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Consoles or PC? Which is better? I will be getting a PC soon though for WoW at least $2000 If you want best you better give a good reason. I prefer consoles cause the controller just feels right especially for FPSs. I hate that PCs get outdated so quickly so I would have to buy a really expensive one to feel safe. Plus I want big screen 1080p.
Gaming PC Hardware Compatability? Hello, all I need to know is if these parts will be compatible with each other. CPU:Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4000 BX80637I53570K Mobo:ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard RAM:G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL HDD:Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive GPU:SAPPHIRE 100352-2L Radeon HD 7950 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card Case:Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case OR ZALMAN Z9 Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case// If neither will fit the components then any recommendations would be helpful. PSU:CORSAIR TX Series CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V v2.3 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 Power Supply ODD:ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVD Burner - Bulk - OEM Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. @Doru Thanks! I was planning on buying a cooler too but just need a little more help, which case should I get and should i go for this fan or the one you suggested?
Xbox One, Ps4, or Gaming Pc? Ok I know this is probably hard but I need an unbiased opinion on which I should choose
Mac vs. Pc? Should I get a Toshiba X205 (the most expensive one) or should I get a black Macbook fully loaded? I like games but i really dont play them all the time so tell me from there and if i do i can play them on my current laptop
Console gaming vs pc gaming? Which do you think is better and why?
Budget gaming PC 2 Choice option Pick one Please? Processor, Memory, and Motherboard Processor: 3 hertz Phenom Dual-Core Memory Slots: 2 Hard Drive Size: 500 GB Manufacturer: SATA II Speed: 7200 rpm Graphics and Display Graphics RAM: 512 MB NVIDIA GT210 Ports and Connectivity USB Ports: 6 Cases and Expandability Size (LWH): 20.78 inches, 7.48 inches, 17.64 inches Weight: 28 pounds or Processor: 2.8 hertz AMD Athlon RAM: 4 GB Memory Slots: 4 Hard Drive Size: 500 GB Manufacturer: SATA II Speed: 7200 rpm Graphics and Display Graphics RAM: 512 MB ATI Radeon HD5450 Ports and Connectivity USB Ports: 8 Cases and Expandability Size (LWH): 25 inches, 12.5 inches, 21.4 inches number 1 is a dual core number 2 is a quad
Mac Vs. PC? What are they? Differences? Pros vs. cons?...etc
can anyone help me build a gaming rig between $350-$550? i need a gaming machine for assassin's creed,fallout,minecraft,and it might be used for video editing and rendering,HD and/or low end as possible,maybe medium to low settings for games.i need help,i might buy pre-built so links would help too.if need be,i can spend a little extra,maybe up to between $650-$700.all answers are appreciated!
Gaming PC Build/Help? I have been doing research on PC gaming and would like to build my own gaming rig. I have been not been getting strait answers with regards to what hardware I would need to be able to play battlefield 3 on ultra settings, I am also looking to to do some video editing as well. Please provide a list of parts you recommend or full rigs and please consider part compatibility when making the list. Thank You! Also If you can please include a link to parts!!!
xbox360 vs pc gaming.? could i build a computer cheaper than buying an xbox360 and get better or the same style and smooth of game play?
ps3 vs gaming pc computer? for $700 should i get a pc or a ps3,my current pc is really an xp and its really slow and old, if i get the pc its gona be custom : Elite 330 Mid Tower Chassis ASUS M4A89GTD PRO - AMD 890GX - Socket AM3 - PCI-E 2.0 (x16) - DDR3 2000(OC) - SATA 6Gb/s - SATA RAID - ATX Palit SONIC PLATINUM nVIDIA GTX 460 Geforce 1GB Graphics Card Colors-IT 750w Gold 1AMD Phenom II X4 Quad 955 Core 3.2GHz Processor 4 x 512 KB Boxed :Black Edition 2CM Silent Power Supply
Gaming Speed Choice? I have a Gateway 818 GM with 512 mb ram, but want to run my sims 2 game faster. I was wondering what would be the best thing to get for my computer to speed it up. I was told ddr2 but I really don't know. Here are some links I have been sent: If someone could please help me find something to speed up my sims 2.. links are appriciated. Thanks so much!
Question about Gaming PC? Hi guys, I'm looking to buy the best gaming PC I can with a $2,000 budget. I'm not even sure where to begin because I don't have a firm enough grasp of computers to build my own but I definitely don't just want to dump it all into some random alienware one. Any recommendations for either some sort of tutorial on building my own, or maybe just something you guys can come up with for my price range? I also considered buying a Asus g73jh laptop, would that be able to play any PC game to date, or would it just be better to go for a PC? Thanks for taking the time to read and help.
Advice for a Gaming Pc? Im planning on building a Gaming pc soon , Im looking for advice Which Operating system is best for gaming many people tell me Im best off sticking with XP as its more compatible with older titles. How much RAM would i need im planning to install 4gb DDR3 would this be to much ?? i was told 2GB would be just fine Im planning to get a Amd Phenom 2 (B-E) 3.4ghz Quad Core processor would this be overkill or is Dual Core just fine ? My case of choice will be the Antec Three Hundred Whats the difference between a 512mb & 1gb Graphics card In fact could Anybody Please kindly tell me what the specs on the graphics card mean as there's so many and it confuses the hell out of me lol I preferably Want this PC to be somewhat Future Proof which is the reason ive chosen the Quad core CPU I currently own an LG LCD monitor (19inch 5ms Response) its 1440 x 900 resolution would this be good graphics or would i benifit in upgrading to a 22inch with more resolution as im looking into playing some decent graphics Thanks for your Help
Does my computer have the right hardware for gaming? I have a lap top that I've been using for a good year and a half now and I've never been able to play World of Warcraft on anything above fair with out too much lag. AMD Phenom II 960 Quad-Core processor, 8gb RAM, AMD M8880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250
Building a gaming PC on a budget? Lately, I've been in the market for building a gaming PC - something respectable that can run games at decently high settings. Of course, I don't want it to be a nuclear powered AI for a star cruiser - aka, no need for flashing lights and cool designs. Originally I was thinking of just getting rid of the doubt and buying this: However, many have insisted I can build a much better system for the same price. Generally speaking I know enough about computers where I am confident building one - the only thing that confuses me is what to buy in terms of hardware, as there are so many choices and I'm not sure whether or not an individual component is good, or a ripoff. So, here's the question, and challenge: what hardware does it take to build a respectable gaming PC (able to run Crysis on 'high' settings at 30 fps) for under 700 dollars? I'm sure it must be possible. Also, this budget includes the OS - unless it's easy to use the Windows XP Pro OS install disc for an old, dying laptop? Thanks very much.
What kind of hardware should i get for a gaming pc? Im new to makng custom pc's and I want to know what kin of hardware is best for agaming computer under $1600. I have asked many other questions about Dell's and Alienware's and almost everyone has told me to custom build my own because they are hundreds cheaper and many times better. So my question is, what do I need? What Type of processor? Graphics card? Power Supply? Cooling Fan? RAM? Motherboard? Hard Drive? Disc Drive? Gaming Tower? Sound Card? Network Card? OS? I need stuff that can play Crysis and other advanced games on full graphics and resolution for under $1600. Please list brand and model of each and how much they cost. I know this is a lot to ask but I am desperate to find out.
My hardware problem : PC games slow down? my PC : i5 processor 8GB ram 2GB graphics - Nvidia get frorce win7 64 bit well maintained PC with out any kind of virus . the problem is that : games like NFS mostwanted 2012 , JUST CAUSE 2 , SAINT ROW , NFS shift 2 are lagging ( running slow ) when set in maximum setting ( high graphics ) . i can remove the lag by decreasing the settings , but i wanna know , having a high end PC like mine , still having LAG ? why ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ THE DESCRIPTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! graphics : Nvidia getforce gt 610
Should I Upgrade my pc or should i buy ps4 or xbox one? Hi, I was going to upgrade my CPU so when I saw that xbox one revealed I am confused that if I upgrade my pc to a core i7 3770 and amd 7850 1gb gddr5 16 gb ddr3 ram 600 watts cooler master power supplly and all the needy things so I am confused that if i upgrade my pc and later on when other games like call of duty ghosts and battlefield 4 will not work properly i mean low frame rates because I like to play pc games on ultra settings with no AA when necessary so should i upgrade my pc or wait and buy a next generation game console....
Advice for a gaming pc? Hello everyone . so i was planning to build my own powerful gaming pc for about 1000~1200$ and i have made a very nice build on pcpartpicker , but actually something urgent came up , and i have lost some of my budget and all i have is 600$ , si i have two choices for the moment : i can build a medium gaming pc with the 600$ or i can actually wait a few months to save more money , and i'm thinking even on letting the pc build until the next summer especially that i'm on my senior year so gaming won't be very comfortable , and by that time i would have saved more than 1500$ so i can get a true hardcore gaming pc , and this actually seems legit to me especiallt that by that time there will be plenty of new powerful hardware on the market offering better performance than nowtime's hardware . so i am a bit confused and i would like some advice from you to help me make the right choice . thanks
Is This Good PC Gaming Rig? i want to get into pc gaming so is this a good rig for 2014 games POWER: CORSAIR CX series CX430 430W RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB HARD DRIVE: Western Digital WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB 7200 RPM GRAPHICS CARD: ASUS Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB 128-bit PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-3350P Ivy Bridge 3.1GHz Quad-Core MOTHERBORED: ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 Intel Z77 CASE: BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case
I cannot choose between a ps4 and a gaming pc? The problem is I can only get one,and the problem is not hardware and specs and I really wanna play saints row 4 and gta 5 plus I also wanna play infamous and killzone please guys help me choose one of em
building a gaming pc? i've finally saved up enought money to build a gaming pc my budget is roughly $2000-2500. the information i need is... what is a good: cpu speed? RAM? (min 2GB RAM) Harddrive? (I'd like a 320 GB but from where?) Case? Motherboard? Monitor (i like a 20inch) Expansion cards Peripheral hardware (keyboard mouse pc camera, speakers) Drive (CD/DVD/R/RW) What kind of operating system... Vista or XP? Video card Any applications also any other requirments you might recomend Thank you very much
Does new games require 6 cores processor............? i was planning to buy processor .....for only gaming choices are core i5 3550 and FX do new games like//// watch dog , gta 5 , crysis 3 \\\\ require 6 core or else i5 would be good enough........ I know i5 performs better in than fx 8150..........
Xbox one vs wii u or gaming pc? Okay my budget is 400$ at the moment
I want a gaming pc????? Under 750 dollars Give me An exact one from amazon or overstock.(x thanks I want one for mass effect 3 and battlefield 3 and crysis 2
What language would I need to learn to make a cross-platform game? I own a gaming company which I've just started and I am looking for a language to program the game in, would I be better off using java like most cross-platform games or opt out to another language which may provide better funtionality with less chance of cross-platform support? Also what languages are there that I could use for my game and am I better off using a high or low level programming language?
Xbox one or gaming pc? Please don't say ps4 because I just don't want it. Now the gaming pc I have in mind costs 1000 bucks whereas the x1 costs 500. So which would you choose?
help with pc, 8800GT ? found this quite good pc: Acer aspire M5620-GAMER Windows Vista® Home Premium, Intel® Core™2 Quad processor 6600, 3GB DDR II (2x 1GB,2x 512MB), 750GB S-ATA, DVD-RW Multi Double Layer, NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600GT 256MB/1024MB DDR3 TGM DVI & VGA & HDTV+PhysX processor PCI, 18-in-1 card reader, FireWire, Lan 10/100/1000, incl. wireless keyboard & optical mouse I would drop the video card and the physx processor and replace it by a NVIDIA 8800 GT 512mb 1.Will this have any negative effects on playing games? 2.What will it do for crysis an assassins creed? 3.Is it recommended? 5. How long will I be able to go on with this pc? What antivirus and antispyware is recommended?
Is this a good gaming pc ? ok, well i'm looking into buying a gaming pc. The game i'm interested in playing are WOW, Call of Duty 4, and most other games that are modern. This is the gaming pc i have been looking at, i just would like to know if its appropriate for the games and if all of the features of it are good. And also what i will need to upgrade, if i need to. This computer costs 1130 dollars australian. Well for people that kno what you are talking about it 10 points will be available for whoever can tell me what i want to know. Thankyou These are the spefications of the computer i am looking at: AMD AM2 x4 Core Quad 9850+ 1. “Genuine” AMD AM2 940 Pin Sempron, Athlon64 or AMD Athlon64 x2 Dual Core Processor 2. “NEW” ASUS M3N78-EH Nvidia Chipset -Multi-Layers Socket AM2 940 Motherboard (AMD Approved Motherboard) “Genuine” AMD COOLING FAN & HEATSINK 3. Latest AMD AM2 Technology & Re-Programmable Flash Plug & Play BIOS 4. Genuine Super Fast Synchronous Pipeline Burst CACHE Built-In On CPU 5. On Board 2xEnhanced “Ultra DMA 133/100 (ATA100) Bus Master Ready” IDE Controller, And Floppy Drive Port,4 Memory Slots 6. On Board 2xPCI-E Ports, 4 x Enhanced USB Ports, 1 x 16550 High Speed UART Serial Ports,1 x SPP/ECP/EPP Parallel Port 7. “250GB” 7200rpm Ultra DMA 100 (ATA-100) Enhanced Cached IDE Dual Channel Hard Disk Drive 8. “2GB” DDR2 800 (Double Data Ram)–PC640 0Memory High Speed RAM With EPROM (AMD Approved) 9. “512MB” Nvidia 8600GT 16x 3D PCI-E Video Display Card - 512MB 128 Bit Blaze High Speed 2D/3D Video Card Support DirectX 9 with Full Screen MPEG/DVD Playback True Colour Graphic Accelerator Card 10. 19” ASUS VW193T 5ms Wide Screen DVI A grade LCD Monitor 11. 1.44MB 31/2” High Density Floppy Disk Drive 12. Integrated Gigabit Network Card (Integrated) 13. Dual Layer DVD RW Drive - Enhanced Cached ATAPI IDE CD-ROM 14. ASUS “6 Channel” AC97 Digital Audio Stereo Plug & Play Sound Card(Integrated) 15. Quality Sub-Woofer 2.1 Channel Powered Amplified Shielded Speakers System 16. TOP Quality “SHAW” 550Watt. Deluxe (AMD XP Support)ATX (Full Depth Size) Medium Tower Case 17. “Genuine” GIGABYTE Desktop Keyboard & Ergonomic Optical Mouse 18. Windows XP Home or Windows Vista Home Basic Full Version (CD + Manual) 19. Full Set Of User Certificate, Disks, CDs, and Manuals. Software, And 24Hrs Plus Performance + Burn-In Test 20. 60 Month Return To Base Labour(Hardware Diagnotics) Warranty, 12 Month Return To Base Parts(Hardware ONLY) Warranty
Gaming Laptop or Desktop? College is right around the corner for me. I plan to build myself a sick ass laptop. This bad boy is going to be sick. I want or hope to get a laptop with a camera, Windows 7, 4 GB of RAM, 700GB of memory and some sort of graphics card. Any ideas on the graphics card I should use? Overall I plan to have a sick laptop that can handle Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for the pc with ease. Could that laptop do the job? Do you have any laptops you would recommend or a site I could use? Being the nerd that I am, I am going to absolutely abuse this laptop when it comes to gaming!
Computer not allowing some games and programs to run.? My computer is not allowing me to install some games, run some games for more than 5-7 minutes, or even load at all. I first had a hunch that it was an operating system, but an upgrade to vista and brand new hard drive did not fix this problem. A list of games and programs that cannot be run are as following - Frontlines:Fuels of War, all 3 FEAR games, Gears of War, and some other games I cant remember. Alls I can think is it may be a motherboard problem. My system specs are as following: Motherboard- Asus M2N32 SLI Delux Wireless Edition CPU- AMD Windsor 6400 Black series 3.2GHz 2 gigs of Corsair Dominator Ram DDR2 2 gigs of Corsair XMS2 PC26400 Western Digital 500gig HD Thermaltake Toughpower modular 850w PS EVGA 8800GTX Superclocked Graphics card Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi 7.1 Sound Card Thank you all for taking your time to help out. It is much appreciated.
