME3 RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 8gb ddr3 Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 1gb overclock edition Power Supply: CORSAIR tx650 I dont want anyone to answer no its not just because it is AMD and start going on about how intel with Nvidia is better. Just an honest answer
is there any way to tweak id software's RAGE Graphical settings? I've got a copy of RAGE several days ago, but now I'm sad because this game works at 15-20FPS on my machine. SPEC: - Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5300 @2,6GHz OverClocked @3,6GHz - 2GB Apogee DDR2 800MHz RAM - ATi Radeon HD4650 1GB DDR3 128bit I want to play this game and I want this run better, I don't care how horrible the texture will looks like, but I want it to work. RAGE has no thorough graphical settings... (no hardware change recommendations please)
what are the important components a computer needs for gaming.? like what is the motherboard for, what would it improve, the processers and stuff. the graphics card. thanks i would like to have a better insight on computer hardware. please give a easy to read description on what each component nessacery for a gaming pc. i would like to know, so i know what components i should upgrade in the future and what is the important component to upgrade.
Is it possible to use a xbox controller for a pc on a ps3 emulator? I have a xbox controller hooked up to my computer and i can use it to play pc games. Now i was wondering if i download a ps3 emulator, to play ps3 games on my computer, will the controller work with the emulator, or will i need a ps3 controller for it to work, or will neither work?
Linux users I have heard that watching movies and playing games is quite difficult is that true? I have also heard to play games you should download a WINE program. Are WINE programs up to date with the games?
What kind of program or software do i have to dowload to make Tomb Rider Underworld faster in my pc ? I have the game Tomb Rider Underworld but since i got it it's been too slow and the character moves too slow too .Is there any software or program for that game that i could dowload to support it and make it faster ? Best Answer Will Get The Points !:)
How come it takes over $1,000 of a pc to get the gaming experience of a $200 ps3? To get beautiful graphics like the ps3 or xbox 360 for a computer, How come you need to pay more than double the money? My new gaming computer has the same graphics of the ps3 but costs much more than it. How come? (this goes for all gaming computers)
what do you think of gaming in both surround and 3d? Hey I've just bought a headset that's 7.1 virtual surround. And I'm thinking that from my next payment i wanna buy a 3d screen with nvidias 3d glasses. So what do you guys think of gaming in 3D and surroundsound. Is it really that much cooler than gaming in "2D" (you know what i mean) and in stereo sound?
What is the difference between workstation and gaming video cards? Hey, I'm looking into getting a new laptop for school (I'm doing graphic, 3DS Max, dreamweaver, Maya, etc. ) And I've come across a large number of laptops that have a Workstation video card -- what are the main differences between these and a regular video card? I've heard they are better for design work... I'd like to hear anything anyone would be willing to share about them --Thanks in advance. subquestion: should I get one?
how can I make my own Hackintosh netbook? I've seen people selling used PC (Intel) netbooks that are "hacked" to run the Mac OS X. Ca I simply buy an Asus, etc netbook and just install the Mac OS?
Is there a way to emulate an xbox360 through a pc? Is there any way to build a computer to run 360 games or at least emulate 360 games through your current hardware so I can play 360 games on my computer?
can i overclock with 3dmark or is it just the programm for testing out the results? Wondering if 3dmark only shows the power of my PC or if i could overclock it with the programm itself.
How much RAM should I have for Vista? I have vista home premium with 2GB of RAM on a 64bit processor. How much should I have for the computer to be considered 'good' I'm a software/videogame developer, and even though my games usually dont require really good hardware, they still go pretty slow at times, especially when I try to render shadows in IrrLicht!
Which laptops are better Mac or Windows? I am planning on buying a mac laptop, but before i do that i would like to know if the majority of the software and hardware such as : cameras, printers, mp3s, etc are compatible. Hey thank you guys for all the great answers. Definitively all buy a Mac laptop.
What is the best size gaming monitor for PCs? I'm going to buy a PC sometime this summer and already picked out the PC I want but am clueless about the monitor. I'm planning on getting Steam and playing quite a lot of games, and want to know the best/recommended size for gaming PCs? I want the monitor to be decent quality, something that I could play high end games on. Such as BF3 and so on. I don't want to get the monitor that comes with my PC. It is bulky and honestly looks a junk. My PC is about $1,600 without tax, so the monitor that comes with it isn't junk because the PC is junk. All answers are appreciated, thanks to all who answer! To settle the confusion I didn't say the PC was junk, I said the monitor was. The PC is very good IMO. Here's a link to the PC: I don't know why people complain about iBuyPower PCs. They aren't bad, my current iBuyPower runs fine but just isn't good enough for the newer games. Thanks again to all answers!
What is AMD Mantle going to do in a nutshell? To my understanding.. increase performance? I don't want too extensive of an answer, but give me a basic idea of what it will do and what it means for compatible cards?
Why is the PlayStation 3 so difficult to program for? I want to know why so many developers say the PlayStation 3 is such a hard console to program/code for. I know that Xbox 360 is easier because its pretty much a PC. I want a very detailed explanation as to why its difficult and why its easier on 360?
What is the best computer available period!? Hello, I am interested in getting the best gaming pc possible and also curious as to how much that would cost me..I want a pc that can deliver maximum graphics on all games for the next 4 to 5 years without having to upgrade and also give maximum performance in ALL things. Basically I want the ultimate pc/ultimate gaming pc.. Also, I am only interested in 1 monitor 3d or no 3d that does the highest quality resolution possible..And I see that computers are capable of putting 3 graphics cards in the are 3 better than 1 for gaming?? And where is the best place to buy an ultimate gaming pc for a good price?? Oh and I know this probably sounds ridiculous but i'm also interested in the maximum ram possible being maybe 32 gb?? I hope this question is clear and in case you mention in building my own pc, i've never built one before.. Thanks.
i play games online and want to update my desktop pc to make the games run better what should i buy? hi all i regularly play games online like cov, wow, counter strike etc, but i find i tend to crash alot and the running speed of the whole games are slowing down alot. i had my pc hand built by a friend but he has moved away and im not 100% sure of what components i need to buy eg graphics card and so on can any1 recommend anything?
What programming language is used to program console games? Like gamecube, xbox, ps2... etc... PC games are programmed in C++, right? What about consoles?
