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tips on building my first gaming pc? ok so i havnt hunted around for bargains on parts yet so these prices may be a little but high New MSI N250GTS Twin Frozr 1G OC GDDR3 PCIe Video Card= $200 Corsair Dominator GT 6GB DDR3 Kit 1600Mhz C7 3x 2GB New= $400 Intel Quad Core i7 930 CPU 2.80Ghz X58 LGA1366 Socket= $360 Cooler Master 600W Power Supply= $150 Asus P6T Deluxe V2 LGA 13666 Intel X58 DDR3 Motherboard= $350 Seagate Barracuda 3.5 inch SATA 1.5TB Internal Hard Dri= $210 LG GH22NS50 DUAL LAYER SATA 22X DVD WRITER BURNER FAST!= $50 COOLER MASTER V8 CPU COOLER= $100 Cooler Master Storm Scout in Black Gaming ATX Mid-Tower= $150 these prices are all in australian dollars and come to a total of about $2000 which is something like $1600 american dollars. so does anyone have tips on stuff i might add and stuff i might take?? have i forgotten anything? and if you could give any tips in detail it would be appreciated cos as i said this is my first pc i have built from scratch =) thanks alright if u could email me the wish list it would be good =) if any 1 wants to email me information u can get me at
help me build my gaming pc.? first time in my life iam willing to build my own gaming pc please help me solve hardware compatibility well here is what iam thinking of CPU- Core i5-2320 3.0 ghz OR core i7-2600 3.4 ghz GPU- Gtx 550 Ti 2 gb (afraid of bottleneck with core i7-2600) Memory- 8gb corsair Hdd- 500 gb sata 7200 rpm Board Specs:- Chipset H61 express Form Factor Micro ATX Socket LGA1155 Os Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. so is it good or should i make some changes especially in the mother board and also tell me suitable power suply for the pc for chasis iam willing to buy cooler master. thanks in advance.
How do you build a gaming pc? i was hoping for some help, i was wanting to build a gaming pc (Win 8) i know enough to assemble one but i was wondering what exactly, for the price, is a good graphics card, processor, hard drive, ect. Thanks, Nick.
How to build a gaming pc? I am considering getting a pc mainly for gaming (I would still use it for other things of course), but I do not want to spend over 600 dollars. For that budget, shoud I just get the ps4 or xbox one? If not, then where do I start?
how should i build my gaming pc? IN my budget i have about $1000 to spend on a gaming rig, however i don't even have a monitor. I want to play my games with high resolutions but with reasonably smooth frame rate. I intend to play a lot of indie games, a few mmo's, and skyrim (with mods). I want the best bang for my buck but as a serious gamer I was told that the only graphics card that I should consider is a nvidia geforce 780i, which sounds like it would break my budget. This would be my first time ever building a pc, or even getting into pc gaming so i real need help.
How to build a Powerful Gaming PC? (what to look for?)? I am fed up with spending loads of money on laptops and computers which have apparently high rating for performance in games and they let me down with poor fps, lagging and overheating problems.. SO i want to build my own powerful gaming PC which will handle ANY PC game out to this date. i look at all components such as CPU, motherboards etc and there is a lot of new numbers and letters which don't mean much to me. i am just used to the standard CPU speeds, graphic card mb and usual info you can see by looking up system info. What specs do i look for in each component? can i just buy any random peices i like and put them together or do i need to find details on each for compatibility? (i have looked up new decent processors and figure Intel i7 processor is best and know this requires an x58 motherboard so thats what i'm after) do i just pick the fastest rpm speeds and biggest cache memory there is to get the best? what is cache memory for? please feed me your intellectual knowledge about ALL computer parts! what beats what! & what to do and what not to do when it comes to building a powerful PC.
Building a Custom Gaming PC? Hi, i'm making the switch from console gaming to PC, i'm building my own PC to try to save some money and get the experience of building my own PC. I would like some advice as to witch hardware such as CPU's GPU's i should buy. Any input and help is appreciated. First off like i said its going to be a gaming computer i want to be able to play any new pc game on the highest setting possible without problem. Id personally would like dual graphics cards but if i could get it done with one that would be good too. Also i want to be able to go beyond 1080p. i've heard of 4k HD, but is there higher?? if so i would like the ability of my computer to support it. Ive read that some games depend more on CPU than GPU? Which brings me to the question of which CPU? Ive heard Intel is a little better but AMD is cheaper? Now to the computer case/chasis? i would like something that looks cool w/ alot of room and nice ventilation and cooling but at a low cost. And what about sound cards? i havent done much research on these but some custom PC's that i've seen other people build, a sound card wasn't bought or on the list? Motherboards? RAM? HDD? Optical Drive? Also, cooling? what options do i have should i go with water cooling or Heatsinks? Whats best cost/performance?. This is basically all i have at the moment, there are still a number of things i know i have to keep in mind... Help?