Need help buying a Gaming PC? I wanted to buy a Gaming PC and saw this on Craigslist and was wondering if it well play crysis and other highend game great. He said he payed 1500 for it but is selling it for 899 is this a good deal or am i getting ripped? Thanks alot Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600 Asus Maximus Formula Motherboard if you want to you can overclock this motherboard very easily I never did Cooler Master Real Power Pro 650 watt power supply Zalman 9700 LED ultra quiet CPU cooler EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT 512 mb DDR3 video card Cool Master 690 Case Mid size Tower Maxtor 500 gig HD 4 gigs DDR 2 RAM Windows Vista Premium 32 bit or 64 bit I ask the seller if its sli capable and he doesnt know. Is it sli capable? Can it be improved to play crysis and highend game at high settings? Is it just upgrading the vid card? Thanks now could i use this to upgrade the vid card ATI's Radeon X1800 CrossFire Edition graphics card or is it a downgrade sorry for the question im not as pc savvy as others
Mac or PC??????????? I am going into college in 3 years and i don't know what laptop to get. I really want a Macbook Pro but i'm not sure if its really worth the extra money. I would be doing programming and having a computer major so i don't know if this changes what i would need on a computer. If a Macbook Pro isn't a good choice, what other options would there be?
Is PC a good choice for playing computer games? PC games always force you to upgrade your PC hardware, but some people insist on playing computer games with their PC. What is your opinion about this?
What are the things I need to look for when customizing a gaming pc? So I've been a console lover since I was a young teen, but I know that pc's top consoles anyday. So I'm gonna try and customize my own gaming pc, but the thing is I don't know anything about computers. So, what should I get, what parts of the computer should I upgrade and to what?
is it practical to use a gaming PC for homework, like word docs and research? i'm planning on building a pc on my own (i could use help with that; if someone could offer some advice on the hardware specs i should shoot for, that would be helpful- on a different question), and i'm planning on putting it in my room, but the only way that will happen is if i use it for homework. is that a smart idea? homework wouldn't use much memory, if it's just word documents and such, but is there another reason why i shouldn't use a gaming PC for homework?
How much would all my Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 things cost? I'm in a pickle. I got BF4 for computer and then realized that I didn't like those kind of games on PC. For one, the graphics barely kept up, and I also like having the console feel. I do play PC games though, so I'm trying to keep it all my consoles organized,because I hate having to decide between X360, PS3, or PC. Therefore, I think I'm going to sell my Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and then get the PS4 when it comes out. I believe that'd be a good choice, but I'd like to know how much I would get for selling all my stuff on Ebay. Also, not sure about hardware specs for either console, so just give me a general range and I'll clear it up later. Xbox 360 : Console, cords, 1 controller, Kinect, GTA4, Motionsports, Gameparty in motion, Kinect Adventures, Fallout 3, Skyrim, Halo reach, Crackdown 2 Playstation 3 : Console, cords, 1 controller, burnout paradise, borderlands 2, fifa soccer 13, shaun white, warhawk, rockband 3, rockband 2, the beatles rockband, call of duty black ops, ncaa football 11, call of duty black ops 2, mirrors edge, MW2 (2 copies), Uncharted 2, Transformers, Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising, Tom Clancy's End War 2, and also all of the rockband equipment. How much do you think I would get?
Where's the best place to get computer parts to make my own PC? I'm trying to make my own gaming PC so I can play crysis on the maximum settings and run the fastest and bestest on those settings and I don't know where to get parts without going online and getting them. Any help?
What kind of games can the 4th Generation Intel Core i3 Processor handle? I am looking for a new desktop to buy that isn't too expensive but is good for gaming. I found the Alienware x51 computers and saw that the only one that wasn't overpriced was the one with the 4th Generation Intel Core i3 Processor, 6GB memory, and a 1TB Hard Drive. So I was just wondering what type of games the 4th Generation i3 could handle like will it be able to handle Battlefield 4? Oh and I can choose between Windows 7 and Windows 8 they are both free. So which Widows should I get?
How much would a good gaming computer cost to build? I'm not asking for a monster gaming computer that would cost around $3000. I'm talking about a suitable one that can get atleast 45 fps on first person shooters with max graphics. I've seen some good ones for $600, but I'm willing to spend $1000 - $1500.
What is the best gaming laptop money can buy as of today? I'm 16 and I just got a job. I would like to save up to buy a super-powerful gaming laptop. I only care about power, not screen size or hard drive space.
What is the best choice for a laptop? I'm getting ready to start my freshmen year of college and need to decide between a PC or a Mac. All of my friends own PCs so they're pretty biased. Are there any Mac users that can tell me the pros and cons of having a mac?
What desktop computer should I look for to buy if I want to play high quality games? I'm looking to buy the best desktop computer for gaming and music and school work. What's the best computer out there?
What is a good affordable gaming LAPTOP? I want to buy a new laptop, mainly to game on. I will be playing bf3, minecraft, and maybe cod. So is there a good reliable laptop i can game on for at or under 1000 dollars. Is hp good?
What does it mean when my computor says there are no drivers? This is to complex of a problem that I have been having with my pc.. People have told me my hard drive is shot. But when I have the original disk for windows to install, I get to a point that says there is no list of drivers and I need to search for them? What does this mean? I also tried to install this and or the recovery disk and also get read disk error. Is my hard drive shot? It is a desktop acer. about 2 years old.
What are the best choices when buying an affordable laptop? I'm looking to buy a laptop for basic use, blogging, internet gaming (facebook), music and videos, and that has decent graphics, and good battery life. I'm looking to spend around 6 to 7 hundred for it. What brand, model, specs, could you recommend to me? ~ Thank you for all of your input and have a great day! :)
I'm looking to build my own desktop PC. Need help of where to start and go from there? I know how to install the hardware i just never did learn to build a computer on my own lol. I alway took my pc to my service store for repairs and now its getting very old. Some tips would be very helpful!!
What is the best source to find the best computer hardware out there? Where can I find top of the line computer hardware? I need a resource that I can compare and tell me what all that computer talk means! I am a big gamer so knowing what graphics card or what processor would best suit me.
How much should I expect to pay for a decent computer? I'm looking at getting a new computer because mine just crashed and the prices range from $300 to $1200 for desktops, and even more for laptops. I don't really take my computer away from my desk ever so I think a desktop is a good choice. Do you have any advice on choosing desktops? Which brands should I look at? What desktop is the best in terms of reliability?
What motherboard should i get for an hp pavilion a1000y case? I don't want to buy a whole new computer and this is the one I've already got, so I'm just going to buy all new hardware and the only thing i need help on is the motherboard. I don't know exactly what to look for so the motherboard fits in the case. Thanks for your help.
What upgrade would make the most noticeable improvement? I want to upgrade mostly for gaming. I have a nvidia 7900gs, x2 3800+, 1 gig ram. I'm wondering whether I should upgrade to either a nvidia 9600gt - dx 10, a maybe x2 6000+, or add an extra gig or 2 of ram.
What would be the best choice for a $800-$1000 desktop? What hardware should I choose? I need the best possible gaming PC.
What makes a laptop slow besides the obvious ones? I do not visit suspicious websites but I do delete my history to maintain the speed of my internet. Also, I post tons of Microsoft Word, pictures and one sports game.The first laptop was broken because it is old. The second one keeps crashing and mysteriously losing internet connection. This third one is brand new that I bought from Best Buy. I learned in the past and I need to be safer. What are some of the ways I can take care of my laptop more? What to run every year?
How much more advanced can games get? Since the games coming out now to consoles/pc are already so realistic and have such detailed/nice textures/graphics, what can game developers improve on. I don't know what the difference in graphics between next gen consoles and the current consoles like PS3 are going to be. Will they just start introducing more interactive environments like crumbling walls etc? Or even furthermore improve the already realistic graphics.
It is time to upgrade from my old desktop. I need help deciding what device would be the best choice for me? I want internet access and the ability to play simple games (solitaire,etc.). I prefer a keyboard and mouse but am considering laptops and other devices. Also, cost is a big factor, both for the initial hardware and the monthly cost for access. Are there PDAs and hand helds that I should be considering? I would appreciate any advice available. Thanks!
What kind of computer costs less than or 700$ but can run games like Bulletstorm or Crysis 2 on medium - high? I really want a computer centered on gaming. I love video games, but, consoles aren't doing it for me. There are tons of games I want to play that are either PC exclusive, more fun on PC, or have awesome mods which consoles don't have. I'd like it to be under 1,000$, though I rather it be 700 or less.
What are some good fighter jet simulators? I'm looking for a good fighter jet simulator or a video game. I know most simulators need a joystick but I want to know if its possible to plug in an xbox 360 controller or a ps3 controller instead. If not what are some good joysticks that aren't real expensive.
What is an affordable laptop that has good photo editing capabilities? I've started doing "amateur" (if you can even call it that) photography and lately I've been having issues with my PC while trying to edit photos. *Just to clarify, my camera can save the photos under the RAW setting/CR2 files, and the computer doesn't like that.* I'm looking for an affordable laptop that will last through my senior year of high school that I can bring to college, but also can handle the large photo files. Halp?
Is the cheapest Macbook Pro worth it over the most expensive Windows laptop? I'm about to start college soon and I'm looking to buy a laptop. Tons of people I know are starting to buy Macbook Pros and they seem like a very solid laptop, especially since they should be because of the price. I look at the most expensive windows laptops and they seem to have more memory, a better processor, and a bigger screen for about $500 less. I want to use my laptop for school, everyday use, and maybe even some mild gaming.
Why is the ps4 and xbox one going to be locked at 60 frames per second? 4 year old gaming pcs can do over 150 fps at 1080p. I think ps4 and xbox1 should have the power to do more then 60 fps.
What is the best laptop for a 13 year old? I have a 13 year old daughter who has a birthday coming up. I would love to get her a laptop, but I'm not for sure which one to get. This also brings up the question of a Mac or PC? I'm very confused and need some suggestions.
What kind of laptop should I get for making and recording music? I'm thinking about getting a new computer, one that won't mess up my recordings when I make my songs, and one that has enough guts to maintain when I have multiple programs installed and perhaps opened at once. Which laptop is ideal for this, and would i need an external hard drive or any other extras? Macs annoy me, but if they're the best choice don't hesitate to let me know. I'd just appreciate other options as well. I really want specific answers here, like exactly which model I should get and why.
I set up my ps3 controller for oblivion pc but when I start the game it does'nt work? ok in the desktop the controller works fine I set everything out just for oblivion when i start the game the controller does not repond i use xpadder and ds3 tool to set it up
How to build a PC home server? A friend of mine suggested building a Windows Home Server with one of the slightly out of date PCs that I have as it would streamline media and file sharing for my house and be a good project to work on while saving up for a new gaming rig. I was wondering of anyone had any suggestion, tips or articles about it.
What is the best type of desktop to buy? I am considering buying a new computer. What/where do you think i could find a good quality desktop with lots of space for games and music for a reasonable price?
How do you make Fallout 3 run faster? I have Fallout 3 for PC on a 250 mb computer and it plays fine. The only problem is, the gameplay runs slow. How do I make it run normal speed?
Any companies that sell Linux preinstalled laptops with completely open hardware drivers? I think this option for my next laptop would be a great investment because I would be able to install pretty much whatever operating system I want without hardware issues. Thanks in advance.
What do I need in a ultimate gaming room? I'm doing a makeover for my room and I want to know like what I would need in my room to have it like the ultimate gaming room.
What is the best gaming computer company or gaming computer thus far? Looking for a gaming computer, something 1500 or under. Was also wanting to hear other recommendations of what the best gaming computers that are available in the market. I also am interested in the names of computer companies or what company you consider to be the best at developing gaming computers, and their hardware.
Is there anyway to get PC games on the Mac? I wanted to play some PC games on my Mac OS X 10.6 with an intel processor. I am specifically looking at games that appeared on the Xbox 360 and have a PC version. I have boot camp, but i havent set it up. Any one with a Mac help me out here?
Why does Mac get such a hard time from PC users? I use PC but have been considering Mac for a while. I don't get into the huge debates that some get over Mac vs. PC. Can anyone tell me some pro's and cons? (Also, its hard to fight the urge now that there will be a brand new Apple Store right next door to my house.
what do you think of gaming in both surround and 3d? Hey I've just bought a headset that's 7.1 virtual surround. And I'm thinking that from my next payment i wanna buy a 3d screen with nvidias 3d glasses. So what do you guys think of gaming in 3D and surroundsound. Is it really that much cooler than gaming in "2D" (you know what i mean) and in stereo sound?
I need a good laptop to write on documents like Word Also to download music and thats all what is a good brand? That will last long and how much would I pay. I don't game on computers, and I don't do a whole lot of browsing so I just need the bare minimum just music to download and to write on documents like word. How much would I pay could I get one for like 500$ or would it be more?
What is the best desktop PC for Video Editing? I'm looking for a desktop pc for video editing. I will edit short films and do some graphic designing. I'm looking for a windows 7 or possibly 8 computer that will work for Adobe Premiere CS6 and Adobe After Effects. I was looking at the ASUS Essentio CM1630, but I'm not sure if it would work. Opinions? If I have to build one could someone list everything that would make the pc fast and able to run heavy applications at once. My budget is around $1500 Thank you.
What is the point of running windows on a mac? Is it just like a pc, but a mac outer shell? HOW DOES IT WORK?????
Help me come up with a budget 700-900 dollar homebuild gaming PC? I'm trying to make my first build. I want to build a computer that's fast normally for running multiple programs and good for gaming. Can anyone come up with good components for around 700- 900 dollars? Prefer 700-850. THanks!
How to run PC programs on a Mac? I have a MacBook. I love it! It's my baby. However, there are several programs for school/work I'd like to run, but can't because they are PC only. What is the best program I can get that will allow me to run PC programs on my Mac. The best also includes the cheapest too!
What is a good video game system? And how much are they? I'm looking for a good video game system. Some games I like are Guitar Hero and like adventure games that have like a plot.
can anyone give me a cheap but good gaming computer build? i want to buy/make a gaming computer but i can only spend about 400-600$ so my question is can anyone put a build that can run good games.but is affordable
Does the Pinnacle Dazzle let me view live feed video in full screen on my computer? I am currently looking towards video editing solutions, but I am also looking for ways to turn m PC into a television for external media devices. So can the Pinnacle Dazzle provide live feed content to my PC from things like the Xbox 360 in full screen mode without having to be recording at the same time?
Are emulators dangerous for macs? Can they make a mac crash or anything like that? I want to be able to play games on my mac, but don"t know if an emulator is dangerous for a mac also what would be an example of a good source for an emulator?
is it true that mac computers are almost invincible to viruses? it's that time,and i need to know my options for buying a new PC.i have heard iMac's and many other macintosh computers are VERY sturdy against viruses,and that they last a long friend even told me that his siblings downloaded a bunch of crap on his mac and it still worked just fine after he cleaned it,and even before he,what should i buy?a windows computer or a macintosh?thanks in advance for advice!
Adding RAM and a Graphics Card to a laptop for the sims 3? I'm a big gamer, and I just purchased the Sims 3. It is running extremely slow, and shuts down frequently because the display driver stops working. I meet the minimum requirements for the game, and I have 25 gigs of free space. I am pretty sure that getting a better graphics card and more RAM would solve this problem. Is it possible to add hardware to a laptop, or do I need to purchase a PC?
What is the reason Dell has both office and home lines of computers? If I want to buy a computer is one line better than the other for equally priced computers?
What is the best laptop I can get for 2,000 dollars? I'm going to using for audio mixing and gaming. I don't like Apple, too expensive for the hardware it offers.
Do more college students have a PC or Mac? I am a high school senior looking for a computer for college. I will be majoring in a science in the earth sciences. I know how to use a PC well, but I have no idea how to use a Mac. Should I get a PC or a Mac? If a PC, do a majority of college students have a Mac? Thanks!
if you know anything about building a gaming pc, or pc gaming hardware (processors specificly), please help!!!? hi there, i'm trying to buy a new gaming computer...i kinda don't know which processor should i choices are the AMD x6 1090t, Intel i7 870, Intel i7 920, and Intel i7 which one is BEST for GAMING? thank you
i am building a computer. What is the best gaming hardware? I am building a gaming pc on I cant spend a lot of money, i so i want it within the 1000-2000 dollar range. i want it to play good graphic games, quiet, and fast. I dont know which processor,motherboard, power supply, and DDR3 memory to get. i want it for gaming mainly, and not too pricy. I am getting the ATI RADEON 5670 HD video card. please recommend a good choice for gaming. Thanks.