Why does everything lag on my computer when I do it in full screen? Like when I play an HD video or something, everything lags. My whole computer and the video itself. Also when I play games online. WTF!!!!! :[ My computer is like 3 months old? I just purchased it. How could the graphics card (if that's the problem) suck that bad, if I just bought this computer. :[
Would anyone happen to know if my computer is compatible with an ATI Radeon 4850? It is a Dell Dimension desktop, 4400 series. As of the moment, I've only an ATI x800 that can hardly handle any of my games. My dad always tells me it's "Top of the line", but the old man needs to shutup cause it's '09 now, not '06. He buys me all these new games like Crysis and shit and expects me to play them with a million FPS. Fuck that. Anyone got the juice? To Chickster: I already know all that stuff, I used to build/fix computers when I worked for my dad ;D. I just wasn't sure if it'd be compatible, and I hate measuring cause I'm always wrong, as dumb as that sounds. I'll take your advice though, I've been looking at newer towers/setups for a few days now anyway.
How to optimize the gaming performance of The Sims 3? My Specs: Lenovo G450 20022 Intel(R) Pentium Dual-Processor 2.30 Ghz 150 GB Hard Disk Drive 2 GB RAM Royal BNA Driver (increased state from 764 MB to 864 MB Total Available Video Graphics Memory, and from 64 MB to 128 MB Dedicated Video Memory) --> Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family Microsoft(R) Windows 8 Professional - 64-bit Operating System ------------------ All of the Gaming graphics option of the game and the PC performance have been switched to the most optimized level of performance but it had some little "laggy" issues sometimes that really bothers my gaming experience. I was just only wondering if is there any tweaks, techniques and some useful software that could manipulate and just optimize a little bit my computer hardware status. Sometimes it does not lag and sometimes it does. I would like to make it smooth, just a little if it may. thanks for the help anyways!!.. :)
Where can I find diagnostics for Windows XP? Where can I find a diagnostics program for Windows XP? My computer is randomly stopping various programs I have installed, and I'd like to test the operating system. Does anyone know of diagnostics programs, and if so, where I might find them?
How can I speed up my computer? Well, my computer is not that slow but i wish it could be faster than what it is now. I've heard about "disk clean-up". What is that for.. do i lose my files when i do that. How bout "defragment (whatever)" do i also lose some files... and about deleting cookies.... what does that mean???? and how to do that.. My computer is 2.2 ghz, 512 mb ram, 80 gb hard drive.. (just in case) pls.. i really need your help........
Is the ps3 capable of playing crysis at max settings with 60 fps+? Do you think ps3 could play crysis at max settings with 60 fps+. And if it could would it use all of the ps3's hardware capability to play it or not. And if the ps3 is not capable of playing crysis at max settings with 60fps+ then just a short explaination why?? THX
Are there ways of playing computer games That require a min of 510 on a comp that only has 212? i have already lowered the details to the minimum...the game is black ad white 2 and my comp is a windows xp home Are there ways of making my comp faster?
Best parts for a gaming computer around 600 dollars? My dad can put computers together, but i would like to know what parts i should get for a gaming computer, for around 600 dollars. I am looking for the top fps i can get, i know this obviously is not a lot of money for a gaming computer, but i wanted to see if anyone could give me any suggestions
How do I make Skyrim run smoothly? Hi I really want to play this game I haven't bought it yet but im dieing to because of all the things ive heard of it on pc. OS NameMicrosoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Other OS Description Not Available OS ManufacturerMicrosoft Corporation System NameOWNER-HP System ManufacturerHewlett-Packard System ModelHP G62 Notebook PC System Typex64-based PC ProcessorAMD Turion(tm) II P540 Dual-Core Processor, 2400 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/DateHewlett-Packard F.17, 11/7/2010 SMBIOS Version2.6 Windows DirectoryC:\Windows System DirectoryC:\Windows\system32 Boot Device\Device\HarddiskVolume1 LocaleUnited States Hardware Abstraction LayerVersion = "6.1.7601.17514" User NameOwner-HP\Owner Time ZoneEastern Daylight Time Installed Physical Memory (RAM)4.00 GB Total Physical Memory3.74 GB Available Physical Memory2.10 GB Total Virtual Memory7.49 GB Available Virtual Memory5.01 GB Page File Space3.74 GB Page FileC:\pagefile.sys What am I going to have to do? It would be nice if you put it in simple terms to!
which games run smoothly on thin clients? I want to add a few thin clients to my cyber basically for boosting my profit.Most of my customers play frozen throne and counter strike on my PC's. My question is ,which games runs on thin clients perfectly without lag?
How long will my computer last? I am building a gaming pc and I wanted to know just how long it would last before its specs became similar to an office computer (or a non-gaming pc) The system I will build consists of the following: CPU: i5 3570K GPU: EVGA 660 Ti 3GB FTW+ HDD: 3TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM RAM: 32GB 1866MHz Corsair Vengeance OD: 15x BD/DVD/CD Burner from Pioneer MOBO: MSI 1155 (Z77MA-G45) OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit (System Builder) PSU: Corsair Enthusiast Series TX 850 Watt ATX/EPS Modular 80 Plus Bronze I plan on having 8 blue LED fans from Cooler Master (4 x 120mm and 4 x 140mm). I will use a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO on top of that (a bit excessive, I know). I will use an NZXT Phantom 410 (red if you must know) as a case. Console generations typically last 6-7 years and the games that come out for both pc and console appear to be set on medium settings on the consoles. Skyrim being an example; it can be played on medium settings with 7 year old hardware (the 360) so why can't my pc play games on higher than medium setting until 2020? Or can it? My predictions for pc advancements in the next 5 years are: The development of ddr4 2400MHz ram becoming the standard. SSDs will become the only storage option, but they will sell for less and come with more memory (a TB perhaps) Nvidia will start the 700 series of GPUs and 4GB will be standard. Hexacore i9s will be the standard gaming CPU And Microsoft will release a new OS (that one is a given) Games will be released (or any software for that matter) on blu ray or blu ray equivalents (25gb discs) Well anyways, spending $1500 every 3 years to replace my pc seems like too much. I wanted to know if my build will be able to play on better than medium settings for 6-7 years (about the same as console generation)
I have choose intel DG31GL, now my question is,does this board is good? I didnt make this question, for games end,,, i hate to, i just would love to know if this kind of board is good, i have purchased it about less than 5 day ago, and i would love to upgrade to a core 2 duo processor + 4 gb of memory, and i wanna know is this would still functioning smoothly and so(i already know that it support those resources, but you know i ain't a professional and i jwant some professional opinion about it.... thanks in advance for your answer.