Is this gaming PC build Good? SO this is my first time building a PC and I dint really know if this is correct like if the parts will fit together or If im missing anything? Im thinking of using this pc to play some Games on Ultra like BF3, Cry sis3, Farcry3, Skyrim and stuff.. Are these good enough for the games or no? Also if i missed anything important please tell me, also if theres a thing that i dont need tell me that too. Thanks :D Here Is My Build:
Building my first Gaming PC need help!? I'm starting to consider building my own gaming PC and want to figure out which parts I would like to get. If you answer this question can you please tell me if : A.) Will all these parts work together B.) What should I buy for a power source Processor --- Motherboard --- Case ---- RAM ---- Graphics Card ---- Hard Drive ----
Building a Gaming PC? So I need a gaming PC that can run Arma 3 on Max.My Budget is $800-$1200.
Need advice for building gaming PC? Hello everyone. I am thinking about building a Gaming PC. What little I know, I have some friends that are more techy than me. I could put it together but wouldn't know how to "get it going" type thing. lol. Anyhow I will state what I want it to do and I want to know what brand is best for gaming AMD or Intel. My system will only have Games, Steam, Origin, Disc games, a web browser for connection and updates basically, A music player and that's it. I will if possible remove everything else that is unnecessary like the Calculator, Windows office, photo suit basically anything that doest need to be on it for gaming and the web and music. I want to be able to achieve 1080p 60fps at max settings if possible with some anti-alaising ect. I want it to at least do the next few years of games with my specs and previous games down to around 2005. I really don't want a 400 dollar graphics card and HDMI is a must. Anyhow anyone that isn't AMD is the Best or Intel is best I don't want opinions I want someone who knows factual information not brand loyalty. This will be in my living room so I am putting it in a HTPC case, A large one full atx size with blu-ray player just in case games start coming out on Blu in the next couple years. Thanks so much in advance. Thanks for your answer. I am trying to go for a gaming system period nothing else. I am hoping to go no higher than $1000.00. Not including the case. I was advised with my budget to get a SSD for operating system so I could get a smaller GB size for not much and a fast standard HDD for all the games I put on it 7200rpm or 10000rpm. This will be basically bare bones gaming system with just necessities for programs to play the games, I don't need any suites or office ect. I have a regular PC in my room for the net and playing around with other stuff. I just want to have 1080p 60fps for my tv. I do use or have some steam games but some of my games still are only available on disc.
Building a gaming pc? can someone who has built a gaming pc that can play battelfiled 3 and more give me links to all things they bought for it. thanks for help
How to build a gaming pc? I want to build a gaming pc that can play Crisis on max settings for under 1000 dollars.If i can't play crisis on max settings that is fine but i want the best possible pc for under 1000 dollars.Also could you recommend a good monitor the monitor price is excluded from the desktop price.
700 dollar next gen gaming pc build? i wanna build a next gen pc with the budget of 600 to 700 dollars, i want it to run battlield 4, titanfall assassins creed 4 and the other nest gen games. i want to be in use till 2015 to 2016. if not then please suggest something near this will be my first pc build, i would also like to guide me in this or just send a link to the tutorial. and also it would nice if you included the links of parts
Help build a gaming pc!? I wan't a build a gaming pc that will play games on high/ultra high settings. the games i'm looking to play would be battlefield 3, skyrim, gta iv,etc. I know im asking alot but i would be really grateful for anyone who can help me find the right parts for a nice price (850-900) preferably. leave links to the items in the answer. Thank you :D
Need help building a good gaming PC ? Its been a while since I have upgraded my PC and would like to know what I should upgrade too. Id like components that won't be too outdated anytime soon and can play games like the upcoming GTA4. This PC is strictly for gaming. Are any of my components salvageable i.e my cpu/motherboard? I'm not looking for top of the line gear either, just upgrades that are capable of playing today's newest games without being bogged down by lag and don't have to set the graphic settings on low and without over killing my wallet. - Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz processor - Motherboard: Asus P4S800D-X - Geforce 6800 - I know this definitely needs upgrading, but too what - 1 gig ram (512 DDR ram x2) have 2 more slots on mobo for another 1gig - 250 gig hard drive 450 Watt Power supply If you can post everything I should get on here without redirecting me to websites that would be appreciated. I'm going to be buying everything from TigerDirect. sorry for the question mark at the end of my question lol
Help building a Gaming PC under $1000? I want to build a PC to play high end games and edit videos on but I'm on a budget. What parts and manufacturers do you recommended that are good for gaming and will get me the most bang for my buck. And in your opinion, who should I look into buying from because I see a lot of different companies like EVGA and MSI and ASUS. Who's best for gaming? Help please?