Would you help me to build my Gaming Dream PC? I’d like your opinion about my hardware choices for my new PC, what would you prefer better for an ultimate Gaming PC (my budget is €2.000) I already have: Monitor: 24” Eizo S2410W Keyboard/Mouse: Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 V2.0 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Power Supply: TAGAN TG700-U26 700W I-XEYE II €128 Tower: COOLERMASTER STACKER 832 (BLACK) €200 Motherboard: 1. ASUS P5E3 WS PRO (CROSSFIRE) €259 2. EVGA NFORCE 680I SLI AR (SLI) €215 Processor: 1. CORE 2 DUO E6850 3.00 Ghz - 1333 FSB € 239 2. CORE 2 QUAD CORE Q6700 2.66 Ghz - 1066 FSB € 240 Processor Cooling: ZALMAN CNPS 9500 CPU COOLER €39 RAM Memory: 1. G.SKILL DDR2 4GB (2x2GB) 1000MHZ (5-5-5-15) €189 2. CELLSHOCK DDR3 2GB (2x1GB) 1600MHz (7-6-6-18) €389 Graphic Card: 1. SAPPHIRE RADEON HD3870 512MB GDDR4 (CROSSFIRE) €209 2. XFX GeFORCE 8800GT 512MB DDR3 XXX (SLI) €271 HDD: (x2) WD WD5000AAKS 500GB SATA2 €97 DVD Player ASUS DVD-E616A3T €17 DVD Recorder NEC OPTIARC AD-7191S €32
PC Gaming or Xbox 360 Gaming??? A couple of years ago when I was 13 I was reading about the process of building pc's, and decided I wanted to do that myself, so I saved up my money all summer and I bought all the parts and followed the guide in a magazine and built my pc. It was great and all, but now it's two years later and my pc is out of date. After purchasing windows vista, my games began to run even slower, and now I can't run anything at all with a good framerate. I was frustrated so last christmas I asked for an xbox 360. I knew I wouldn't have to worry about game/hardware compatability. It's fun, but I play on a crappy 20" tv. I also really haven't found any game's that truly grabbed my attention. There was one game i particular though, that I absolutely loved. Elder scrolls Oblivion holds the spot as my favorite video game ever, but it's also available on PC. I happened to play it on 360. So now I've got two choices, I can upgrade my PC or get new speakers and stuff for my 360. ??? Here's the status for me on both platforms for those of you who care: PC Geforce 7900GT Amd Athlon 64 3000+ (939) Nforce 4 SLI edition 2gb DDR400 80GB HD 600w psu 16" CRT monitor My case has broken and disfunctional usb ports along with a broken cover on the front, I would need a new one. Favorite Game: Half-Life 2 Others: Guild Wars, BF2142 Xbox 360 Premium Console 20" Flat Tube SDTV w/built in crappy speakers gaming chair w/ crappy speakers (don't use) I fell more immersed when I play on my PC, but I just don't know about the cost.... 360 Favorite Game: Elder Scrolls Oblivion Others: Call of Duty 4, Gears
Would this be a good choice for building a gaming pc? I am interested in building my own gaming pc, but I am not very experienced in choosing computer hardware. Does this setup look like it would give good performance on games like COD and Left 4 Dead and is worth the cost?
I want to build a budget gaming PC for a maximum amount of £500. What components should I get? Hi guys. I am on a budget of a maximum of £500 to build myself a budget gaming PC. The £500 does not include the cost of a monitor because I have a monitor myself. I would like to go down the Intel processor and NVidia graphics card route, but if choosing an AMD processor is the more powerful and cheaper option, then by full means suggest it. I was thinking of getting a Intel Core 2 Duo Q660 processor along with a NVidia 9 series graphics card and a Gigabyte motherboard (can't find the model name). I just wanted to see what you guys think the best combination of hardware is. It would also be very helpful if you explained your choices of hardware. Bear in mind that I am trying my utmost to refrain from buying a pre-built PC! Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes! Navid
Please HELP with pc spec advice. Brain fried!? Hi All... :) Pls help me make best choice for gaming pc. Im only days away from buying new pc for gaming and would appreciate advice for better gaming hardware. Im unsure about the whole debate on nVidia, AMD / ATI Radeon brand names or (ASUS) equip. I like nVidia gfx cards but was told to go with AMD / ATI. I would like to keep the $ under $250. Should I go a SLI mainboard for future upgrade option? I was told 1GB cards are not much better than 512MB cards for the $ What mainboard do you recommend if I go single gfx card now but want to upgrade to SLI later? Do both cards have to be the same for SLI? Is runnuning DDR3 rather than DDR2 equip worth the xtra $? Should gfx card and RAM both be same DDR? RAM - Is Kingston OK? or should I pay xtra for Corsair? I can go 8GB but will first try 4GB RAM. CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66Ghz FSB1333 12MB Mainboard - UNSURE? Any ideas? Power Supply - Tagan 600w HDD - WD or Seagate / SATA II or IDE 500GB Ideas Pls help!
Is this a good gaming pc build? I'm buying the hardware to build a gaming pc to play games like skyrim, TF2, etc. I'm getting all the parts from and made my choices based on reviews and some research. What I'm wondering is are these parts compatible with each and will they last a decent time. If there's anything i could get more bang for my buck please say so. All these parts together come out to a little under 600$ which is the most i would like to spend on everything
Building Gaming PC - Need Help Picking Parts? Hey I am trying to build a new gaming pc and am picking out parts. I am new to computer hardware so some of my choices may be pretty stupid. I am trying to build a gaming pc which can run games like crysis on high settings fairly well. My budget is $1500 and I have a couple questions. Should I use a 32' HDTV as my monitor or get a new one? Should I get 4gb of RAM or 8gb? What is a better setup, Intel or AMD? If you have any suggestions to my rough draft I would appreciate it. Thanks! Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Intel i5-2500k Sandy Bridge Processor- Intel P67 Motherboard - Cooler Master CPU Cooler - G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 RAM (Or 8GB)- Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked - Western Digital 500gb 7200 RPM - Corsair 850TX 850W Power Supply - ASUS 24' LCD Monitor (Optional) - Final Price - $1450 (With Monitor which is optional, and with keyboard which I couldn't include any more links) Again, this is my first try at building a gaming pc so I am new to all of this. If you think I should use my TV instead of a monitor and use the money on improving the rig, I will take your word for it. Let me know what you think and any suggestions you have would be great to hear. Thanks again.
Which CPU and Graphics Card should I choose for my ultimate gaming PC? Correct me if Im wrong but I think the most important hardware in a gaming PC is the CPU and Video Card. Please help me choose the CPU and GPU that you think will most fit my purpose. Please dont just choose the most expensive ones because I am taking the price into consideration and want to build a PC that will do everything I need at a minimal price. My Purpose for this computer is hardcore gaming. I have longed for a computer that can run the latest Shooting and Racing games on MAX graphics without any lag.Examples(Crisis, Call of Duty World at War, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, Need for Speed Undercover/Shift, GTR Evolution, Race 07, GTR 2). Which of these do you think will do the job, if any. Also, I was wondering if a low GHz Tri Core is better than a High Ghz(3.2Ghz) Dual Core. Do all games support 3 Cores. And for GPU's, is 512MB GRRD5 better than 1GB GDDR3. Which one of these will do the job(if any)? Video Cards: HIS Hightech H467QSS1GP Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail Chipset Manufacturer: ATI Core Clock: 750MHz Stream Processors: 320 Stream Processing Units Memory Clock: 1700MHz DirectX: DirectX 10.1 Orig: $90 ; $60 After Rebates Apollo AP-HD4830 512MB DDR4 Radeon HD 4830 512MB 256-bit GDDR4 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Supported Video ... - Retail Chipset Manufacturer: ATI Core Clock: 575MHz Stream Processors: 640 Stream Processing Units Memory Clock: 1800MHz Orig: $123 Now: $103 $88 After Rebates MSI R4830-T2D1G Radeon HD 4830 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail Chipset Manufacturer: ATI Core Clock: 575MHz Memory Clock: 1800MHz DirectX: DirectX 10.1 DVI: 2 Orig: $130 ; $100 After Rebates HIS Hightech H487FN512P Radeon HD 4870 512MB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail Chipset Manufacturer: ATI Core Clock: 750MHz Stream Processors: 800 Stream Processing Units Memory Clock: 3600 MHz DirectX: DirectX 10.1 OpenGL: OpenGL 2.1 Orig: $158 Now:$142 $127 After Rebates CPU: AMD Phenom II X3 710 2.6GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core Processor Model HDX710WFGIBOX - Retail Series: Phenom II X3 Hyper Transports: 4000MHz L1 Cache: 128KB+128KB L2 Cache: 3 x 512KB L3 Cache: 6MB Manufacturing Tech: 45 nm SOI Orig: $130 Now $120 AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Windsor 3.2GHz Socket AM2 125W Dual-Core Processor Model ADX6400CZBOX - Retail Processors Type: Desktop Series: Athlon 64 X2 Hyper Transports: 2000MHz L1 Cache: 128KB+128KB L2 Cache: 2 x 1MB Manufacturing Tech: 90 nm Orig: $170 Now $120 AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3GHz Socket AM2+ 95W Quad-Core Processor Model HD960ZWCGDBOX - Retail Processors Type: Desktop Series: Phenom X4 Hyper Transports: 3600MHz L1 Cache: 4 x 128KB L2 Cache: 4 x 512KB L3 Cache: 2MB Orig:$ 120 Now:$ 90 Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Model BX80570E8400 - Retail Processors Type: Desktop Series: Core 2 Duo FSB: 1333MHz L2 Cache: 6MB Manufacturing Tech: 45 nm Orig:$ 180 Now: $168 I would also appreciate an explanation for your choice. BTW: Im currently using 3.0GB Intel Core 2 Duo 1333Mhz 4GB DDR2 ATI Radeon HD3650 512MB GRRD2 128Bit 750/500 and it is terrible at gaming. On my new computer i plan on adding 8-16GB DDR2 Ram
help in BUYING hardwares for pc game [esp. sims 3]?? what processor, memory, motherboard etc.? Hi.. i need to BUY a new pc to be able to play sims 3 game.. I want my game to be soo fast with no problem in terms of loading.. but the problem is, im not really familiar with processor, RAM, memory etc.. im going to buy here.. its a do it yourself cpu.. coz i dont want to buy a package.. i want the best component for my cpu!! pls pls help.. you just have to click the drop down boxes for processor, memory, hard drive, motherboard and the list of products will appear.. PLS RECOMMEND SOMETHING AVAILABLE ON THAT SITE.. PLS PLS PLS.. i dunno how to decide.. i only have 20,000 - 25,000 budget.. and i dont know if i should choose a motherboard that's expensive or not?? is motherboard a soo important component for pc game?? here's my initial list of choices: processor: intel core 2 Duo E7500 2.9 GHz 3MB 1066MHz memory: kingston 2 GB PC5300 DDRII 667 SODIMM hard drive: Samsung 160gb 7200rpm SATA 3gb Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D-E Pro Intel 55 Express Did I make the right choices?? pls recommend if you know whats best will work for Sims 3.. The Sims™ 3 Minimum Hardware Requirements FOR WINDOWS VISTA 2.4 GHz P4 processor or equivalent 1.5 GB RAM 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 At least 6.1 GB of hard drive For computers using built-in graphics chipsets under Windows, the game requires at least: Intel Integrated Chipset, GMA 3-Series or above 2.6 GHz Pentium D CPU, or 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, or equivalent 0.5 GB additional RAM YOUR RESPONSE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.. IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT PLS PLS HELP :((
Gaming Laptop or Console? I just found out I have to abandon my gaming PC tower because my family moves a lot and my dad can't move a whole PC to another country. He's willing to get me a gaming laptop of my choice but I don't want one because I can't upgrade the hardware if the games begin to require higher graphics. I also have the choice of getting my sister's average laptop and getting a console when finally moving. I have never owned a console apart from Wii, but tried them and read up on them. I would love one for the lack of checking on requirement, but I don't like FPS on the consoles, lower graphics, and I am an MMO player on the PC, which I probably wouldn't be able to do on my sister's laptop, making it for HW and Facebook. I am a PC gamer but I am not sure which choice would allow me to game all games I want, with at least average graphics. Any thoughts? Also, for console, I was leaning toward PS3 and Sony all together. If I choose console, what's better PS3 or Xbox? Both seem sweet!
Help picking my gaming desktop hardware? hi guys, well heres the thing, i have a budget to not go over $650 because i still have to buy a monitor + keyboard. PLEASE GUYS GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS AND REFERENCES FOR MY RIG!Im looking for economical choices, so if you think i dont need one item and should replace it for something less expensive but same quality let me know. im looking to play games like empire: total war, crysis, COD:4,5, great war nations, Arma 2, and East India Company. do i meet specification for good running? is my video card good should i upgrade? do I get a recertified card? also if you can refer me for some "bang for the buck" keyboards and monitor THANKS! I appreciate all you guys who can post your own rigs along with the price. all my items are from and if i decide to steal your rig specs or grab one of your items ill give a shout out, A THOUSAND THANKS! LG 22X DVD±R DVD Burner Black IDE Model GH22NP20 - OEM $24.99 RAIDMAX Hurricane ATX-248WB Black SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail $39.99 Western Digital Caviar Black WD5001AALS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - OEM $59.99 GIGABYTE GA-MA790X-UD4P AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail $109.99 XFX HD-487A-ZHFC Radeon HD 4870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail $90.01(Games come with card :/) Creative Assembly Stormrise PC DVD - Gift - OEM $29.99 EA Battleforge - Gift - OEM $29.99 CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 ... - Retail $99.99 OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ2RPR800C44GK - Retail $49.99 AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core Black Processor Model HDZ720WFGIBOX - Retail $119.00 Grand Total:$665.50(with shipping) P.S: Come post your rig so i can compare and maybe copy or grab some of your parts. Please put the price too the monitor i chose was Hanns·G HH-221HPB Black 21.5" 5ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor - Retail $139.99
Is this a good gaming PC build? Hello, I am going to build a moderately good gaming computer, keeping in mind I only have £300(roughly $500) to build this with. Keep in mind I do not have or Bestbuy to get hardware for cheaper. Here is my build: Windows 7 Home Premium OEM 64-bit 1pk 6062 Shiny Black Midi Case HD Audio 8cm fan 450W Athlon II X2 250 3.0GHz 2MB AM3 65W Processor 4GB RAM (2GBx2), DDR3 M4N68T-M LE V2, NForce 7025/630a, AM3, 2DDR3, Onboard DSUB, PCI-Ex16, Raid, 8 CHHD Sound, mATX. (This is the Motherboard, wasn't sure whether all the information was needed or not.) ATI Radeon 5570 HD 1GB DDR3 PCI-Express 2.1 x16 HDMI Low Profile 24x DVD-RW SATA Black Bare Internal Drive 1TB Spinpoint F3 7200rpm SATA 3Gb/s 32MB I am relitively new to computer building, and this will be my first time ever building a computer. I may have left something out. If you can spot any compatibility issues, problems or even a better choice of a certain component please answer back. Thanks.
Macs are far better than PC's. Prove me wrong? -Absolutely no viruses, because Apple is extremely smart so they made the security very well. -Cheaper than PC's -More choices in hardware (such as iLife, iTunes, iChat, you don't see that stuff of PC's!) -They look far better than stupid beige PC cases -has more games than PC's because they can run games for Macs AND Windows -built-in cameras, unlike those stupid PC's where you have to tape the cameras on top of the monitors -Micro$oft is 100% greedy, they don't care about their customers, all they want is money you can easily tell since the creator Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world, and Apple is actually a nice company that cares about their customers -much much faster -your OS isn't stuck with IE, instead you have a much better browser called Safari -many more reasons why Mac is more advanced than PC Those who have been living under a rock (Windows users) should switch to Macs. Or maybe Linux. Linux is ok. Hey guys, this was actually a test to see how many ignorant Mac users there were in Yahoo! Answers to agree with all of my false statements. Looks like "xkelseyann" and "bob_geldoff19 were the only ones.
Help with first custom built gaming PC? This is what I currently have in my cart at newegg: -Intel i5-3570k 229.99 (-15) -Rosewill challenger U3 case 59.99 (-20) -EVGA GeForce GTX 560 SE 119.99 -G.Skill ripjaws 8gb 45.99 -Apevia ATX 700w 39.99 -ASROCK Z77 Ex4 win 7 combo 199.98 Total 660.93 (I plan on using old HDD + DVD) I'd love to know if there are better prices or if anything is a bad choice. I am particularly unsure about psu, the graphics card and the case as I don't know much about hardware.