How Do I Improve My Graphics For Pc Game? AMD Anthlon(tm)XP 3000 2.10 Ghz 1.00 GB of Ram. Windows XP Professional. NVIDIA Geforce 6200 A-LE. I make sure to turn off all background apps and everything also , and i turn on everything on low , but i want to turn it up a little bit. I only got 3 months to play cause im getting shipped off to the army, so are there any ways to tweak my GFX card , with instructions to do it? Im not gonna buy a new GFX card if im leaving in 3 months. Thanks :)
what is the fastest CPU currently on the market? I have been searching forever and all the info I find is old not current maybe yall know more than me!!!!
i have nvidia 8800gts 640mb i have a software called ntune what is this ntune? will it harm my card? what dose it do? and should i use it? and will it increase my cards temperature? please help
how do you fix slow running computer games? i just downloaded secondlife and it runs very slow how do i fix that
Windows XP or Vista? Which one is better for gaming? I am building myself a new gaming PC and I don't know if I should just get Vista or remain with XP. I'm also going to use it for school and projects, and I plan to dual boot it with Ubuntu Linux.
Is a macbook a good computer for college? as easy as that...if not why??? and if so why???...wut are the ups and downs??? thanks
I need to ask a question about how compatible parts for my new pc are.? V13-4200 :: Vantec Spectrum PCI Fan Card with Blue UV LED (0.45 lbs) V133-2232 :: Sony 52x CD-ROM / Black / CD Drive (5 lbs) L48-2204 :: Linksys WMP55AG PCI Wireless Network Adapter - 54Mbps, 802.11g/b/a, Dual-Band (0.4 lbs) J156-2108 :: ThinkVision / 21-Inch / .24mm Dot Pitch / 1600 x 1200 UXGA / Black / Off-Lease CRT Monitor (82.05 lbs) L23-6334 :: Logitech Z-5500 THX Certified 5.1 500-watt Dolby Digital & DTS Hardware Decoding Speaker System (54.2 lbs) T777-1028 :: Turtle Beach Montego 7.1 Dolby Digital Live Surround PCI Sound Card (0.15 lbs) L23-7074 :: Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard (4.45 lbs) A177-3094 :: ATI Radeon X1600 Pro / 512MB DDR2 / PCI Express / DVI / VGA / TV Out / Crossfire Ready / Video Card (2.1 lbs) C13-2022 :: Corsair Dual Channel TWINX 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz E.P.P. Memory (2 x 1024) (0.2 lbs) L23-7200 :: Logitech MX Revolution Rechargeable Cordless Laser Mouse (1.65 lbs) CP1-DUO-E6600 :: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40GHz There are more! ULT33184 :: Ultra / X-Finity / 800-Watt / ATX / Dual 80mm Fans / SATA-Ready / SLI-Ready / Active PFC / Power Supply - Black (8.2 lbs) ULT33186 :: Ultra / ChillTec / Socket 939/775/AM2 / Thermal Electric CPU Cooler (5.5 lbs) A406-1069 :: NZXT Apollo Black ATX Mid-Tower Case with Clear Side, Front USB, Firewire and Audio Ports (20.75 lbs) I69-2145 :: Intel 975XBX2KR Intel Socket 775 ATX Motherboard / Viiv Ready / Audio / PCI Express / Gigabit LAN / S/PDIF / USB 2.0 & Firewire / Serial ATA / RAID (4.35 lbs) TSD-400H3 :: Hitachi / Deskstar T7K500 / 400GB / 16MB / SATA-300 / OEM / Hard Drive (1 lbs) That is all the parts, The sku numbers in front are for
***What free/retail PC games will play on my PC? (pc specs enclosed)? I know my pc sucks, but i tweaked it the best i could for now, i have played several games like UT2K4, GTAIII VC & SA etc... so it can perform somewhat... Please help me find some games I can play, and none of that ARCARDe style crap that you download off of yahoo or something. PLEASE HELP ALL STARS/BEST ANSWER GIVEN for best answer! System Specs. Compaq Presario 5101RSH Processor: AMD Duron Processor - 900MHz (manually overclocked{not impossible, my friend did it for me for $50) But is overclocked at 950MHz now + Better Heatsync, and installed 2nd System fan for better cooling. RAM: 128mb DDR SDRAM **Upgraded to 416MB** Hard Drive: #1-30.0 GB UltraDMA Hard Drive #2-20.0 GBUltraDMA Hard Drive Graphics: Integrated Savage4 AGP Graphics with 32MB (after bios update) allocated as video memory • 64-bit hardware-accelerated 3D graphics • Microsoft DirectShow • Video Player (AVI, MPEG2, MP4 and others) • Maximum non-interlaced resolution of up to 1600 x 1200 @ 75 Hz HALO (DEMO) DOES NOT WORK, sorry, but you obiously didn't pay attention to the specs i gave. OK, ppl, I found a game called GUNz, it works really well and is free/multiplayer. IF You can think of similar games, let me know.
will the same pc games work on a windows tablet with high specs? ive seen somany windows tablets that is touch and also has the same xp or windows 7 operating systems which are same like the real pc OS. so if this is true and also if the tablets have high specs like 1 or 2gb ram and dedicated or shared graphics,will they be able to run all the same cool games that we play on our xp and w7 pcs coz after all the os is same and with high specs hardware.let me take for example crysis,ok if crysis is toomuch then fifa 11 or gta san andreas.but lemme tel u one thing,if tablet pcs can play all these cool pc games then ipad would be nothing in front of it in terms of claims that they are the most advanced.ok there is a misunderstanding here between some people.actually to my point their claims are right in terms of graphics,cool desktop appearance,futuristic and stylish laptops and with apple supplying all the necessary hardware.the reason for which they are not advanced i feel is in terms of functionality,softwares,the level of depth in settings, has too many ways of doing things.its just fun to use windows coz sum day u end up with a virus or sum problem,then u google ur problem,find out ur solution and get it solved ur self.i find that fun.i used to combat viruses without seeking anyones is more advanced than apple in terms of the way the operating system can be tweaked and explored.the most embarassing thing i hate about ipad is that its so costly and doesent even support basic things like multitasking,no support for normal gsm simcard,no gprs,no usb ports for connecting usb flashdrives,no memory card slots.does ipad have copy and paste?by the way the main answer i want is whether XP or W7 TABLET pcs can play the same games of the real pc XP OR W7 os?