£1000 Gaming PC Build? Ugh, I'm useless at this stuff. I've been told building your own pc is a great money saver, but I don't know shit about what parts I need :/ My budget is £1000- £1050... Include the case if you can :D
Building a Gaming Pc? Hello i was just wondering what some of the options today for about $2100 in building your own gaming pc....
Buy or Build fist gaming PC? I've seen many answers and articles telling you to build instead of buy a gaming PC, but they all seem to know what they're doing. I know my way around the software aspects of a computer, but I'm completely stumped when it comes to the hardware. I'm pretty sure I know what a hard drive looks like, and that's about it. So my question is this: Should I build or buy my first gaming PC, if I know nothing about building computers. If you still recommend build, can you maybe link me to a tutorial or something? The only reason I wouldn't feel comfortable building one is because I'm afraid I might buy all the parts and everything, have no idea what to do with them, and pretty much just drop it completely. Also the maximum I'd be willing to spend on it would be around $1400 but preferably under $1000. I want the it to be able to run Skyrim and Battlefield 3 at pretty decent graphical settings with a high fps.
Help on building a gaming pc for the first time, where can I get parts if I live in Latvia? Now I live in Latvia and I need a good place where I can buy all of the parts I need to build a computer, also what do I need? I heard that getting a antistatic wristband is a good idea, how do you use it though and is there anything else like that I should be aware of? Can anyone suggest me some good specs for the PC preferably a AMD gaming pc since it would be cheaper - my budget is around 322.92 lats(600 dollors) but I'll save up to 400 lats(743.22 dollors) if it's worth it.
Help with buying/building a gaming pc.? Hello, I'm quite new to the "gaming" pc's and i'm saving up my budged to get a decent one. I'm tired with my current one, can't play any new games, just in the lowest settings, with still some lag. My current budged is around 385 Dollars, or 290 Euros I live in Lithuania, it's in Europe. So I would like to pay in euros better. I've never built a pc before. Is it hard?Because i know that building a pc is cheaper. I want the pc to run like far cry 3 on mid settings in 1280 x 720 display. So can anyone tell me some specs for a "middle ranked" gaming pc? The pc can be to around 600-800$ (I'l save up to it, somehow :P)
Help with building mid range gaming PC? Hi, i am wanting to build a mid range gaming pc that will work for playing games in 1366 x 768 and recording with fraps at 1280 x 720. I am looking to spend less than $900 and bits and pieces (ram, hard drives, maybe sli/crossfire) may be upgrades later on. I have no preference with amd or intel or whatever graphics card (though i was looking at the GTX 560Ti). If you have build a gaming pc recently and want to post your specs or just would like to help me then all parts will be brought from, use that to get prices from. (shipping isnt included in the $900) Thanks.
What system specs are good for a new desktop gaming PC? Alright, so I am considering buying/building a gaming PC - there are many great games I would like to play, such as World in Conflict, Red Alert 3 and more. What I want to know is what system specs I should get. I see many computers with 256MB of SDRAM or whatever it's called, etc, but I find it hard to see how well that performs. So for a gaming PC that will be able to run new games well, what kind of specs would I need? I was thinking of about 2.4Ghz processor, 2 or 4GB of RAM, and a video card with 512 SDRAM. Of course there are more components to a PC than this, but as far as I understand these mean the most for gaming. Any ideas? Or any specific video cards / processors that come to mind? Thanks!