Which PC case is better? Im looking for a cheap PC case that will hold a gaming PC, and I want to know which one will keep my hardware cooler and fit everything in. My choices are: NZXT Hades Lian Li Lancool Dragon Lord PC-K58 CoolerMaster RC430 Elite NZXT Lexa S Which one would keep all my hardware coolest? SPECS: HDD: Seagate SATAII NCQ 1TB 7200RPM 32mb Cache CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K GPU: Gigabyte GTX560 OC 1G RAM: Kingston 4GB(2 X 2GB) DDR3-1333MHZ MOBO: Asus P8P67 PRO PSU: Antec ATX TruePower 750W DVD: LG H22NS50 SATA 22X
PC Games like Shenmue, Yakuza, or Jade Empire? I already have Mass Effect (both games), GTA IV, Dragon Age, Indigo Prophecy, Dreamfall, Still Life, etc... I'd prefer these games be on PC. I like sandbox adventure, customization, and the ability to alter the games outcome depending on the choices you make. I'm dying for a copy of Heavy Rain...but I unfortunately do not have a PS3. I also like survival horror games, but there is not many on the PC... the only game I have like this is Silent Hill 3. (Wii or PC) I'm totally obsessed with Shenmue, and I'm one of it's cult followers. Anything with a striking resemblance to Shenmue will suit me perfectly, because after all, it has created the requirements I look for in a game..... Final Fantasy or a Final Fantasy-like 3-D game with nice graphics is something else I've been looking ..... I have a pretty up to date computer (It runs Mass Effect 2 almost flawlessly.) But has serious issues in Just Cause (and I have absolutely no idea why.) Here are my specs OS NameMicrosoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version6.1.7600 Build 7600 Other OS Description Not Available OS ManufacturerMicrosoft Corporation System NameNICKS- System ManufacturerTOSHIBA System ModelSatellite L505D System TypeX86-based PC ProcessorAMD Athlon(tm) II Dual-Core M300, 2000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/DateInsyde Corp. 1.00, 9/7/2009 SMBIOS Version2.6 Windows DirectoryC:\windows System DirectoryC:\windows\system32 Boot Device\Device\HarddiskVolume1 LocaleUS Hardware Abstraction LayerVersion = "6.1.7600.16385" User NameNicks-PC-PC\Nicks-PC Time ZoneEastern Daylight Time Installed Physical Memory (RAM)3.00 GB Total Physical Memory2.75 GB Available Physical Memory1.36 GB Total Virtual Memory5.49 GB Available Virtual Memory4.00 GB Page File Space2.75 GB Page FileC:\pagefile.sys Graphic Driver: ATI Radeon HD 4200 + Vision AMD
How to build First Gaming Computer? I am looking to build a gaming PC and am completely new to the hardware world. I am open to suggestions and changes. My budget is around 1000 dollars, below is what I have come up with so far. I really am looking for a case and power supply that is not too fancy but will get the job done. I am open to all suggestions, please help. AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition $160 ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 $150 OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G 2.5" 60GB $130 (I think 60Gb is enough for OS.) SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB $65 ASUS ENGTX550 $150 (Not top of the end but I reckon it should be fine.) LG Black 22X $20 ANY CASE of your choice $130 Rosewill RV2-700 700W $60 Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus $30 + $10 (for dual fan, push-pull.)
which is better GPU choices part 3? The regular GTX 560 had 336 cuda core, but the SE GTX 560 had less. GTX 560 Ti had 384 cuda core. and yes, I don't see any bottleneck with CPU and GPU since I defrag my hard drive daily, which is one to gain addition performance with no bottleneck, this work great for me for many years and since I am gaming on a budget, defrag my hard drive make a big difference for this comment : the gtx 560 ti is a alltogether different has a 256 bit bus vs the 192bit bus of the regular gtx 560.this gives it a large advantage on the gtx 560,even this alone not counting the extra cores,and shader units would give it a huge yes I think that it is a better choice.though I'm curious as to how you figured that you have no bottleneck?the i3 530 will botteneck the gtx 560 ti by about 10-15%. though im curious because since you havnt played with the gtx 560 ti on a computer with 100% no bottleneck like an i5 2500k,how would you know if there was a bottleneck on your i3 530? you don't really know what you talk about so please, if you don't know anything about the bottleneck, stop listen to what other are saying "since they are trying to get you to speed more money on hardware". and a word of advice, i am expert in computer and even on a budget gaming Pc, I get a good FPS with no bottleneck between the cpu and gpu. thank again for response. still we all had our own options even stupid one.
Help me pick a gaming laptop please? So I have a Dell Inspiron 1520, I've had it for about 4 years or more. I love my computer. At the time I bought it, it was like the best, since I got it with a really good graphic card. But, it is pretty old. I love the Sims 3, and I am able to play the Sims 3 on pretty high graphics, but after I started to buy the expansion packs, it's been taking a toll on it and it goes slower and I've had to lower the graphics. The other day, I decided to buy Grand Theft Auto 4, since I also love the series, and I tried to play it on my pc, and it would sort of get running, but barely. I have also already done several repairs and upgrades on my computer so I decided: IT'S TIME FOR A NEW PC - A gaming one. I also play PS2 Emulator on it, and sometimes I get it running pretty fast, but now it's just bleh. I have upgraded the Memory ram from a 1gb to a 2gb since I only have Windows Vista 32 bit. I got a 9cell battery when I used to have a 6 cell. I also replaced the screen since it cracked and I replaced the plug on the mother board since it broke and bought it a new AC adapter. I've formatted the computer once, and then my hard drive died so I had to buy a new one, a 300 gb. These are my current pc specs: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz 2.0 GHz Performance Rated at: 3.3 GHz 2.0 GB ram Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition Service Pack 2 (build 6002), 32-bit GeForce 8400M GS Video ram: 885.0 MB I have 3D I have hardware T&L Pixel Shader version 4.0 Vertex Shader version 4.0 Now, this is the Gaming PC that I want to buy, this it has been rated #1 by many for this year, and it has many good reviews, now I know a lot are going to suggest Alienware, and I wanted to get one too, but I think it's overpriced because of the brand. =/… One of my friends who is a desktop loyal freak, says that I can get a way better desktop for the same price, and I agree, however, I am a person who moves a lot. I'm a college student, I don't even own my own bed. I am constantly moving to new apartments each year, I am never at my apartment, I am always on campus, and my parents live in the Dominican Republic, so I visit quite often. I want portability, so I feel like the price is worth being that I will be able to take my gaming with me wherever I go with less hassle. With that being said, let's keep it between laptops. =] He suggested that I buy an AMD APU since I'm not that heavy of a gamer, and I'll only be playing Grand Theft Auto 4 and the Sims 3. But I feel that at some point I will be wanting to buy some heavier games. Maybe the reason I haven't bought any is because I didn't have the laptop to play it on so I was never really tempted. I'd love to buy some heavy RPG games, that would be awesome! I love RPG games like Final Fantasy and such. But here are the options he gave me that would suffice my gaming cravings: I hate HP… Gateway?… Eh?… If you read my background pc Story, you're awesome and thank you, if not, still pretty awesome if you help me make the right choice! :D
Gaming Monitor: 2560x1440 @60hz vs 1920x1080 @120hz? I'm trying to make up my mind about which pc monitor I should choose. Both are Samsung and both are 27" This question is assuming that I have the proper hardware for both because the choice in monitor is also going to affect my pc hardware decisions. Any advice you could give would be appreciated. Cheers! *Remember: "This question is assuming that I have the proper hardware for both because the choice in monitor is also going to affect my pc hardware decisions." So don't say that 2560x1440 @ 60hz is the worse choice between the two because its more strenuous.
What is your recommendation: [Gaming Laptop] ASUS G53JW-XA1 VS. MSI GX640-260? [1) What is your budget? $500 - $1,300 2) What size notebook would you prefer? 1. Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen [OR] 2. Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen 3) Where will you buying this notebook? USA 4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? Personally, I don't mind whatever the brands. 6) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? GAMING, graphic works sometime 7) Will you be taking the notebook with you to different places, leaving it on your desk or both? Most of the time, I'll bring it with me to different places. 8) Will you be playing games on your notebook? If so, please state which games or types of games? Assassin's Creed, SHIFT, COD, CRYSIS, The Sims 3, PES. 9) How many hours of battery life do you need? >2 Hours 11) What OS do you prefer? WINDOWS! Screen Specifics 12) What screen resolution(s) would you prefer? * Maximum Resolutions: WSXGA+, WUXGA, FHD, 1080p * Actual resolutions: 1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 1920x1080 Build Quality and Design 14) Are the notebook's looks and stylishness important to you? I can say, yes, but it's not my priority, though! Notebook Components 16) How much hard drive space do you need? > or 500GB I've narrowed my option on these two Laptops. I. ASUS G53JW-XA1 ($1,200) Product Features * Intel Core i7-740QM (1.73GHz Quad-Core with Turbo Boost up to 2.93GHz) * 6GB DDR3 1066MHz, 4 SODIMM Sockets, up to 16GB; Illuminated Keyboard * Nvidia GTX 460M Graphics with 1.5GB GDDR5 * 500GB HDD (7200RPM); Super-Multi Optical Drive; 802.11 b/g/n; 1x USB 3.0; 3x USB 2.0; 8-in-1 card reader; 2.0MP Webcam * 15.6-Inch Full HD (1920x1080) LED Display; Windows Home Premium 64-bit Operating System Processor, Memory, and Motherboard * Processor: 1.73 hertz Intel Core i7 * RAM: 6 GB * Memory Slots: 4 Hard Drive * Size: 500 GB * Speed: 7200 rpm Graphics and Display * Graphics RAM: 1536 MB Ports and Connectivity * USB Ports: 4 Cases and Expandability * Size (LWH): 15.6 inches, 11.9 inches, 2 inches * Weight: 7.9 pounds II. MSI GX640-260 ($1,099) Product Features * Core i5-450M 2.4 GHz 1066 MHz 3MB L2 Cache Processor, * ATI Radeon HD5850 1GB DDR5 VRAM, * 4GB DDR3 RAM, * 500GB 7200rpm Hard Drive * Windows 7 HP 64 bit, * 15.4 inch LCD 1680x1050, 9 cell, 2.0 MP Webcam * 2 x USB port, Wireless 802.11 a/g/n, 4 IN 1 (SD/MMC/MS/XD), HDMI-out Processor, Memory, and Motherboard * Hardware Platform: PC * Processor: 2.26 GHz Intel Core i5 * Number of Processors: 2 * RAM: 4 GB * RAM Type: SODIMM Hard Drive * Size: 500 GB * Type: Serial ATA Ports and Connectivity * USB Ports: 2 Cases and Expandability * Size (LWH): 14.1 inches, 10.24 inches, 1.22 inches * Weight: 6.3 pounds So, what do you guys think from my choices above? And if you want to give me a recommendation, I would gladly appreciate it.
if you were given a choice what would you take ? PS3 or hardware course ? So friends I'm a pirate I don't like to buy games if they are free who's gonna buy newly purchased things ? Well just give opinions on the below options ... 1.) A brand new, PlayStation ... OR 2.)An hardware course for PC with a new internet connection (current network is too low for downloading things) & how much speed does PS3 have ?
If you were upgrading in the next month, what are your choices for best motherboard, cpu and ram? Hello, and thanks for checking out my question. I'm building a new PC for myself. It will mostly be for gaming. My present PC is a AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (OC'd to 3200 specs) with an ATI 1950 Pro 512mb graphics card and 1 gig of DDR 400. There are so many hardware options that I think I need some input from the community before I start picking out components. For starters I'm going for an Intel cpu this time, I don't need onboard wi-fi, I want the option of SLI and I'm thinking of 2gigs of ram. I'm not trying to put together a bleeding-edge PC as I am on a budget. Not a super tight budget, but I'm trying to piece this one together for under $1000 (for major parts). So please let me know your choices for motherboard, cpu and ram. I appreciate all your thoughts and comments. Thanks again and good luck!!! P.S. (Graphics card suggestions are welcome but I think I will wait and see what's out there when this new machine is just about finished.)
Good PC choice or not? Looking at purchasing a new PC. Have been looking at Intel I7 but after doing some homework I think I'm more geared toward the I5 instead. Instead of spending $ on I7 I decided to use it towards the graphics card (gamer) and adding a bit of ram. Below are specs of the PC I am leaning towards. Is there a real difference in the I7 and I5 that is noticeable? Is this a good PC and will it last a while? Bought my last one in 2006. QuantityItem NumberDescription 1 225-2645 XPS 8500 1 317-9192 3rd Gen Intel Core i5-3450 processor 3.10 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.50 GHz 1 317-9211 12GB DDR3 SDRAM AT 1600MHZ-2x2GB + 2x4GB 1 331-6146 Dell KB213 Wired Multimedia Keyboard 1 320-7810 No Monitor 1 320-3041 AMD Radeon HD 7770 2GB GDDR5 1 421-7190 Dell SRV Software 1703 1 342-4106 1TB SATA Hard Drive 7200 RPM 1 318-1872 XPS 8500, Black Chassis w/19:1 media card reader 1 421-5693 Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, English, No Media 1 330-1158 Dell USB 6-Button Laser Mouse 1 430-3628 Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet 1 410-0547 Adobe Acrobat Reader 1 318-1677 16X DVD+/-RW 1 318-2249 Integrated 7.1 with WAVE MAXXAudio 4 1 313-6138 No Speaker Requested 1 430-4735 Dell Wireless 1703 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0+LE 1 331-5795 US Power Cord 1 331-5886 Localization parts-English/French 1 331-6145 XPS localiztaoin parts (power cord, documents, ship material) 1 331-6149 SHIP,XPS,L10,FXCN,8500,DAO 1 410-0569 McAfee 11, 15 Month 1 331-6176 Dell Resource DVD with Application Backup 1 421-8242 Additional Software 1 421-7997 No PDVD 1 410-0450 Microsoft Office Starter: reduced-functionality Word and Excel w/ ads. No PowerPoint or Outlook 1 992-8083 Dell Limited Hardware Warranty, Initial Year 1 992-8163 Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus In-Home Service After Remote Diagnosis, Initial Year 1 950-3337 1 Year Limited Warranty 1 951-6340 Accidental Damage Service, 1 Year 1 950-9797 No Warranty, Year 2 and 3 1 954-1820 Premium Phone Support, Initial Year 1 412-0358 Soft Contracts Consumer Accidental Damage Agreement 1 412-0359 Soft Contracts Dell In-Home Hardware Agreement 1 988-0099 To activate your online backupaccount, go to Start, Programs, DataSafe Online 1 927-2357 DataSafe Online 2.0 2GB 1 421-4356 Software, DataSafe Online 2.0 2GB 1 330-0172 S and P Drop-in-Box Marcom forDHS Desktops 1 421-6594 Trusted ID,IDSafe, 12 Month Subscription, Digital Delivery
Best GAMING computer? I'm currently seeking the best computer for gaming. I have a good choice in mind but I thought I'd first check with you all to see what your opinions are on the subject. I'd like a DELL XPS 700 Heavy Ordnance - High Performance Gaming Machine in Special Edition Formula Red or Jet Black, but there might be something even better. I'm not able to go above US$2000 so the DELL PC might be my best bet. Oh, and please don't suggest building a PC myself since I don't really have much experience in tinkering with the inside of computers besides upgrading hardware components and changing PC cases.