How to earn money as a teen? Okay, so I am a 13 year old boy who loves browsing the internet and playing video games. Since I was 6 years old I was already playing games on my PS1, but when I discovered that my console was already outdated when my parent's bought it for me I kind of feel ashamed because my cousins are playing on the PS2 already. So, me and my sister saved for the PS2 which we bought on 2007 (Our savings was only 174 dollar, our parents just added some money to make it 200 dollars.) - My parents never become selfish when it comes to my gaming, I soon realized that my PS2 was outdated on the year I bought it when my parents bought the 2nd-hand flashed Xbox360 from my cousin on 2011. When I was 12 years old I thought the Xbox360's was released on 2010, but after I did some research I found out that it was released on 2005. Now, I hate the consoles because it is quickly outdated. So that's when I entered the PC gaming, this is where I kinda become good at tweaking and fixing some computer hardware and software. At first, I thought when you buy a laptop or a computer you can all run games without having trouble. So, I wished for my parents a laptop. On that year's xmas (2010), me and my sister had a great gift from our parent's, a netbook, I know that it's not that great but I never knew that until I found out it's specifications. This is where I know that I am going to have trouble playing games on our dekstop... and I was RIGHT! Our desktop was not for gaming too. Now, I would like to build my own custom gaming system but my parents won't buy what I want now. So how can I earn money as a teen? I need big money! My parents said that they would buy me the latest Alienware Laptop if I get to the honor students of my class. Trust me they really do, I mean when I was a kid a was a brilliant kid, I always get to the honor students and they bought me alot of toys (60$ each and I have four of those toys) So let's sum this up, conclusion: My parents are great people, all they want is for me and my siblings to grow brilliant and get most out of life so they buy us great prizes when we get to the honor students. I like console gaming, but I discovered that consoles are quickly outdated in every 5 years? So If I we're to build my own custom gaming PC at it's best it would last until 2020 without getting outdated. But, I don't have money for the parts. I have 2 choices, the one that I will choose as the best answers in this question and to study for an Alienware laptop.
look at this pc setup!!? i am building a pc here are the specs, i wanna know what you think. Motherboard specs: ASUS Rampage II Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard Brand ASUS Model Rampage II Extreme Supported CPU CPU Socket Type LGA 1366 CPU Type Core i7 FSB QPI 6.4GT/S Chipsets North Bridge Intel X58 South Bridge Intel ICH10R Memory Number of Memory Slots 6×240pin Memory Standard DDR3 1800(O.C)/1600(O.C)/1333 Channel Supported Triple Channel Expansion Slots PCI Express 2.0 x16 3 Storage Devices SATA 3Gb/s 6 SATA RAID 0/1/5/10 Onboard Audio Audio Chipset ADI AD2000B Onboard LAN Max LAN Speed Dual 10/100/1000Mbps Physical Spec Form Factor ATX Features Features Extreme Engine with ML Cap Next-gen. dynamic multi-phase power management Stylish Thermal Design Ready for 3rd Party Fusion Block! TweakIt Hardcore OV with finger tweaking fun! ProbeIt Get all hands-on with hardware-based overclocking SupremeFX X-Fi Listen with absolute HD; play in extreme fidelity! Ram specs: CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory Brand CORSAIR Series DOMINATOR Model TR3X6G1600C8D Type 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM Tech Spec Capacity 6GB (3 x 2GB) Speed DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Cas Latency 8 Timing 8-8-8-24 Voltage 1.65V Multi-channel Kit Triple Channel Kit Heat Spreader Yes Features Compatible with Intel Core i7 series CPU for Intel X58 Motherboard Recommend Use High Performance or Gaming Memory Manufacturer Warranty Parts Lifetime limited Labor Lifetime limited dvd-rom drive specs: Lite-On DH-4B1S Serial ATA Interface Blu-ray Disc Writer (OEM) - 4x BD-R SL, 2x BD-RE SL, 2x BD-ROM, 12x DVD±R, 4x DVD±R DL, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW Hard Drive specs: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31500341AS 1.5TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive (bare drive) - OEM Processor specs: Intel Core i7 940 Nehalem 2.93GHz 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor Brand Intel Series Core i7 Model BX80601940 CPU Socket Type CPU Socket Type LGA 1366 Tech Spec Core Nehalem Multi-Core Quad-Core Name Core i7 940 Operating Frequency 2.93GHz QPI 4.8GT/s L2 Cache 4 x 256KB L3 Cache 8MB Manufacturing Tech 45 nm 64 bit Support Yes Hyper-Threading Support Yes Virtualization Technology Support Yes Voltage 0.80V-1.375V Thermal Power 130W ((Cooling Device Heatsink and Fan included)) <<not gona use it. Heatsink and fan specs: ZALMAN CNPS9900LED 120mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler Brand ZALMAN Model CNPS9900LED Spec Type Fan&Heatsinks Fan Size 120mm Compatibility All Intel Socket 1366/775 CPUs Core i7, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Dual Core Pentium, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron D All AMD Socket AM2+/AM2/754/939/940 CPUs Phenom, Athlon 64 FX, Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core, Athlon 64, Opteron, Opteron Dual Core, Sempron Bearing Type 2 Ball RPM 1000 - 2000RPM ± 10% Noise Level 19.5dBA - 38.0dBA ± 10% Heatsink Material Pure Copper Physical Spec Weight 730g Features Features The Ultimate cooling performance comes from the most silent cooler. 