is my HP Pavilion dv2945se Notebook PC has a good processor than the core 2 duo processor i bought this laptop from best buy for $750 was it a good choice and is the processor better than core 2 duo and was this a good choice for me to buy this notebook. here are some of its specifications. HP Pavilion dv2945se Notebook PC - Product Specifications Printable version Hardware Product Name dv2945se Product Number FE945UA#ABA Microprocessor 2.00 GHz AMD Turion X2 TL-60 Dual-Core Mobile Processor Microprocessor Cache 512 KB 512 KB L2 Cache Memory 4096 MB Memory Max Up to 4GB DDR2 (Up to 1 GB may not be available due to 32-bit operating system resource requirements) Video Graphics NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M Video Memory Up to 1071 MB Hard Drive 320 GB (5400 rpm) Multimedia Drive LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support Display 14.1" WXGA High-Definition BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800) Fax/Modem High speed 56K modem Network Card Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN Wireless Connectivity 802.11b/g WLAN Sound Altec Lansing speakers Keyboard 101-key compatible Pointing Device Touch Pad with dedicated vertical and horizontal Scroll Up/Down pad PC Card Slots * One ExpressCard/54 slot (also supports ExpressCard/34) External Ports * 5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards, MultiMedia cards, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, or xD Picture cards * 3 Universal Serial Bus USB 2.0 * 1 VGA (15-pin) * 1 RJ-11 (modem) * 1 TV-Out (S-video) * 1 RJ -45 (LAN) * 2 headphone-out * 1 microphone-in * 1 notebook expansion port 3 * 1 IEEE 1394 Firewire (4-pin) * 1 Consumer IR Dimensions 13.15" (L) x 9.33" (W) x 1.02" (min H)/1.54" (max H) Weight 5.25lbs Security * Kensington MicroSaver lock slot * Power-on password * Accepts 3rd party security lock devices Power * 65 W AC Adapter * 6-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) What's In The Box HP Pavilion WebCam with stereo Integrated Microphones Mobile Stereo Earbud Headphones (1 pair) HP Mobile Remote Control Software Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit with Service Pack 1 Security and Support: Symantec Norton Internet Security 2008 (including 60 days complimentary live update) HP Help & Support Center HP PC Recovery (SoftThinks Restore Solution) HP Wireless Home Network Setup Multimedia: HP Games Powered by Wild Tangent HP PhotoSmart Essentials HP Quick Play Muvee AutoProducer Cyberlink DVD Suite Adobe Acrobat Reader Productivity and Finance: Microsoft Works Microsoft Office 2007 Student and Teacher Edition: 60 Day Trial Version Internet Solutions: AOL Instant Messaging Service Microsoft Internet Explorer HP Easy Internet Signup (part of HP Easy Setup)
which of these pc's i should buy? hi im planning to but a pc and i stumbled in bettween 2 choices my use of the computer is for extreme multi tasking editing 3d animation and machinima. which of these i should choose:- PROCESSORS Intel® Core™ i7-920 processor(8MB L3 Cache, 2.66GHz) edit OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English edit WARRANTY AND SERVICE 2 Year Basic Service Plan edit Dell Recommends Keep your investment protected for as long as you'll own it with a 3 year Basic Service Plan Upgrade to 3 Year Basic Service Plan [add $100] In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis: *Remote Diagnosis is determination by online/phone technician of cause of issue; may involve customer access to inside of system and multiple or extended sessions. If issue is covered by Limited Hardware Warranty and not resolved remotely, technician and/or part will be dispatched, usually in 1 or 2 business days following completion of Remote Diagnosis. Dell sells In-Home Service provided by the following: Dell In-Home Service provided by Dell Marketing L.P.; BancTec In-Home Service provided by BancTec Third Party Maintenance, Inc.; and QualxServ In-Home Service provided by QualxServ LLC. Third parties may be used to deliver the in-home service. Availability varies. Other conditions apply. For complete details about In-Home Service, visit MEMORY 9GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz - 6 DIMMs edit HARD DRIVE 1TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive edit ADDITIONAL HARD DRIVE 500GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive edit VIDEO CARD ATI Radeon™ HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 edit MONITOR 24.0" Dell ST2410 Full HD Monitor with VGA cable edit OPTICAL DRIVE Blu-ray Disc (BD) Burner (Writes to DVD/CD/BD) edit SPEAKERS No speakers (Speakers are required to hear audio from your system) edit Dell Recommends Multimedia Speaker System delivers an ideal combination of performance and value Upgrade to Bose Companion 2 Series II Multimedia Speaker System [add $110] SOUND CARD Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio edit WIRELESS Dell 1505 WLAN PCIe card with11n mini-Card & external antenna edit KEYBOARD Dell Studio Consumer Multimedia Keyboard edit MOUSE Dell Studio Optical Mouse edit MODEM No Modem Option edit My Accessories OFFICE SOFTWARE No Productivity software pre-installed edit Dell Recommends Office Home & Student. Lets you create great-looking documents, spreadsheets and presentations quickly. Upgrade to Microsoft® Office Home and Student 2007 [add $119] SECURITY SOFTWARE McAfee SecurityCenter, 15-Months edit Dell Recommends CAUTION ! You have not upgraded your security protection to the maximum available for your new Dell. Add McAfee SecurityCenter pre-loaded today! Help protect against viruses, hackers, identity theft, and more from the moment you turn on your PC. Upgrade to McAfee SecurityCenter, 36-Months [add $40] DATASAFE ONLINE BACKUP Dell Online Backup 2GB for 1 year edit ENVIRONMENTAL OPTIONS Recycling Kit and Plant a Tree for Me edit ALSO INCLUDED WITH YOUR SYSTEM Studio XPS 9000 Studio XPS 9000 Adobe Software Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 9.0 Multi-Language ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ or:- CHASSIS COLOR Cosmic Black, Alienware Aurora Chassis edit PROCESSOR Overclocked Intel® Core™ i7 920 (3.2GHz, 8MB Cache) edit OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English edit VIDEO CARD Single 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 240 edit MEMORY 9GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz - (3x 1024MB + 3x 2048MB) edit HARD DRIVE 500GB - SATA-II, 3Gb/s, 7,200RPM, 16MB Cache HDD edit ADDITIONAL HARD DRIVE 1TB - SATA-II, 3Gb/s, 7,200RPM, 32MB Cache HDD edit OPTICAL DRIVE Single Drive: 24X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) w/double layer write capability edit SOUND CARD Creative Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ Titanium edit GAMING ESSENTIALS Killer Xeno™ Pro edit BLUETOOTH Internal USB Bluetooth edit WIRELESS 1525 PCIe WLAN card with 11n mini-Card & external antenna edit MONITOR No Monitor edit AUDIO OPTIONS Alienware TactX™ Gaming Headset edit KEYBOARD Alienware Multi-Media Keyboard edit MOUSE Alienware Optical Mouse, MG100 edit WARRANTY AND SERVICE 1 Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty, InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis edit On-Site Service after Remote Diagnosis: for issues covered by Limited Hardware Warranty, technician and/or part will be dispatched, if necessary, usually within 1 business day following Remote Diagnosis. During Remote Diagnosis, you may be asked to access the inside of your system (where safe to do so) or to participate in troubleshooting until a cause can be isolated. My Accessories ALIENFX AlienFX Color, Mars Red edit AVATAR Alienhead 3D edit WALLPAPER Alien Red Glyphs edit FACTORY INSTALLED GAMES Steam and Portal™ Factory Installed edit FACTORY INSTALLED GAMES World of Warcraft Preinstall Edition edit AUTOMATIC UPDATES Auto
I want to buy a computer to use at home & I want to assemble it. I meant to say that I want to build my own PC? I want to buy a computer to use at home & I want to assemble it. I meant to say that I want to build my own PC, by installing parts of my choice. I want to get the best & the latest & yet cheap. I want to use it for Internet, Entertainment, like Games, Music, Movies & office work etc, an ideal PC for home users. Is there any website, to check, what are the products available, here, in Saudi Arabia? Can any one help me with the products, with there names, models and there specifications so, I can get the product easily. Things Like: •Mother Board =? Best & Cheap Intel Desktop Board DG35EC or? •CPU =? Maximum Speed & Cheap Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E8600 or? Hardware – Based DEP Support 64 – Bit (*64) processor Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware •RAM =? Maximum & Cheap 4 GB RAM DDR2 800 SDRAM 1 Gbit DIMM 4 GB •HDD =? Minimum – Only to run my Operating System, lots of Software & lots of Hardware Devices. I don't trust HDDs with my data. I keep all my data in Optical Discs. •Optical Drive =? Black in Colour •What hardware should I get for DSL? •Case or Chassis =? Thermally Advantaged Chassis (TAC) version 1.1. Small, Sleek, Stylish & Black in Colour. Tower or Mid Tower or Slim Line or CE. •Monitor =? Normal Size, Best for viewing web pages, to watch movies & easy to work on it at home. Black in Colour. I am looking the following things in the monitor: Display 1024 * 768 or higher, Contrast Ratio 800:1 or better, Response Time 5ms or, DVI Input, Anti – reflection high resolution screen for use indoors. Is it better to have a monitor, which have built-in speakers or it is better to buy speakers separately? •Keyboard =? Black in Colour •Mouse =? Double Function Scroll Wheel. Two-Handed Design – For left or right handed users. Cord Management – Tangle-Free: Roll up & Fit In. Mouse, which has two wheels for up & down & other to go right & left. Black in Colour •Speakers =? Black in Colour •Printer =? Black in Colour. All-in-One, which can Print Documents, Copy, Scan, Print Photos and Fax? Is there any Printer that doesn't need Ink? Which can do all these things with electricity only? Because Inks or Colour Inks dries up. •WiFi =? •What is the difference between Network Card and Network Adaptor? Should I have this Network Card and / or Network Adaptor? If, yes, then which one? •What is N/Card? Do I need this? If, yes, then which one? •USB =? Automatically Connect with Speed Detection, Self – Powered. All-in-One, which can read all kinds of Memory Cards. Black in Colour •Bluetooth =? •Webcam =? Which can capture images and make movies (Video Recording)? Black in Colour •Microphone =? Black in Colour •Remote Control =? Black in Colour •Operating System =? Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Full Edition or Else? 64 – Bit •Office =? Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 Full Suite or? •Internet Security =? Norton Internet Security 2009 2 – Year Subscription for 1 PC or? Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition 1 – Year Subscription for 1 PC or? Norton AntiBot 1 – Year Subscription for 1 PC or? •If any thing, I have forgotten, please, add on. •What is meant by DVD Super Multi Double Layer, LightScribe DVD Dual Double Layer, DVD +/- RW and DVD + RW / - R Double Layer? •What is DDR2 RAM and 5400rpm SATA? •What are SDRAM and DIMM? •What is VRAM and shared Integrated Webcam? •What is meant by Dedicated Graphics and SATA2? •What is TWAIN? •What is Thermally Advantaged Chassis? •What is the difference between SSD and HDD? I want, all my products, to have Glossy Black Surface and I want a PC, which takes less space. •Printer =? Black in Colour. All-in-One, which can Print (Colour), Copy (Colour), Scan (Colour), Print Photos (Colour) and Fax? Is there any Printer that doesn't need Ink? Which can do all these things with electricity only? Because Inks or Colour Inks dries up.
PS3 dead, out of warranty, Sony support sucks. What would you do? PS3 got the flashing red lights. I owned it for only three years then it finally died. Two years out of warranty. Emailed Sony if they can waive the $150 service fee 'cause my PS3 died somewhat after the 3.41 update I installed. Their online knowledge center on this flashing light said it is overheating. Just to be clear my PS3 has plenty of space around it to "breathe", vents are not blocked, and I occasionally use compressed air to clean dust out, hell the house is always cool during the summer time with the A/C on. All I do is play it. I know an update can't kill your PS3 so since I was out of warranty and it did happen after the update I thought I would use that against Sony but they didn't even acknowledge what I typed about the update might have caused my PS3 failure and flat out denied my request for waiver in the email. So here I am a Sony PS fan. Having owned the PSone, PS2, and currently owning a PSP and a dead PS3. I feel angry, sad, confused... that, ok I understand the waiver denied but they didn't even acknowledge the possible failure with the update. They could have put in the reply that an update could not have caused the flashing red light, but no, it's like I never typed it. I have all these games and hardware I bought for the PS3 useless now... what do I do now? Should I buy another PS3 so that it can die out of warranty again? Should I pay the $150 service fee so I can get back a refurbished one which will die yet again? Purchasing the other consoles are not an option. I hate the Wii with it's boring games, Xbox hardware will always fail and I'm not too excited about their slim model and paying yearly for Xbox live so that you can be banned for weeks or months because some kid complained to Microsoft that I've been owing him too much on Halo is retarded. I hate PC gaming needing to constantly upgrade the video card to get graphic satisfaction. PS3 is the only console I liked but I feel like Sony bent me over and basically raped me, so I'm at a lost as what to do.... For all you PS3 owners that had failures and out-of-warranty. I'm curious what you guys/gals would do? Myself, I am considering purchasing a new PS3 even though Sony doesn't support me because of the games I have purchased and the hardware like the headset, Eyetoy, keypad I bought. It seems I have no choice. I am only considering this though because I have a feeling even the new PS3 slim will die and it will die out-of-warranty. In fact I know it will die. I took very well care of my current dead PS3 for three years and it died. There is no way the slim will last the next seven years (the ten year console cycle) even with proper care. I think I should just quit this gaming generation and wait for the next one.... anyway I want your opinion on this as if it has happened to you or if it did actually happen to you. I'll decide on what I'll do but I'm just curious about what you would do. Sorry for the long rant/blog/help thing I typed. Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully take the time to reply.
good mid-range gaming laptops? Gaming laptop, pleas? So sorry to bother you, but I don't know nothing about laptops neither the hardware. I can only pay $630 for a laptop, and I know I wont get much performance for that, but at least I want to be able to run game on medium settings or on low and run smooth. I don't care about battery life, or if the screen is full hd(no smaller than 15.6''). It has to last me at least 2 years. My only choices right now is: Pavilion g7z-2100 17’3 Notebook PC AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M Accelerated Processor (3.0GHz/2.1GHz, 4MB L2 Cach 1GB AMD Radeon(TM) HD 7670M Discrete-Class Graphics 4GB DDR3 System Memory (1Dimm) or Acer Aspire V3-771G-6650 Notebook 17’3 Intel Core i5 2450M(2.50GHz) 2G NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M 4G RAM thanks a lot.. really
What spec for new PC to play LOTRO in "Very High"? Building a new PC and for once I'd like to experience a game in decent graphics but on a budget nonetheless. I saw screenshots from a guy using Nvidia 6800 P4 3GHz and his avg FPS was a low 24 in very high gfx mode (which isn't the highest) for LOTRO. So what I don't get: This dual core thing....they range from 1.8 to 3+ Ghz. But if the game doesn't make use of it and I buy dual 1.8 would I have been better off with a standard old Pentium4 3Ghz? Memory. Wanted 1gig but I see people suggesting 2gig. Graphics card is the big problem because there are so many manufacturers as well as the chipsets. Then there is the choices between GT GTS SLI PRO and so on. I get very confused :) I'd love to save money and go for something like a 7600 256mg but maybe I need more, and what is better a 7950 or an 8600 etc? Sound: is onboard 5.1 going to cope okay? The LOTRO people have their min specs etc but I'd like to be able to play the "very high" option with the cheapest hardware options. Thanks!
Should I get this Windows PC or stay with my iMac? To put it simply, I have the new iMac which I can return and get a full refund by Jan. 22, 2012. mainly do graphic design stuff and photo editing, but I want to get into some gaming as well. My other choice is this beast: The Windows system is 100 dollars less than my Mac, with considerably more hardware. Would I be better off with the Mac or the Windows PC for the things I mentioned earlier? I'll also have to get antivirus AND Windows as well, so in the end, I'll be a little higher than the price of my Mac.
I want to buy motherboard,but i can't choose .please help me.? I want to buy motherboard for this hardware.Ram:2 x crucial 512MB ,CPU:3500+ AMD 939,VGA:MSI nx7600GN-2D256E-HD.I need this pc for game and my choices is ASUS A8N32-SLI DELUX and MSI K8N Diamon Plus. Please tell me refrence about which one is better.
Possible computer choices...? I wanted to buy a desktop that would play game nice and smooth, but not super awesome 100 frames at max settings. I found some really sweet deals, but I'm no expert on specs and hardware. Which of these would you pick (if none, make a suggestion with a good deal):
Rate my Pc please...? alright a little backround info i am currently using my old laptop while i have a guy i know build me a pc (desktop) right now i am waiting for parts to come in the mail(for a month.)and when they get here some time late next year i will take all my parts to my pc guy and he will put em all together so heres a list of all the hardware inside Motherboard:M5A88-V EVO(long description look it up if you want to know the details) CPU:AMD Phenom II X4 980 Processor ,3.7GHz Tre Quad Core Design,8.0 MB Total Cache ,Socket AM3 w/Heatsink Fan Memory:Kingston (2x2GB), DDR3 1600MHz (PC2-12800), Dual Kit Hard drive:ST31000524AS Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST31000524AS 1 TB Internal Hard Drive Video Graphics Card:01G-P3-1351-KR EVGA 01G-P3-1351-KR GeForce GTS 450 Graphics Card - 783 MHz Core - 1 GB GDDR5 SDRAM - PCI Express 2.0 x16 Optical Drive:Asus DRW-24B3ST(cheapest thing i could find) Power Supply:Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 750W and one beast cooler master case The total price for all of this was $674 and labor cost for him to put it all together so all i have to do is plug it in and smile were $150 total cost of pc $824 please rate it from gaming stand point just got skyrim want to play it on here my laptops cant play it ...tell me what you like what you dont like tell me what you think is a better choice or if u would of done some thing different... ty .....Merry Christmas.