100% Pure copper heatsink with aerodynamically optimized “tunnel” design for maximum cooling efficiency. Patented heatpipe design for cooling performance of up to 6 heatpipes with the use of just 3. Ultra-thin 0.2mm fins for minimized weight and significantly reduced airflow resistance. Compatible with all Intel Socket 1366/775 and AMD Socket AM2+/AM2/754/939/940 based Single, Dual and Quad Core CPUs. Ultra quiet PWM fan for automatic fan speed control according to the CPU’s temperature. Power supply Specs: Ultra X3 ULT40311 1000-Watt Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, PCI-E Ready, Energy Efficient, Modular Wattage: 1000-Watt Special Features: Modular +3.3V: 24 A +5V: 28 A -12V: 0.8 A +5VSB: 3 A 20+4-Pin Connector: 1 4-Pin P4: 1 4-Pin/8-Pin EPS Connector: 1 6-Pin PCI-Express Connector: 2 6-Pin/8-Pin PCI-Express Connector: 2 4-Pin Peripheral Connector: 6 SATA Power Connector: 2 Grapichs specs: EVGA 017-P3-1293-AR GeForce GTX 295 1792MB 896 (448 x 2)-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card w/ Pre-installed ECGA Backplate <<i am gona put 3 of them in. Brand EVGA Model 017-P3-1293-AR Interface Interface PCI Express 2.0 x16 Chipset Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA GPU GeForce GTX 295 Core clock 576MHz Stream Processors 480 (240 x 2) processing cores Memory Memory Clock 1998MHz Memory Size 1792MB Memory Interface 896 (448 x 2)-bit Memory Type GDDR3 3D API DirectX DirectX 10 OpenGL OpenGL 3.0 Ports HDMI 1 DVI 2 General RAMDAC 400 MHz Max Resolution 2560 x 1600 SLI Supported Yes Cooler With Fan Power Connector 6 pin / 8 pin Dual-Link DVI Supported Yes HDCP Ready Yes PC case specs: Thermaltake VH6000BWS Full Tower Windowed ATX Case with
Im looking into buildingmy own computer... parts? im fed up with all these computer brands, im looking to build my own, i know alot about software, but not too much about hardware. im 16 years old currently, and im getting a job, im looking into building my own pc to run ubuntu. i want a good nvidia graphics card a nice processor that wouldnt be too challenging to overclock through bios. where could i get all of this, i also need a case, cooling system(airflow and heatsinks would probably be the cheapest. im not looking for a gaming pc, but a productive one. i do alot of software tweaking. any advice is good
How can I improve my GAMING PERFORMANCE ? Hi there, I wanted to know is there a way somehow if I could boost up my internet latency/ping/speed for online fps games like blackshot. I am having 512 kbps speed My PC :- RAM : 4 GB HDD : 500 GB GRAPHIC CARD : 2 GB AND HAVE WINDOWS 7 64 BIT I have no problems with my hardware... but when I play or host online games.. it lags a lot... Is there a way somehow if I can boost my internet performance for PC, I know increasing speed is not possible without paying.. but is there some tweak with which I can utilize all my internet avalable speed for gaming.. so that it dows not lag.
Personalizing my pc? (Visually, and juicing it up to run games)? What should I do to make my pc more "Unique"? I have windows 7. What are some nice themes, sound packs, ect? Hardware wise, Whats the best tweaks I could make to my computer? I have an AMD Athlon X2 4200 Proccessor with 1024 MB memory. And I have a 160GB hard drive. My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE. I noticed games such as resident evil 5 run horribly on my computer. What could I do to increase game playability?
Ready to build first PC, would like opinions please? I will be ordering my hardware very soon from ebay (can't use newegg where I live). Are all the components I have chose compatible and have I over looked anything else such as not enough cooling, PSU leads to short or too small a tower? I am also slightly nervous nervous about it. I have watched tutorials on youtube and it looks easy enough, but they all seem to have disassembled the computer and reassembled it for the purpose of the video. I am worrying that after I get everything connected I'll have alot of BIOS tweaking to do, and knowing me I'm likely to set something the the wrong value and damage something. Specs: Case: Coolermaster Elite 430 Mid Tower Gaming Case Black Processor: Intel Core i5 2500k Unlocked Retail CPU 1155 Processor Motherboard: ASUS SKT-1155 SABERTOOTH P67 REV 3.0 (B3) Memory: CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 - Corsair Vengeance memory - 8 GB Graphics Card: PNY GeForce GTX 560 Ti - 1 GB GDDR5 Hard Disk: Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB 64MB 7200 Power Supply: Coolermaster GX 750W PSU - 80plus Certified Processor Cooling: Akasa Low Noise Intel Heatpipe Cooler Optical Drive: LITEON 24x BLACK SATA DVD±RW DUAL LAYER OPTICAL DRIVE Case fan:
Graphic Reflections between Consoles and PC? Yeah....I noticed how the reflections and shadows in console games are better than teh PC version. Why is that? I compare my most of my games to the console versions and they just don't match up. My computer is pretty pricey so I know I am not outdated when it comes to hardware, but the reflections and shadows appear all retarded when playing my games. Example: While I play Call of Duty 4, I walk through the level where I save this Nic guy and while I turn a corner in a house, my shadow will appear on the wall because of the lighting. But when I stare at my shadow and walk around back and forth just looking at it. It just appears all boxy. Example 2: While playing GRID, when I switch the camera angle to "hood" view, the hood will show the reflection of the various objects/buildings that I pass by. But the reflections also share the same problem of the shadows. Boxy. I can still see what the shadow/reflection is, but it just appears boxy around the edges. At first I thought this was just some flaw for DX 9 but I played GRID on a Vista and COD on a XP so I can't see what the matter is. I'm not sure if I have to tweak around with my graphic settings but I built this computer to be better than the ps3 and laugh at my cousin in the face. But seeing these flaws, I just can't do that, maybe a semi-laugh, but I just can't do that. So does anyone else have this problem and fixed it and is willing to share with me their wonderful computer skills? btw this would be more accurate if I include some specs to go along with my loooooooong question. specs: MSI P35 Platinum Combo Motherboard Conroe E6850 3.0 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo Processor XFX Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB GPU 3 gig of RAM 700 watt PSU and... uh...... I guess that's it. Thank you for reading this and I hope you can help me. Thank you! HELP MA~!~!~!~!~!
Why can't I play 3d games on my PC? I have windows vista 64 bit and games I was playing yesterday suddenly don't work!!! So it isn't cuz they don't run on my OS. I've re-installed the newest version of DirectX from their official website released in 2009, and I've re-installed the newest video card drivers for my video card which is an Asus EN9500GT (nvidia geforce 9500GT GPU) I've also reinstalled the games in question having the problems. So that takes care of a game reinstall, a directx reinstall, and a vid card reinstall. This is Windows VISTA so the DXdiag tool does not let me enable/disable/or test my direct3d acceleration but I think that this is the problem in question because -- in 64 bit mode it says that I HAVE direct3d, but in 32 bit mode it says it's disabled. Nvidia control panel gives no option for enabling direct3d, and windows display properties says that I can't adjust my hardware acceleration because my video card/drivers do not support it. (Nvidia wants you to use their control panel) So I'm all out of ideas! No need to mention a full Operating system reinstall, I know that's an option, I just really don't want to take it because I've tweaked my OS now for months getting it the way I want it! No, my card is not fried but thank you.
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Question? Will I be able to run the above game on my PC? Windows XP Professional SP3 AMD Sempron 735MB RAM VIA/SG3 UniChrome IGP Ive tried before and it doesnt work. So ive kinda already answered my own question, I was just wondering if there were any tweaks or updates I can get to make it work, or is it a case of upgrading my hardware?
PCSX2 Requirements(Do I meet the requirements?)? Ok so I would like to know if my current system is able to run pcsx2 and run games like kingdom hearts just as if I was to play it on a normal ps2. I ran an actual game(The Matrix) on my pc and the game lagged like crazy. I checked the requirements on the wiki for pcsx2 and reading what it says i found that my specs match pretty well but for some reason i have been lagging. I tried other games(gta, gran turismo, need for speed, etc.) and they all lag. Do i need to upgrade my hardware or do i need to tweak settings for pcsx2? Here are my current specs: GPU: Nvidia 7600GS (512MB) CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Processor 5000+ (dual core, 2.6GHz) OS: Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate RAM:2.5GB HDD:290GB
What GPU chipset does HP G60-235DX have? My dad just bought me an HP G60-235DX for college use (I'm currently taking Multimedia Arts & Sciences). I looked at the specs, and it says "Intel GMA 4500MHD" for the graphics. With Pixel/Vertex Shader 4 models (hardware), DirectX 10 support, and 1+ GB VRAM, this one hell of a graphics chipset is best for multimedia stuff and probably some gaming (I'll need to "tweak" the GPU's drivers first before I can do the latter, the same way I did to my now broken Intel 946GZ (GMA 3000) mini-PC which was capable of running HL2 and Crysis with very little or no lag), but it doesn't tell exactly WHICH 4500MHD chipset. There are four to be exact: GL40, GS45, GM45 and GM47. Which one does my laptop have, or is it like a 4-in-one or something like that? *hopes it's a GM47 or a GM45* Extra note: Please read the description first before answering. :)
GTA IV Lag, Whats the ultimate solution? Okay, So i got GTA IV for PC, but it lags terribly to the point it wasn't even playable, I have a pretty nice hardware and it runs other games nicely so I knew it wasn't my PC's fault, I searched the internet, did all the solutions I could find (Disable Key Logger, Game Booster, Visualsettings, contig.exe, commandline.txt, tweaked around my graphic driver settings, etc..) now ofc I got an FPS increase, but It wasn't that epic. However, when I start the game the game runs very smooth, no lag at all, but after like 5 mins of gameplay it starts lagging.. not to the point its unplayable but to the point when you know, its really annoying you and you wanna enjoy the gameplay more. I know this is due to GTA IV being poorly ported. But is there an Ultimate solution to this lag? I have the 7th patch and these are my computer specs: - Intel Core i7 CPU, 1.73Ghz - 6 GB Ram - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M (1GB Dedicated Video Memory) Any help would be appreciated.
Help optimizing my computer for World of Warcraft.? I ave recently been looking into overclocking my pc and other edits. Within the last few weeks I went from averaging 40-50 fps in wow with medium video setting at a nice resolution. I have been tweaking my system lately and over the last few days my fps has dropped to about 20-30. I have already disabled half of my addons, changed my res to 800x600,disabled all special video effects, and turned all videos settings as low as possible. the following are the results of a Nova2 benchmark test and my system specs: NovaBench Score: 134 9/22/2009 1:26:15 AM Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1620 @ 2400 MHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 894 MB System RAM (Score: 35) CPU Tests (Score: 68) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 34503585 - Integer Operations/Second: 14596895 - MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 16607 Graphics Tests (Score: 0) - Random Lines Drawn/Second: 14 - Random Shapes Drawn/Second: 20 Hardware Tests (Score: 31) - Primary Partition Capacity: 140 GB - Drive Write Speed: 21.59 MB/s My virtual memory is currently at 2 gigs per hardrive(i have 2). Any tweaking suggestions or thoughts on what coudl have caused this drastic drop in game quality? Thanks! This is all referencing my World of Warcraft settings. I actually increased my benchmark from 109 to 139 by tweaking vista settings, but my vista setting have not changed in quite some times. Which is what the problem is. By lowering settings in WoW my fps(frames per second) didn't get any better. One day I just logged on and went from 50-60 fps to 20-30 fps and lowering my settings didn't make it any better.