How to earn money as a teen? Okay, so I am a 13 year old boy who loves browsing the internet and playing video games. Since I was 6 years old I was already playing games on my PS1, but when I discovered that my console was already outdated when my parent's bought it for me I kind of feel ashamed because my cousins are playing on the PS2 already. So, me and my sister saved for the PS2 which we bought on 2007 (Our savings was only 174 dollar, our parents just added some money to make it 200 dollars.) - My parents never become selfish when it comes to my gaming, I soon realized that my PS2 was outdated on the year I bought it when my parents bought the 2nd-hand flashed Xbox360 from my cousin on 2011. When I was 12 years old I thought the Xbox360's was released on 2010, but after I did some research I found out that it was released on 2005. Now, I hate the consoles because it is quickly outdated. So that's when I entered the PC gaming, this is where I kinda become good at tweaking and fixing some computer hardware and software. At first, I thought when you buy a laptop or a computer you can all run games without having trouble. So, I wished for my parents a laptop. On that year's xmas (2010), me and my sister had a great gift from our parent's, a netbook, I know that it's not that great but I never knew that until I found out it's specifications. This is where I know that I am going to have trouble playing games on our dekstop... and I was RIGHT! Our desktop was not for gaming too. Now, I would like to build my own custom gaming system but my parents won't buy what I want now. So how can I earn money as a teen? I need big money! My parents said that they would buy me the latest Alienware Laptop if I get to the honor students of my class. Trust me they really do, I mean when I was a kid a was a brilliant kid, I always get to the honor students and they bought me alot of toys (60$ each and I have four of those toys) So let's sum this up, conclusion: My parents are great people, all they want is for me and my siblings to grow brilliant and get most out of life so they buy us great prizes when we get to the honor students. I like console gaming, but I discovered that consoles are quickly outdated in every 5 years? So If I we're to build my own custom gaming PC at it's best it would last until 2020 without getting outdated. But, I don't have money for the parts. I have 2 choices, the one that I will choose as the best answers in this question and to study for an Alienware laptop.
Do you game in 3D on your PC? Which monitor do you use for 3D gaming. Do you feel the investment in your 3D hardware was worth it? Which gfx card do you use for your 3D setup. I am lost between a 40-42" TV to use as a monitor or a 21-25" 3D monitor. I think I would enjoy the 42" a lot more when I am not gaming or the game doesn't support it but I would miss out on so much if I don't go for the 3D monitor. Every part of this build has been exactly what I want but the choice between VERY BIG, for me, and 3D is a hard one. Operating System MS Windows 7 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz32 °C Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology RAM 8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-25) Motherboard MSI P67A-G43 (MS-7673) (SOCKET 0)36 °C Graphics DELL 1704FPV (1280x1024@75Hz) COMPAQ FS7600 (1024x768@85Hz) 1280MB GeForce GTX 570 Classified HD(EVGA)38 °C Hard Drives 977GB Seagate ST31000528AS ATA Device (SATA)31 °C 78GB Western Digital WDC WD800JD-00MSA1 ATA Device (SATA)33 °C Optical Drives ATAPI iHAS124 Y ATA Device ASUS DRW-22B2S b ATA Device Audio Realtek High Definition Audio
What do you think about this laptop for gaming? COLOUR CHOICEAlienware M17x Stealth Blackedit PROCESSORIntel® Core™ i7 Processor 2630QM (2.00Ghz, 6MB, 4C)edit OPERATING SYSTEMGenuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, Englishedit SERVICES AND SUPPORT1Yr Next Day Hardware Support included with your PCedit ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE PROTECTIONNo Accidental Damage Supportedit GRAPHICS CARD1GB GDDR5 AMD® Radeon™ HD 6870M w/ PowerXpressedit LCD17.3" WideHD+ (1600 x 900) WLED LCDedit MEMORY6144MB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [1x2048 + 1x4096]edit OPTICAL DRIVEDVD+/-RW (DVD, CD read and write)edit HARD DRIVE320GB (7,200rpm) SATA Hard Driveedit WIRELESS CONNECTIVITYDell Wireless 1501 wireless-N - EURedit PRIMARY BATTERYPrimary 9 cell Li-Ion Default Base Batteryedit SECURITY SOFTWARENo Antivirus Software Would it be able to cope with top games such as crysis on max settings? for example
WHICH of these two memory is best for gaming on windows xp 32bit?will it stop the crashes? first off i've heard that 4gb of ram will show up as either 3.25 gb or so with windows xp 32 bit,or is it just a little bit more than 2? like 2.25 or something.....??? give opinions of these 2 shown in the links below: (no other reccomendations please,im trying to stick to a strict qualified vendors list an also save $) these are the 4gb sticks im likely to choose: these are $3 less an only 2gb(not4) but are 1066 mhz insted of the 800 that the 4gb are: obviously the 4gb is good as their all the same price about,but is the 1066 vs 800 mhz speed on the two other 2gb sticks such a difference i should only get 2gb? again,the question comes up of how much of the 4gb ram can be read by windows xp 32 bit.if its over 3,the choice would lean towards teh 4gb,if its only barely only 2,the decision might lean towards the 2 gb pairs because their 1066 mhz not 800 I do NOT plan on upgrading to 64 bit windows im about to buy the 4gb unless you think the better performance would be the 1066 2gb sticks So my primary question is about the buying it because i foundout my current isint on the qualified vendor list.....think it will solve the problem shown below?i copied this question below from last week when i was troubleshooting before realizing i had incompatible ram: memorys not on the qualified vendor lis(qvl) for new motherboard but is that why im getting these display errors an almost immediate in-game crashes?i updated bios from cd,then windows update,then ive uninstalled direct x an nvdia drivers an registry files an reinstalled repeatedly so wtf i HAVE direct x 9.0c an n4 display drivers i dont understand only showing 1024 ram(2 X 512) Patriot Extreme Performance 2gb (2x1gb) 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM 800 mhz(pc2 6400) dual channel desktop memeory model PDC22G6400LLK reads as 512 an 512 I bought a new motherboard cuz i thought board was the problem.the new motherboard is asus m4n72-e an now the same dam problem an now i cant even run new games smooth is there anything to try? i was about to run the one stick atta time but if both slots show 512 by the batman games auto detect i dunno what to do.they''re in the right slots.i changed bios from auto detect which was 667 to 800 mhz an auto to 4-4-4-12 2.2v command rate 2t dunno if it'll cause problems or if thats how it should be left at settings wise should it?anything else needing to be adjusted in bios thoo? ganged memory didnt help either. by the way,memory IS labeled 1 gb each,IS in the correct yellow slots,an obviously they both work cuz im in windows,is it even possible they sent me 512 x2???? ASUS M4N72-E motherboard 3.1 ghz Phenom II 550 Black edition EVGA GTX 9800 ssc(super super clocked) Patriot Extreme Performance 2gb (2x1gb) 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM 800 mhz(pc2 6400) dual channel desktop memeory model PDC22G6400LLK Azza Dynamo 650 watt psu 500gb seagate ide hard drive liteon dvd burner Azza Salano case windows xp 32 bit link to motherbaord or better yet at asus website everything is new but the ram hd an dvd player bios was updated an windows update an drivers so far as i can tell,dx diagnostic passed everythign except "soundcard does not support hardware buffering" so itll use software it says but what that would have to do with display drivers is probably NOTHING if i go ahead an buy new memory will it fix things? even my old 2.2ghz an pc chips a33g motherboard could play games without crashing an updating direct x was simple an fast.same memory problem of only showing 1gb tho.i was told each stick read as 1gb on OLD motherboard thoo by expert,which is confusing leave me an email,i need help mines yahoo messenger: seantheseller83
which ram and graphics card fits my pc? my dad recently bought a pc(and not knowing anything,just bought the cheapest fastest he could find).well luckily,his choice was not bad as the ghz of the machine is 3.1 GHz dual core.the bad thing is that the graphics card is absolutely horrible.its better than nothing,and lets me run many things (like alliance of valiant arms and league of legends.among many others)but stops at games like shogun 2 total war,and teamfortress 2.this is my pc although its an e-machine it runs rather well and has rather good technology. in fact all of my hardware passes test for games on sites like yougamers and systemrequirementslab.all except my gfx card.some info on that site is wrong,like the processor.any wrong info on the site i will post below processor: AMD Athlon II x2 255 Processor 3.10 GHz RAM:4.00 GB (3.75 GB usable) the pc has 2 more slots for ram,but i want to know which one fits before i buy more.i want to bring it to atleast 6 GB. if you need anymore info just tell me.also,please don't give me anything too expensive.the more expensive,the least likely it will happen ^^ thank you :)
Gaming Desktop - 2 questions? Ok I have 2 questions about the hardware in which to put in my next desktop. Keep in mind that I want to play the newest major games (such as Call of Duty: World at War if a PC version is out) on it. First off, is it better to get two mid-grade graphics cards running SLI or CrossFire, or is it better to get a single high-end card? Second, which would be a better choice for a processor, a 2.66 GHz Core i7, or a 2.8 GHz Core 2 Quad?
is this a ok computer for gaming? im just wondering if it could run stuff like minecraft and sims 3, on highest graphics with no lag? It's a Inspiron 620 MT by Dell i just made it on the site now, and it only came to £500, which is my budget. COLOUR CHOICEClassic Black PROCESSORIntel® Core™ i5-2310 Processor (2.90GHz, 6MB) OPERATING SYSTEMGenuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English SYSTEM RECOVERYOS Windows® Recovery Media Not included SERVICES AND SUPPORT1 year Collect & Return Hardware Support included with your PC DATASAFE ONLINE BACKUPDataSafe Online Backup 2GB - 1 year licence OFFICE SOFTWAREMicrosoft® Office Starter: reduced-functionality Word & Excel w/ads. No PowerPoint or Outlook PROTECT YOUR NEW PCMcAfee® SecurityCenter 15 Month Subscription MEMORY4096MB Dual Channel DDR3 [2x2048] Memory OPTICAL DRIVEDVD +/- RW Drive (read/write CD & DVD) with DVD Burn software HARD DRIVE1TB (7200rpm) SATA Hard Drive GRAPHICS CARDAMD Radeon™ HD 6450 1GB DDR3 graphics SOUND SOFTWAREIntegrated 5.1 High Definition Audio SPEAKERSNo Speakers (Speakers are required to hear audio from your system) FLOPPY/MEDIA DRIVESIntegrated 8-in-1 Media Card Reader & No Floppy MONITORDisplay Not Included MOUSEDell MS111 USB Optical Mouse (Indigo) KEYBOARDDell™ USB Entry Keyboard - UK/Irish (QWERTY) It's probably not all necessary, but i just copied and pasted it, any advice, i am grateful Thankyou :) or i could get this
is this a good laptop? Hi i´am going to buy a new laptop and i think the alien-ware m11x looks cool. but is it good enough to run exempel battlefield 3 or what should be better and the price is: 2504$ FARVEVALG:Alienware M11x Stealth Black PROCESSOR_Intel® Core™ i5 2537M 1.4GHz (2.3GHz w/Turbo Boost, 3MB Cache) OPERATION SYSTEM: english Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium SP1 (64 BIT) GRAPHIC CARD 1GB DDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M MEMORY4096 MB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM på 1333 MHz [2 x 2048] HARDDISK320 GB Serial ATA-harddisk (7.200 omdr./min.) WIRELESS CONNECTION: Intel® 1000 Wireless Card - European BLUETOOTH:Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth Module - European SECURITY SOFTWARE:McAfee® SecurityCenter 30-Days trial version ALIENFX-FARVE:Terra Green STEAM AND PORTALSteam® Gaming forum and download application WEBCAMIntegrated 2.0 Mega Pixel HD Camera LCD11.6" HD-skærm i bredformat med 1366x 768 PRIMARY BATTERI8-cell 63Whr Lithium Ion battery Gedis Bundle ReferenceN06W1V01 Power Supply:90W AC Adaptor Cables:Danish 220V Power Cord keyboard:Internal Danish Qwerty Keyboard AutoMatic Updates:AutoMatic updates - On Standard Warranty:1 year Next Business Day Hardware Support included with your PC Color Choice:Alienware M11x Stealth Black Cover Sound:Integrated High-Definition 5.1 Performance Audio please help me Thanks
what should i get to upgrade my pc? ok i jave an hp slimline s55 10f what would be the best to get to upgrade my pc i want to upgrade my ram i know bc i only have 3gb but i also only have 2 slot for them :p so what would be best to upgrade hardware wise on a cheapish budget but also runs god to play games like minecragt and runescape and a few other rpg games sooo..... best video/graphics card? best choice for my ram? anything else? or i might also just build a custom computer at frys sometime here soon if you could help me thatd be great i would just need to know what would be good to get thx tons :D
Can you edit this this essay about mac and pc compare and contrast? Mac or PC? One day I went to Best Buy with my dad to look at laptops and computers. A majority of the laptops and computers I saw were Apple Macintoshes and Window PC’s. I asked my dad, “What are the differences and similarities between a Mac and a Pc?” He stated that an Apple Macintosh and Window Pc fundamentally do the same things, but have different features. For instance, the ease of use, hardware, and software are not precisely the same between a Mac and a Pc. The ease of use for Apple Mac has integrated video tutorials, a consistent experience across all applications, and a drag and drop based action. Despite the fact that, particular tasks such as moving your iTunes and iPhoto libraries to a hard drive can be perplexing. Plus, you can jeopardize losing your complete music collection if you don't follow the directions exactly right. Knowing that, a Window Pc has an uncontrollable barrage of error messages and freeze-ups. Although, currently a Window Pc has become less crash prone, but they are more customizable. Which one appears to be the preeminent preference to you? As hardware goes most computers have a tendency to fall into predictable Mac and PC lines. Apple is the only company making certified Mac computers, so you essentially have a choice between their seven models. Although, the all in one nature of nearly all the Mac computers means that custom add ons neighboring additional memory and third party graphics can be expensive, complicated and to some extent, limited. For a Pc the sky is the limit in terms of hardware, with everything from bargain basement, bulky desktops, professional laptops, everyday desktops and lavish notebooks. Plus, a Pc has an ample variety of price range, designs, sizes, and the inclusion of built in technologies such as mobile broadband and high def Blu-ray disc playback. The Software of an Apple Mac and a Windows Pc are particularly contradictory. Pc has an assorted extensive collection of software to choose from, for example Visual Studio, Camfrog, Realtek, Video Chat, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Nero, Photoshop, Windows Games, and Microsoft Office. Whereas Mac mostly has all Apple software for example, Apple Safari, , iLife, iWork, MobileMe, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server, Logic Express, MacOSX, and Snow Leopard. However Apple Macs software is to some extent limited, but on Pc approximately everything will work. Both computers can in the end perform the similar operations. Even though, for every ten newfangled Web browsers or peer to peer file sharing programs that come out for the PC, there's just one ground-breaking, adaptable, and unwavering program for the Mac. So whatever happened to my dad and me at Best Buy? Turns out I have to wait until I get into college to get my own laptop or notebook! Well anyways, I still haven’t decided on which computer I think sounds better, although I’m leaning toward an Apple Mac. But, you never know, Apple Macs and Windows Pc’s are both great computers, although sometimes one of them is better at something than the other. Which computer did you pick, an Apple Mac or a Windows Pc? btw, im in 7th grade
Why do people say apple is better than microsoft? Zune > Ipod Windows 7 > Leopard Why do people say ipods are better. The original Zune from all the way back in 2006 can download from zune marketplace straight from the device. It has games and can play wirelessly with other devices. It has a nicer interface and you don't have to deal with the iTunes program or its crappy store. It also has a better sound card, which means it has better audio quality. Let's see the ipod video do any of that? The new Zune HD is a better music player than the iPod and has a faster Processor. It also has a nice screen. An iPod touch camera is useless when you have an nice camera already. The only thing good about iPod touch's is the retina display. The screen resolution is nice. Windows 7 is a better operating system than Leopard. It crashes less often, (if you don't believe me look it up on google), and is more secure (look up "pwn2own hacking competition mac" if you don't believe me on that too). In this competition it took only 10 seconds to hack a mac pro and 2 days to hack windows 7, only after the rules where changed. Where did those mac vs. pc commercials go? They took them down because they were mostly lies. Apple wanted to sue Microsoft for making those "laptop hunter" ads where microsoft claimed that there was no sub $1000 apple laptop. But they really said that there was only one laptop and it had a small screen. They accused microsoft of lying since there is a $999 laptop when they did mention this. Also Microsoft has better customer support, more computer options, more hardware choices, and much cheaper prices. Do people just assume iPods are better since they are a 'cool' brand? Most iPod and Zune owners clearly state that Zune is better. Do most rich people only use Mac because it is more expensive? Also Sony Vegas > FCP Also you have more control over windows 7. Macs also suck for gaming. Do they think you're retarded since you need an app store for downloading programs.... really?
Which graphics card best suits my needs? Heya. I’m currently building my first PC, here’s what I have so far: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 S775 2.66GHz 3MB 1066FSB Memory: Crucial 4GBKIT (2GBx2) 240PIN DDR3 PC3-8500 NON ECC Motherboard: Asustek S775 Intel P35 ATX GLAN Case: Antec BLACK THREE HUNDRED ATX CASE NO PSU PSU: Corsair Memory 450W ATX PS/2 SATA 12V Assuming there is nothing fundamentally wrong with my hardware choices (let me know if there is), which graphics card would best suit my current package? I’m a pretty enthusiastic gamer, but I don’t want to pay through the roof. In other words I want to have my cake and eat it :-P Any advice you can offer is much appreciated. Chris.
I need serious help with my PC...? This has been driving me up the wall for a while. My PC was made at home by my dad, and I need help badly. My father doesn't even know what the problem is and hes been working on computers for a long time now (his job demands it). Ive looked online extensively and still came up with nothing definitive. My PC constantly has bits of data corrupted randomly throughout the memory. For an example, 3-6gig games work fine, but every once in a while they just wont load up right and crash, until I restart the computer. Whenever I download anything, about 1/3rd of the time the download is corrupt and I have to redo it, the bigger the file is, the higher the chance of this happening is. This all in itself is annoying but something I can live with, except every once in a while the random bits of data that get messed up are something vital, like sound drivers (no sound is horrible), some internet files (so i cant even get on the internet), and the worst of all is when it gets into the Windows files (its happened 3 times or so and when it does I have no choice but to do a reformat). This problem has been driving me crazy, and I dont know what else to do. I dont think I need to post the specs for my PC for a problem like this, and my operating system is Windows XP if that matters. My guess is something is wrong with my hardware but when I had this computer built, I had parts taken from my last computer that had died to this one. Im pretty sure I dont have a virus (all virus scanners Ive ever had have never been able to fix this). Help me please, Im out of options and seriously considering throwing this computer through a wall.
Which laptop should i buy? i offer two choices.? OPTION 1 Onyx Blue Metallic Finish. •Includes notebook, AC adapter, 4000mAh lithium-ion battery, case •1.73GHz Intel Pentium dual-core processor T2370 •Mobile Intel GL960 Express chipset •15.4" diagonal WXGA widescreen TruBrite TFT LCD display with 1280x800 resolution, native 720p signal support •1024MB PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM •160GB SATA hard drive •DVD SuperMulti +/-R double-layer drive, supports 11 formats •Atheros 802.11b/g wireless LAN •Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 with 8MB to 256MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory •Built-in stereo speakers •Modem •10/100 ethernet •TouchPad •5-in-1 bridge media adapter: SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, xD Picture Card •Four USB 2.0 ports •RGB, S-video, headphone outputs •Microphone input •RJ-45, RJ-11, IEEE 1394 ports •ExpressCard slot •Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 •MS Works 9 •Adobe Acrobat Reader •Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 •Toshiba ConfigFree, Disc Creator •Measures approximately 14-1/4"W x 10-5/8"H x 1-1/2"D •UL listed adapter; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty •Made in China OR------------------------ OPTION 2 Processor: AMD Athlon X2 Mobile Technology TK-57 (1.9GHz) Memory: 1024MB DDR2 Dual-Channel, expandable to 4GB Hard Drive: 80GB HD Optical Drive: 8x Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD+/-RW with DVD-RAM featuring LabelFlash Technology. Write max: 8x DVD+/-R, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+RW, 2x DVD-R DL, 2.4x DVD+R DL, 5x DVD-RAM, 24x CD-R and 16x CD-RW disks. Read max: 8x DVD-R/RW/ROM, 4x DVD+/-R DL, 5x DVD-RAM, 24x CD-R/RW/ROM disks. Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 LCD Monitor: 15.4" Widescreen Ultrabright WXGA TFT (1280x800) Media Card Reader: 5-in-1 digital media manager - Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick Pro, Multimedia Card (MMC) and XD-Picture Card Other Differentiator: Synaptics touchpad with vertical scroll and metal touch-sensitive multimedia buttons Additional Features and Specifications: •System Bus: 256KBx2 •Cache Memory: L2 HyperTransport technology at up to 1600MHz •Graphics: ATI Radeon X1270 •Video Memory: Up to 256MB of HyperMemory •Mouse: Synaptics touchpad with vertical scroll •Speakers: Stereo speakers, Microphone In, Headphone/Audio Out •Modem: 56K ITU V.92 fax/modem •Network Interface: 10/100 Mbps built-in Ethernet •Ports: (1) Expresscard Type 54 Expansion Slot, (3) USB 2.0, (1) VGA connector, (1) RJ11-modem, (1) RJ45-Ethernet, (1) AC adapter connector, (1) Kensington Lock Slot, (1) Microphone, (1) Headphone/SPDIF Audio Out, (1) HDMI connector v1.2 •Wireless Network Adapter: 802.11g •Measures approx. 10.39"L x 14.09"W x 1.4"H •Weighs 6.29 lbs. •Model #M-1412 •ETL listed •Made in China •Comes with a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty Accessories Include: •Lithium-ion battery •3 PC essential software DVDs (not pre-installed) •3 Tiger Woods 2007 CDs •User manual Pre-Installed Software: •MS Works 9.0 •MS Money Essentials •MS Office Home and Student 2007 (60-day complimentary trial period) •Adobe Reader 8 •CyberLink Power2Go for DVD Burning •Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 •Napster 3.0 (30-day trial) •Microsoft Internet Explorer •Google toolbar and Google desktop search •AOL (90-day complimentary trial) •Gateway Connect •NetZero Internet Access •Windows Live Messenger for Video Conferencing •LoJack for Laptops BIOS Hardware Persistence Agent (subscription required to activate) •Kensington Lock Slot (cable lock sold separately) •Spare Backup •GatewayShield Comprehensive Security: Norton Internet Security 2008 (60-day complimentary live updates) •Gateway BigFix - helps identify and solve problems •Gateway Games Powered by: WildTangent (pre-installed with 10 demo games and 60 minutes of game play) User-Installed Software: •DVD 1: World Book Encyclopedia 2008 •DVD 2: Entertainment - Aquazone Desktop Garden, Hoyle Board Games 2007, Hoyle Puzzle Games 2007, Morpheus Photo Animation Suite, Muppet Babies - Thinking and Sorting, My Scrapbook 2, Serif Creativity Suite (Serif Draw Plus 8, Serif Page Plus X2, Serif Panorama Plus 3, Serif Photo Plus 11, Serif Web Plus 10), Sudoku Crunch and Wizard Chess. •DVD 3: Productivity and Reference - ACT! 2007, Budget Express 3.0, Cook n with Betty Crocker, EMC Retrospect Express HD, Family Tree Heritage 7, Form Tool Deluxe 6, Quicken Willmaker Plus 2008, Stuffit Deluxe 11, Sunbird Calendar, Thunderbird Email, Turbo FloorPlan Landscape and Deck, Turbo FloorPlan Home Designer and Typing Instructor Deluxe. •CD 1, 2 and 3 - Tiger Woods 2007
What are these Apple laptop hardware options? Can someone explain? I'm going to buy myself a Macbook Pro from a reputable website store online. I am getting it because I want to use it for my Graphic Design course needs (Adobe apps, video stuff, and possibly hard drive space for gaming as well, if it doesn't affect my laptop's performance) I'm going through my options for the laptop and there are some things/terms I don't understand - can someone please explain each one - what they are and what they can be used for, so I can make an informed choice whether to add them or not? -DisplayPort to DVI -DisplayPort to VGA -500Gb SATA drive upgradeable to 500Gb 7200rpm or 256Gb Solid State Disk (SSD) - are these upgrades worth it? Will I need them? -4Gb RAM is pretty good, right? I ended up hating my PC because it always pestered me about running out of RAM (and that was just having Photoshop open with Illustrator or InDesign, most of the time! Ridiculous.) - iWork09, or Office 2008 Home Edition for Mac? Is there a difference (aside from iWork being cheaper), or is iWork essentially the same/compatible with Office?
Why do people say apple is better than microsoft? Zune > Ipod Windows 7 > Leopard Why do people say ipods are better. The original Zune from all the way back in 2006 can download from zune marketplace straight from the device. It has games and can play wirelessly with other devices. It has a nicer interface and you don't have to deal with the iTunes program or its crappy store. It also has a better sound card, which means it has better audio quality. Let's see the ipod video do any of that? The new Zune HD is a better music player than the iPod and has a faster Processor. It also has a nice screen. An iPod touch camera is useless when you have an nice camera already. The only thing good about iPod touch's is the retina display. The screen resolution is nice. Windows 7 is a better operating system than Leopard. It crashes less often, (if you don't believe me look it up on google), and is more secure (look up "pwn2own hacking competition mac" if you don't believe me on that too). In this competition it took only 10 seconds to hack a mac pro and 2 days to hack windows 7, only after the rules where changed. Where did those mac vs. pc commercials go? They took them down because they were mostly lies. Apple wanted to sue Microsoft for making those "laptop hunter" ads where microsoft claimed that there was no sub $1000 apple laptop. But they really said that there was only one laptop and it had a small screen. They accused microsoft of lying since there is a $999 laptop when they did mention this. Also Microsoft has better customer support, more computer options, more hardware choices, and much cheaper prices. Do people just assume iPods are better since they are a 'cool' brand? Most iPod and Zune owners clearly state that Zune is better. Do most rich people only use Mac because it is more expensive? Also Sony Vegas > FCP Also you have more control over windows 7. Macs also suck for gaming. Do they think you're retarded since you need an app store for downloading programs.... really?
How can I build my own computer? I've trying to find someone locally to help me build a custom gaming rig, unfortunately, I've had no luck. Therefore, I guess I have no choice but to do it myself if I want to save money. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly everything I will need. I'd appreciate it if someone can list off every single piece of hardware needed in order to build my own pc. Also, once I've put everything together, how do I get it started? I mean, how can I install windows onto an empty harddrive? As mentioned before, I want to build a PC for gaming and then using software like 3D Studio Max and Maya for school work (i.e.: 3D modeling and rendering).
My PC freezes all the time...why? I'm running Windows 7 64bit on an Inter core i5, 4GB of RAM, Nvidia GTX 460, Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Motherboard. Everything ran perfectly, until a few days ago it started freezing for no reason. It can't cant' freeze while loading a game, or while watching a YouTube clip..anything. I don't get a blue screen or anything like just freezes. and later, when I restart cause I have no Choice, sometimes it freezes while loading the "choose a user screen". Is there a simple way to locate the problem and solve it? I can't believe with all of today's technology no one came up with something that immediately detects the problem and solves it. what should I do? to me it sounds like a hardware problem...but which one??
will these work on my computer? so I went searching after I got a few guide-lines of what to buy for my deminsion b110 and I found these again I'm not hardware savvy and I just wanted to check to see if these would work. again I know b110 isn't the best choice for gaming but it's what I have to work with so just let me know if these will work or if they won't please send me in the right direction of what will work.
How long will this PC last and should i even bother with vista?? Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6850 (8MB,3.67GHz Factory overclocked) Windows® XP Media Center 2005 Edition 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 4 DIMMs 500GB - Seagate 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cache Dual nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ XtremeMusic (D) Sound Card Microsoft® Office Professional 2007 1 kilowatt Power Supply liquid cooling Two 120mm x 38mm front fans Fyi, i dont really care too much for dx10 since im coming from a radeon 9800 pro 128 mb vid card. frankly the graphics will blow my mind once i get this bad boy. i want it to run starcraft 2, cod4, c&c 3, red alert 3 etc and this/next years games on relatively high settings. will this do since my 9800 pro is still chugging along? also, frankly id rather not have vista take up that many resources and i have ALOT of peripheral software/hardware that needs drivers so i dont want to hit any walls? am i making the right choice based on my lists? much thanks and points for the best/non-flaming answer! So from comments i have gathered, this PC should last me a while? am i correct? So from comments i have gathered, this PC should last me a while? am i correct? Thanks to all who have responded so far.. fyi i am upgrading the HDD for more space and i am well aware of Moore's law >< or in my case Murphy's law v.v any more pointers as to my new rig?