How do I fix stuttering in Doom 3/Quake 4? I have Doom 3 and Quake 4 on my PC and no matter what settings I run them on, there's a constant video/audio stutter, which causes the game to be jerky, and the sound effects will repeat which is very annoying. I've tried tweaking w/ the console and configuration, but nothing works. My system specs: Pentium 4 CPU 2.40 GHZ, 2.39 GHZ 2.00 GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 3650 512 MB I know I have hardware powerful enough to run them, so it must be a driver error.
what should i say in defense for the ps3? My brother keeps making fun of the ps3, because he says things like oh well can you fine tweak everything about the hardware, cpu temp, amount of ram etc.. hbe keeps bashing and things like of well the ps3 gpu is so old and that people just buy at radeon hd 2460, he says hes not a pc fanboy, but it really pisses me off. hes askinglike oh can the ps3 run the internet and a game at the same time please help, what is good about the ps3 that i can say in defense, hes calling the Cell outdated and stuff, that the ps3 is for people who dont know anytthing about computers etc.,
What is the benefit of using Linux vs. Microsoft if you are just a regular office person? Linux is often advertised as this grandiose OS, but at the end of the day it outputs the same product as Microsoft and or Macs. What makes Linux unique besides not crashing as often as Microsoft or running applications very fast? I work in a office and use a lot of application for which there is no Linux version (Linux might have some alternatives but are too hard on the regular user) so what is the appeal to use a Linux system if I have to tweaked the OS every time I want it to do something that under Windows it would done by a third party. What about the video games, most video games I play don't come in Linux nor Machintosh just PC, and it would seem at times that software vendors or hardware companies are only concerned with the PC market and don't distribute anything else to Open source projects such as Linux. What would be reason to abandon Microsoft?
Can some one please revise my essay? How does Windows 7 differ from Vista or Windows XP? Windows seven was release 8/31/2010. Some technology improvements in windows 7 over vista or XP are, Windows 7 perform better than Vista/XP and use fewer resources. Also it has engineered to make fewer reads and writes to the HDD and is ideal to be installed on SDD (Solid State Drive). Some improvements over Vista/XP includes: Task bar changes: - include Jump List, Aero Peek. Supports touch screen and Touch Pad multi-touch. Include Aero Snap and Aero Shake to manage Desktop Windows. Include Libraries to manage folders. Include XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC environment. Include Action Center to troubleshoot Windows. Include Home group to manage local network Windows RE already include in the Hard Drive among others new features. Windows 7 features include: Accessibility ,Action Center, Aero Audio, video Backup, Restore ,Bit Locker Calculator, Desktop Device, management DirectX 11, Email ,Gadgets, Games, Explorer ,Getting Started Home Group, Internet Explorer 8, Internet, TV Jump ,Lists Language packs ,Libraries Location-aware printing, Multiplayer games, Networking, Paint ,Parental Controls, Peek Performance improvements, Play To Power management , Ready Boost , Remote Desktop , Connection Remote, Media Streaming, Shake, Snap, Snipping, Tool ,Startup ,Repair, Sticky Notes, System Restore ,Tablet PC, User Account ,Control Windows ,Anytime Upgrade, Windows Connect Now, Windows Defender ,Windows Easy Transfer, Windows Experience, Index ,Windows Fax and Scan Windows ,Firewall, Windows Live, Essentials Windows Live ,Movie Maker ,Windows Live Photo Gallery ,Windows Media Center ,Windows Media Player 12, Windows Mobility Center , Windows Search ,Windows Taskbar , Windows Touch ,Windows Troubleshooting ,Windows Update ,Windows XP Mode and WordPad XPS Windows 7 prices include: Home Premium: $199.99, Professional:$299.99, Ultimate: $319.99 You would want to use as a home use Windows 7 Home Premium is recommended for you because There are a few different 0/S versions that are available for windows 7 platform. There’s: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise (used in businesses mostly), and Ultimate. There is also 32bit and 64bit versions of each save home basic (I think). There are also some N versions. Also Microsoft is currently running a promotion on windows seven; Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack: Purchase a Family Pack and upgrade three PCs to Windows 7 Home Premium for $149.99, a savings of over $200. Some thoughts I have on windows seven are Windows 7 is what Vista should have been; I'm disappointed we even have to pay for Win7, but it was necessary as Vista was terrible. I use Windows in a virtual machine, so I have to buy the retail disk, not get a OEM version. So you can see why I'm peeved a little. The fact that there are many different versions of Windows 7, why not include all on one disk? Surely the license code could be used to unlock further features. Need to upgrade to a better version of Windows for a project? No problem, just stick the one disk in and go for it, no need to buy another whole disk. Come on, save some gas and materials! (Yes I know about Windows upgrade anytime, by chance that is)I do like its ability to save a System Restore to DVD's or a hard drive, this is essential for everyone to do this once they get their machine tweaked the way they want before the first piece of malware hits. Microsoft should take a proactive position to push the PC vendors from installing all their bloat ware, trial ware etc., on new hardware. It really distracts from the conformity across all PC's and makes life generally hard for everyone. Not to mention slows down the computers performance drastically. Also the eye candy setting is set way to high, it should be set lower. Microsoft Security Essentials should be installed BY DEFAULT, a more clearer understanding given how and why it's important for users to do their Windows updates, instead of just clicking to ignore when the bubble pops up. Laptop users are especially vulnerable and getting a good connection is hard as well, they should be informed if their connection isn't strong enough or reliable enough for updates. How about a automatic update for Flash? Really how hard is that to do? Windows 7 is better, but it has to come a long way before Joe "I don't know nothing about computers" can use it without trouble. Mac's are better, but they are deceptive. They appear easier to use but they are not to newbies. The only good thing is they are safer online than Windows. I prefer windows sever over any other operating system. It's the most supported and just works while still allowing functionality. I've tried linux (briefly) and it could be very powerful if I knew more about it. Never tried a Mac since I don't have one but I'd assume it would work decently. There were no competitors that released a new OS system at the sam new OS system at the same time as windows 7. Apple released 10.6 around a year earlier and is releasing 10.7 this summer. Various Linux distributions came out at the same time as Windows 7, but they upgrade constantly. Microsoft has released their new Operating System (O/S) called Windows 7. Complete a 1-2 page research paper about Window 7 O/S discussing some of its new features, pricing, which version would a home user need to purchase and maybe why. Here are some questions to consider when writing your research paper: How does Windows 7 differ from Vista or Windows XP? What are some of the technology improvements in Windows 7 over Vista or XP? How many different O/S version will be available from the Windows 7 platform? (In the past we've had multiple operating system choices available to the end user) When will Windows 7 release or become available for purchase? Is Microsoft currently marketing Windows 7 or running promotions? Share your own thoughts about whether you like Windows 7. Is there a competitor releasing a new OS at the same time as Windows 7? Is there an O/S you prefer? How does Windows 7 compare to the Apple MAC operating system?