Is this custom pc rig any good? I have been putting together a list of pc hardware, which i will buy and then put together over the christmas holidays. Is my choice any good. Will it run games well? Do i need extra cooling? AMD PHENOM II X4 945 3.0 GHz Socket AM3 (with standard cooler) 6GB DDR3 CORSAIR Triple Channel (3x2GB) 1600 1000GB SATA Hard Drive AM3ASUS M4N68T - DDR3 1600x4 ATI HD 6850 1024MB PCI Express DDR DVI Griffin Midi Tower Gaming Case with 22cm Fan CiT 700W Black Edition PSU DVD+/- RW - 20X Samsung Lightscribe Integrated Sound Card Windows 7 64bit Thanks
Why is this so expensive!? Components COLOUR CHOICE Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop - Space Black edit PROCESSOR Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme QX9300 (2.53GHz,1066MHz FSB,12MB L2 Cache) OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate SP1 (64 BIT) + Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade Coupon - English edit OFFICE SOFTWARE Microsoft® Office 2007 Professional - English edit GRAPHICS CARD SLI™ Dual 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M edit HARDWARE SUPPORT 4 Year Premium Warranty Support edit LCD 17-inch Wide UXGA 1920 x 1200 - Beyond HD (1200p) Display edit MEMORY 8192MB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [2x4096] edit HARD DRIVE 256GB Solid State SATA Drive edit OPTICAL DRIVE Blu-Ray ROM combo (Blu-ray read only, DVD, CD read & write) Optical Drive edit PRIMARY BATTERY 9-cell 85Whr Lithium Ion battery edit Accessories SECURITY SOFTWARE McAfee® Security Centre - 36 Month Protection - English edit MONITORS & DOCKING 24in S2409W UK&I Black Widescreen Value edit WALLPAPERS Alienhead 3D(Widescreen) edit MOUSE POINTERS Standard edit AVATAR Alienhead 3D edit TIMEZONE (GMT + 00.00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London edit WINDOW STYLE Window Style - Default edit BLUETOOTH Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Module - Europe edit WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY Dell Wireless 1510 Half Mini Card (802.11n) European edit Services & Software ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE SUPPORT 4Yr Accidental Damage Support edit SELECT YOUR INSTALLATION UPGRADES Upg. Wireless Installation edit PRESTO – SOLUTIONS FOR PCS Get Started Support, 2 Months limited access to Presto for 2 queries edit PRESTO – SOLUTIONS FOR PCS PC Installation setup edit PRESTO – SOLUTIONS FOR PCS Data Transfer: Move your files and folders from your old PC , 1 incident within 30 days edit PRESTO – SOLUTIONS FOR PCS KidsSAFE: Set up parental controls, 1 incident within 30 days edit PRESTO – SOLUTIONS FOR PCS Wireless Setup: wireless installation and network setup, 1 incident within 30 days edit PRESTO – SOLUTIONS FOR PCS ConnectIT: connect your PC to any electronic device, 1 incident within 30 days edit PRESTO – SOLUTIONS FOR PCS InternetSAFE: Set up a safe Internet connection, 1 incident within 30 days edit Also included with your system Gedis Bundle Reference N08W1701 Order Information Alienware M17X Order - UK Shipping Documents English Documentation Dell System Media Kit Alienware M17x Resource DVD Power Supply 240W AC Adaptor Cables UK 2M 250V Power Cord Keyboard Internal UK/Irish Qwerty Keyboard Standard Warranty 1 Year Premium Warranty Support AutoMatic Updates AutoMatic updates - On Power Plan Balanced Hidden NamePlate Engraving Generic Name Plate Engraving Total £5,720.02
any one eant tips on building a computer? just though id leave tips for anyone planning on making their own computer: Basic Hardware Info: There are several main parts builders need to know: the motherboard, CPU, power supply, RAM, video card, case, hard drives, optical/floppy drives, and sound cards. Most people believe that you build a system around the CPU, an AMD or Intel processer chip. That's incorrect. A builder knows that when you build a PC, it's based off of the motherboard. The motherboard is pretty much like a human skeletal system: EVERYTHING is put together from it. The first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of a PC you want to build: Are you building a basic computer, to do Word and Excel and some web browsing? Or a pimped out, ultimate gaming rig? Or how about a nice Home Entertainment PC? Once you figure that out, you can then select the parts you will need. The big differences between these three is: 1) You only need basic parts for the basic computer, nothing extravagant. Don't need a dedicated GPU (video card), when only a built-in GPU will work fine. Cheapest system to make, really. 2) You are going for the best bang for the buck or the highest priced parts available today. Budget gamers, and mid-gamers aim for the best bang for the buck method, sometimes building a system around the idea of using a certain part that they want (ex. they get the best video card they can, and skimp on the other parts as best as they can). 3) A HTPC (Home Theater PC) can be more expensive than a typical gamer's rig because of the essential component in this PC: Silence. A HTPC is made to be like TIVO; go through TV channels, but you can also burn/record them onto your hard drive, and you can even do some web browsing on that nice 50" Samsung LCD HDTV you bought a month ago. As such, HTPC makers biggest focus is on the CASE because that defines how big of a system they can make, and how much cooling they can get while putting as much of the best parts into it the case can handle. As you can see, these 3 basic building functions are very diverse and different from each other. HOWEVER, thats just the pure build idea; a budget PC can be a budget gaming rig; and a decent gaming rig can also second as a HTPC. It comes down to how you build it and what you use. Now, we're going to work on the assumption that you are building a gaming rig, like most of us do. 1) The motherboard. YOU MUST DECIDE two things before selecting a motherboard, IMHO. A) Intel or AMD? If you're worried about the flat dollar amount of the build, go with AMD as their CPUs are, AT THE MOMENT, cheaper. Bang for the buck, or best you can get, methods of buying will mean getting an Intel chip. Preferably a Core2Duo chip that's based off their new FSB 1333MHz standard, and not the old 1066MHz. B) Graphic card: NVIDIA or AMD (originally ATI until it was bought by AMD). You can SLI your video card, or Crossfire it, which are two different methods of using 2 PCI-E video cards from Nvidia or AMD. Most of us use NVIDIA, though there are some good bang-for-the-buck models from AMD. There are several brands of motherboard makers out there today: ECS, Biostar, ASUS, Gigabyte, and Intel to name a few. They all offer various functions and features, and warranties. Personally, I like Gigabyte bc of their warranties, and they've been more reliable for me than ASUS been (I've used 2 different Gigabyte boards without a single failure, whereas Asus 1 and only did die on me). Other things to make sure about: Make sure the mobo you select supports DDR2, and even DDR3 speeds for RAM. Currently, the standard is now DDR2 800MHz RAM, but more and more of us are using DDR2 1066MHz RAM for that extra OOMPH! Just remember the two things you decided upon earlier, and your choice of MOBOs are cut in half. 2) CPU: Now, whichever socket the motherboard you bought supports, is the kind of CPU you need to buy. You bought a quad-core Intel chip for $300, but skimped on the motherboard and bought it for only $20. Oh no! The mobo isn't the type of socket you needed; it's an old P4 model, not the model that can support that quad chip of yours. LGA775 is the standard socket for Intel Core2Duo chips, currently. AMD's is Socket AM2. Intel has gone from a 90, even a 65nm chip (the size of the chip) down to a 45nm chip. These new chips need less power and gives off less heat, but they do SO MUCH MORE processsing power, that whatever power and heating was saved is gone as you abuse and use that chip for everything in gaming. The sweet spot today for Intel chips, in my opinion, is the E6750, a 2.66GHz, core2duo chip, dual core and above, including the new 8000 series from Intel (the 8200 would be the 45nm equivalent of the 65nm 6750). AMD Im out on the loop of, but there a number of great price-performance ratio CPUs on the market today. 3) Power Supply. There's one rule of thumb here with a PSU: You get what you buy! There is absolutely NO POINT in buying the best PC parts in the world if your PSU is a POS. If a PC requires more power than given by a PSU, not only will it NOT run, but it may also fry and take your expensive $200 motherboard and $300 video card with it. There are several reliable manufacturers on the market, and RELIABILITY is the biggest pricing concern with PSUs. Targan, PC Power and Cooling, those two are the creme of the crop in PSU manufacturers. However, to get that nice 850 watt PSU from PC-PC, you;'re gonna fork over $180. A tad bit pricey. There are some budget PSUs on the market with good reliability, so they're cheaper than others (just not as good). Depending on the build, a decent gaming rig will want AT LEAST 550 watts of power, and you need to make sure it has the cables you need to power everything correctly. I hit a roadblock when my PSU didnt have the necessary power (500 watt PSU) to power everything in my PC when I upgraded from a 6600GT 128MB video card to a 8800 GTS 320MB vid card. Ending up getting a "patch," a dedicated GPU PSU, which has the necessary cable attachments to plug and power it. Beats spending another 80 bucks over the "patch's" price. 4 RAM. One of the easiest, and hardest choices, to make. Simple because you really only need to, or should, buy is DDR2 800MHz. It's hardest because first off, you gotta deal with ALL of the different RAM makers out there; GEIL, Patriot, OCZ, Corsair.. the list goes on and on. AND on top of that, there are MULTIPLE models for each RAM standard; Geil has like a dozen different models that fits under the DDR2 800MHz classification. AND on top of that too, do you want to stick with 800MHz or maybe cut a few bucks, and go only with DDR2 533 or 667MHz, or maybe spend a few more for that DDR2 1GHz RAM? 5) Video card: Only two manufacturers for these babies; AMD and Nvidia. AND though they have multiple models, most of them are based off the PCI-E socket, and don't overlap each other in performance or price... usually. However, these two are Direct Competitors, so when one offers $150 over-performing video card, the other will certainly try to match, or beat, it. Or maybe give you slightly reduced power at a bigger reduce price. Personally, I recommend NVIDIA as they have the best performing video cards on the market. This is an easy hardware part to review for because you really gotta worry about two things only: PRICE, and performance. And to do that, well price is easy, just look online and see the prices. Performance?,, etc etc. Such sites give you video card performance comparisons. So you can see for yourself how good they are. 6) Case. There a variety of cases, but lets stick to the simplest three: HTPC Case, Mid-tower, and Full tower. HTPC are usually short in height, with long lengths and widths. Almost like a TIVO box, so to speak. Mid-tower and Full tower cases are what you are more familiar with. These are the cases that are rectangular with narrow widths, but moderate to big height and lengths. And obviously, a full tower is just bigger than a mid-tower. There are over 20 different case manufacturers listed on, but there are certain brands that are better than the rest: Apevia, Antec, Thermaltake, Lian-Li. These manufacturers have built reliable, and performing, cases for a gamer, and though their prices can be high, its bc of the reliablility and brand rep that manufacturer has. The biggest concern with a case is: how big are the parts are you buying, and how do you want to cool them. If you're getting a dual-slot video card, sound card, full size motherboard (yes, there are smaller motherboards), several optical and hard drives... you will need a full tower just to cram all that stuff in. But if you got a single slot video card, one HDD, 1 or 2 optical drives, etc. etc. You may only need a mid-tower. Anyways, I prefer full towers as they have better cooling, and just the extra room I can use for future upgrades. They are HEAVY to carry around, but its good exercise. That's the biggest tradeoff between the two: weight (and price too). Additionaly, I look for a case with at least one 120mm fan. Now, the cooling concept is NOT how many fans you got, but how much airflow you can get. 2x120mm fans have better airflow than 3, even 4x80mm fans. Not to mention that they give off a lot less noise; it takes less rpm for a 120mm fan to generate the amount of airflow a 80mm fan does at full speed. Other features in a case to look for: hinge doors with locks, location of the USB, and sound ports in the front, and case windows. This is where personal style really does take effect as people normally only see the case; getting a case with a window, however, will let them see inside it and add a few cathode lights, it looks AWESOME! 7) The hard drives, optical/floppy drives, and sound cards are easy parts in comparison to the first six to understand. Hard drive is like your brain; it stores ALL the information you got. There are several kinds of HDDs on the market; only two to worry about today, really, maybe three, are IDE, SATA, and SSDs. IDE and SATA drives are called that based of the connection they use; either an IDE or SATA connection. Recommendation: Stick with the SATA drives as SATA connections are faster than IDEs (and easier to install!). SSD means Solid-State Drives. This is a new hard drive developed and produced on the market today based off of the RAM/Flash storage concepts. Regular hard drives has several, moving parts in it, reducing their reliability, and thus the reason why system errors can develop over time; the hard drive is just slowly dying out. A SSD, on the other hand, has NO moving parts and is pretty much RAM technology, configured as a hard drive. Only problem is that these babies are EXPENSIVE, and not that big. A 750GB Sata HDD can cost about $120, whereas a 30GB SSD can cost about $300. See the problem? The biggest saving grace about SSD is their speed, having 4x the read/write speeds of a regular HDD at times. Testing has shown that where it may take several seconds for Windows to load on a regular hard drive, you can't time a SSD's loading time as Windows just pops up immediately. It's THAT FAST. Anyways, Look for AT LEAST a 250GB SATA hard drive, 7200rpm (not 5400). Faster RPM means faster speed, but reduced reliability as well, and more power being consumed. 7200RPM is today's standard, and 250GB will work for most people's needs. HOWEVER, if you save a lot of data, look for more storage if you can, and don't forget, you can put several hard drives into the same PC. Only one HDD needs to have an OS installed on it, while the rest are just storage drives for it. I got 2x320GB hard drives, and 1x750GB hard drive. Only one of my 320GB drives has Windows on it, the rest are filled up with movies, music, and games. (Ask Elwoodini how much storage you have, it's insane!) You know what optical drives are: A CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-/+RW, or Blu-Ray. Simplest answer: Just buy a DVD-/+RW drive, or two, unless you want to play HD movies on
Help picking computer audio and video? Trying to buy HP PC. Need to pick audio and video cards. Audio choices: Integrated 7.1 Audio SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Video: Nvidia GeForce 8400 Nvidia GeForce 8500GT Nvidia GeForce 8600GT Nvidia GeForce 8800GT I am not a gamer at all, but i do do photo and video editing and would like this PC be robust for that. Anyone has experience with this hardware / is it worth paying extra for or go with default (integrated audio and Nvidia 8400GT). Thanks i am also curious - 8600 has HDMI port, 8800 does not, other than that main specs seem same. Would you say HDMI port is needed? What if i want to have HD monitor later - cant do it with 8800...
What do you think of this dell Mini 10 laptop for univerisity? Am doing a BA Buisness management course so what you think for Office word use ect and work no movies or things and games also for internet? Colour Choice:Black back cover Processor:Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (1.60GHz, 533MHz, 512K cache) Operating System :Genuine Windows® 7 Starter for Small Notebook PCs, 32bit, English Office Software:Microsoft® Works 9.0 / English - (Does not include Microsoft® Word) LCD:10.1" Widescreen WSVGA with Truelife (1024x600) Memory1024MB 533MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM Hard Drive:160GB (5,400rpm) SATA Hard Drive Hardware Support:1 year of coverage included with your PC Security Software:No Security/Anti-Virus Protection - English Webcam:Integrated 1.3MP Camera Primary Battery3-cell Lithium-Ion Battery (24 WHr) Wireless ConnectivityDell Wireless 1397 Mini Card (802.11 b/g) Graphics CardIntegrated Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator 950 For £248 Please tell its ergent thnx aalootxxx
which memory is better? i wanna buy NOW TONIGHT? first off i've heard that 4gb of ram will show up as either 3.25 gb or so with windows xp 32 bit,or is it just a little bit more than 2? like 2.25 or something.....??? give opinions of these 3 shown in the links below: (no other reccomendations please,im trying to stick to a strict qualified vendors list an also save $) these are the 4gb sticks im likely to choose: these are $3 less an only 2gb(not4) but are 1066 mhz insted of the 800 that the 4gb are: these 2gb sticks shown below are the most expensive choice,ill probably rule these out unless you know something i dont: obviously the 4gb is good as their all the same price about,but is the 1066 vs 800 mhz speed on the two other 2gb sticks such a difference i should only get 2gb? again,the question comes up of how much of the 4gb ram can be read by windows xp 32 bit.if its over 3,the choice would lean towards teh 4gb,if its only barely only 2,the decision might lean towards the 2 gb pairs because their 1066 mhz not 800 I do NOT plan on upgrading to 64 bit windows im about to buy the 4gb unless you think the better performance would be the 1066 2gb sticks So my primary question is about the buying it because i foundout my current isint on the qualified vendor list.....think it will solve the problem shown below?i copied this question below from last week when i was troubleshooting before realizing i had incompatible ram: memorys not on the qualified vendor lis(qvl) for new motherboard but is that why im getting these display errors an almost immediate in-game crashes?i updated bios from cd,then windows update,then ive uninstalled direct x an nvdia drivers an registry files an reinstalled repeatedly so wtf i HAVE direct x 9.0c an n4 display drivers i dont understand only showing 1024 ram(2 X 512) Patriot Extreme Performance 2gb (2x1gb) 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM 800 mhz(pc2 6400) dual channel desktop memeory model PDC22G6400LLK reads as 512 an 512 I bought a new motherboard cuz i thought board was the problem.the new motherboard is asus m4n72-e an now the same dam problem an now i cant even run new games smooth is there anything to try? i was about to run the one stick atta time but if both slots show 512 by the batman games auto detect i dunno what to do.they''re in the right slots.i changed bios from auto detect which was 667 to 800 mhz an auto to 4-4-4-12 2.2v command rate 2t dunno if it'll cause problems or if thats how it should be left at settings wise should it?anything else needing to be adjusted in bios thoo? ganged memory didnt help either. by the way,memory IS labeled 1 gb each,IS in the correct yellow slots,an obviously they both work cuz im in windows,is it even possible they sent me 512 x2???? ASUS M4N72-E motherboard 3.1 ghz Phenom II 550 Black edition EVGA GTX 9800 ssc(super super clocked) Patriot Extreme Performance 2gb (2x1gb) 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM 800 mhz(pc2 6400) dual channel desktop memeory model PDC22G6400LLK Azza Dynamo 650 watt psu 500gb seagate ide hard drive liteon dvd burner Azza Salano case windows xp 32 bit link to motherbaord or better yet at asus website everything is new but the ram hd an dvd player bios was updated an windows update an drivers so far as i can tell,dx diagnostic passed everythign except "soundcard does not support hardware buffering" so itll use software it says but what that would have to do with display drivers is probably NOTHING if i go ahead an buy new memory will it fix things? even my old 2.2ghz an pc chips a33g motherboard could play games without crashing an updating direct x was simple an fast.same memory problem of only showing 1gb tho.i was told each stick read as 1gb on OLD motherboard thoo by expert,which is confusing leave me an email,i need help mines yahoo messenger: seantheseller83 by the way ill be using this for performance gaming..NVM the last choice,i've ruled out the kingston,its only 2gb an $12 more,forget it.just choose the 4gb or 2gb for me please man i wish i could get this.....lightbulb just went off in my head.this video card was just received from an rma.since the display problems are direct x,is it more likely those fools sent me a half working/unstable card than the memory being bad?thoo i did get crashes when my old GPU card was new an the memory did always show as 512/ confused.dont know what to do
(HP) Compaq Presario Motherboard replacement--what are my choices? Geek Squad tells me my desktop's motherboard is bad, and it's not worth replacing. I think I can handle replacing it, if I can get it cheap. It's an HP/Compaq Presario CQ5300Y, AKA "Model ay028aa." HP's website tells me the following: Part number: C898-69001--Not orderable from HP, contact reseller/ I have requested quotes on this part from 3 vendors. I've seen it quoted at around 160-200, or from Chinese eBayers for 50. Not sure who to trust for a good part at a good price. - Motherboard (system board) HP's part number is NARRA5-GL6 - This is a micro-ATX form factor (9.6" x 9.6") Manufacturer is Asus, their part number is M2N68-LA AMD socket AM2 CPU supported (I'll have to use the old CPU, right? Replacement mobo won't include CPU?) I've done some component replacement before (cards, power supply, hard drives, optical drives), but never a whole mobo replacement. Since this is a desktop, don't I have some additional flexibility in picking a replacement board? Or should I stick with an exact replacement part? I'd like to upgrade the video card too, if I can do that cheaply. The onboard graphics hardware is OK, but I think I can do better. So, what other motherboards should I consider, if any, for this "micro-ATX form factor (9.6" x 9.6")" sized board? What video cards would be compatible? Any other advice would be appreciated. With all else working well on this 2-1/2 year old PC, I'd hate to junk it all for a new one. . PC is used by my son for accounting homework and WoW gaming. It's adequate for that, some improvement in graphics would be nice, but a major upgrade or a new, expensive gaming PC just isn't possible at this time. So, what are my practical alternatives? The M2N68-AM is 9.6" x 8.2" but my current board is 9.6" x 9.6". Would it still fit? I'm not sure what "form factor Micro ATX" really means. Also, it turns out that Geek Squad gave me some bad data on the system id's. The board I need to replace is an ECS MCP61PM-HM (HP#: Nettle 2-GL8E) on an HP Pavilion a6248x. I'll check HP's store and Newegg (which my techie uncle swears by).
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