Computer seem to have overheated, shut off and now wont turn on. Just get blinking led. What happened? I just installed a new graphic card (GeForce GTX 550ti) to play the new Diablo 3 game. Everything was fine until I played Diablo 3 for a bit and computer shuts off. Computer felt a bit hot in the rear. Been over 14 hrs and computer still wont turn on. Just get a rapid blinking light real quick then nothing. Computer specs below....Card only requires 400 watt from power supply so what happened. Thanks Hardware: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor HDZ965FBGMBOX SEAGATE ST31000524AS-FSW Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST31000524AS 1 TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - SATA/600 - 7200 rpm - 32 MB Buffer (1TB 7200RPM 32MB BUFFER SERIAL ATA/600 3.5INCH SEAGATE BARRAC ASUS GH24NS50 24X SATA Dual Layer DVD±RW 10-Bay ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ,250mm Blue LED Fan (Black) -550 W Power Supply -2 USB ports on front (4 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 back on board) -sound And mic -front, rear and back ,LED fans Memory Ram Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8R Vengeance Desktop Memory Kit - 16GB (4x 4GB), PC3-12800, DDR3-1600MHz, 240-pin DIMM, 9-9-9-24 CAS Latency, 1.5V, XMP Ready Mother board Asus Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Socket AM3 AMD 890GX/SB850 6 SATA USB 3.0 ATX Motherboard Product Description The ASUS M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 delivers staggering versatility to any PC builder looking to get the most bang for their buck. Being the most awarded and most trusted motherboard maker, ASUS injects the rock solid M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 with performance enhancing features. This easy-to-tweak motherboard is equipped with a wide array of exclusive innovations such as Core Unlocker that unlocks processor cores, Turbo Unlocker to optimize individual core frequencies, and GPU Boost to accelerate onboard GPU performance on the fly. True to its name, the Core Unlocker feature instantly activates up to two hidden processing cores -- potentially doubling the processing performance.1 To take the performance even further, Turbo Unlocker dynamically adjusts individual processor core frequencies for the task at hand in a simple click of a button via the ASUS TurboV Evo software utility. Sporting the AMD 89GX chipset, the M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 supports the latest AMD socket AM3 Phenom II X6 6-core processor and dual channel DDR3 memory architecture. It also comes with an integrated ATI Radeon HD 4290 graphics built onboard with ASUS' exclusive GPU Boost super-charging the performance even further. ASUS Stack Cool 3 PCB with User Friendly Layout. View larger. Wide Array of Inputs and Outputs. View larger. Key Features AMD Socket AM3 Phenom II x6 compatible 140x support AMD 890GX Chipset and integrated ATI Radeon HD 4290 graphics 4-DIMMs supporting up to 16GB of DDR3 2000 overclocked max 2x PCIe 2.0 x16 slots supporting ATI Hybrid CrossFireX ASUS Core Unlocker activates hidden cores to maximize processing potential1 ASUS Turbo Unlocker dynamically and intelligently optimizes each processor core for the task at hand1 ASUS GPU Boost delivers up to 40-precent better performance for integrated graphics via TurboV Evo interface1 USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s for unsurpassed data transfer speed Re.. -- Software: [Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit with SERVICE PACK 1!!!] Microsoft office 2010, Antivirus Microsoft security Essentials DVD drive for motherboard
Problems with games on windows 7 home premium 64 bit (Steam and WoW)? For steam, while playing CSS/Garrys Mod/HL/Resident Evil 5, i get an error, mainly just with garrys mod but have had it with all. My PC is as Followed; Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor 2.80GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 6.00GB System Type 64-bit Operating System Display Adapter (GFX CARD): ATI Radeon HD 4650 Monitor: HP w2338h Wide LCD monitor 1TB Hard Drive A pretty Decent PC, to be honest the errors i recieve aren't even only when playing online. Why am i getting the HL2 error and it having to force shut down? With WoW, even with all my computer capability i seem to have shotty performance, and the inability to max out my graphics without suffering complete FPS from 60 to 3... I know there's REGEDIT tweak but i dont know if that will help. Tips / Suggestions / Comments / Concerns? (Anything is helpful as long as it doesnt require me doing any hardware changes lol) garrys mod hl2.exe has stopped working
Why can't I play 3d games on my PC? I have windows vista 64 bit and games I was playing yesterday suddenly don't work!!! So it isn't cuz they don't run on my OS. I've re-installed the newest version of DirectX from their official website released in 2009, and I've re-installed the newest video card drivers for my video card which is an Asus EN9500GT (nvidia geforce 9500GT GPU) I've also reinstalled the games in question having the problems. So that takes care of a game reinstall, a directx reinstall, and a vid card reinstall. This is Windows VISTA so the DXdiag tool does not let me enable/disable/or test my direct3d acceleration but I think that this is the problem in question because -- in 64 bit mode it says that I HAVE direct3d, but in 32 bit mode it says it's disabled. Nvidia control panel gives no option for enabling direct3d, and windows display properties says that I can't adjust my hardware acceleration because my video card/drivers do not support it. (Nvidia wants you to use their control panel) So I'm all out of ideas! No need to mention a full Operating system reinstall, I know that's an option, I just really don't want to take it because I've tweaked my OS now for months getting it the way I want it! Oh yes, I have plenty enough vid memory, ... like i said i was running these games. but 2k+ or something like that. It's a decently new card and OC'ed from the manuf. More details... the game isn't running in the bkgrnd, it has an error to begin with.... savage 2 and chessmaster XI (grandmaster edition) however I believe it's a direct3d issue... as I was getting at, so it's not a matter of which game, but of that problem. and the vid card etc are in the correct spots or I would not be able to play movies or 2d games on my comp
Tips for improving performance and framerates? I just recently put together a new gaming rig and I just wanted to know if there are any tips to maximize performance. Here's my specs: Intel Core i5-2500 3.3 Ghz Nvidia GTX 460 1GB superclocked graphics card 4gb RAM (2x 2GB) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 1 TB hard drive I'm still kind of a noob at PC hardware stuff, so I just wanted to see if anyone could give me some tips on squeezing out a couple framerates here or there with some settings tweaks. I don't think I'm going to overclock. For example, I heard from some people that I would get better framerates when using PhysX by setting it to accelerate, and not setting it to CPU only. So yeah, stuff like that would help. thanks a bunch :D
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