Need help building a gaming PC for $800? I'm building a gaming PC and i have no idea where to start... I need someone who would be willing to email back and forth with me so i know what parts to buy and whatnot... Thank you
Is this a good gaming PC build? First it is not designed to play at ultra on all games, medium or perhaps high for most. Windows 7 Home Premium Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB *Noted, about 4 more needed, perhaps 16GB in total. System type: 32 bit Graphics Card: Gforce GTX 550 Custom Built Desktop Games commonly played: Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Shogun 2: Total War The only thing I know I need is more RAM, this is because the game often begins to judder with massive battles on Shogun, am I right? Also, if there is anything else I need could you comment? Thanks. Also if I am missing any vital details please state! I am not sure.
building a gaming pc? i've finally saved up enought money to build a gaming pc my budget is roughly $2000-2500. the information i need is... what is a good: cpu speed? RAM? (min 2GB RAM) Harddrive? (I'd like a 320 GB but from where?) Case? Motherboard? Monitor (i like a 20inch) Expansion cards Peripheral hardware (keyboard mouse pc camera, speakers) Drive (CD/DVD/R/RW) What kind of operating system... Vista or XP? Video card Any applications also any other requirments you might recomend Thank you very much
building a gaming pc? i was wondering how much a gaming pc would be two build and run blackops on 60fps on max setting and is it difficult
Building a good gaming PC? Hi, I want to get a new PC that will be used for gaming, school work, browsing and general stuff. There's a computer shop near where I live that builds them for basically nothing, you just have too pay for the parts. What are the best specs I could get on a gaming PC for around $1500?
WANT TO BUILD A GAMING PC? I already hava a pc but want to upgrade it for some medium level gaming and i also have a hard disk so dont suggest it i want a processor a ram a graphic card and some other stuffs like fan etc iam not a pc geek my budget is rs.20000 approx($370) i know i cant build a very good gaming pc i just want to play new games like ac series call of duty series batman etc (in medium or low settings) pls suggest one
Building a Custom gaming PC? Im looking into getting some sort of gaming PC and I need some advice. I really like the alien wares, but it seems everyone finds them to be rubbish and overpriced. Is this true or is it just something a kind of elitist says? I also hear a lot of talk about building a custom PC, but is this a truly viable option? And is it really all that cheaper compared to simply buying a prebuilt alien ware? You see, I have never put together a computer before, so obviously I wouldn't know what I was doing when I tried to build one. How hard is it and how long did it take for you to build your first PC? Is there anywhere that I could possibly find a guide? So, what do you think? Try and build my own or buy an alien ware?
Need help building a gaming pc? I have 2000 dollars for working for 4 years (I'm 13) I want to build a gaming pc or buy one. Any ideas on a really good graphics card and processor? Or just links to among pcs?
Gaming pc build help/suggestions? Hello if anyone can help me because I'm really new to this. So is this a good gaming pc build? Is their anything I'm missing or need to replace? I'm trying to keep it a little under $1,000. p.s. I want it to be able to run battlefield 4 on high, any battlefield fans here? :) 1.Case: 2.Motherboard: 3.Power supply: 4.Cpu: (not too sure what i should get) 5.Graphics card: (not too sure about this either) 6.Memory/RAM: 7.Hardrive: 8.Optical drive: 9.OS: Maybe someone can make this cheaper for me lol.
How to build a gaming PC? Duplicated from another section. Just want the right person to see it. I am setting out to try to build a gaming PC. I know absolutely NOTHING about how this is done. I am not even able to tell you much of anything about the computer I DO have, except it is not good for gaming and I have been told on forums that it is not even upgradeable (space issues?) to where I need it to be. I don't need or want the biggest and baddest gaming PC. I don't like FPS and games that are heavily graphics driven. The games I'd like to play are: World of Tanks (i do now, with less than 15 FPS); Civilization V; Alpha Centauri; Total War titles (Rome, for instance-with all expansions); Europa Universalis III; Hearts of Iron III and some Dawn of War titles. Can someone PLEASE recommend a how to book(s) for an absolute beginner like myself. I mean I don't know what a motherboard is! Does it make little boards with fatherboards? A good forum for helping me on my journey would be great, too. If you know of a truly good one, let me know of it, too. Secondary question: Some games are made for certain operating systems. Does that mean that more advanced OS's will not be able to play these games? I am a grown man, not stupid but hopelessly ignorant on this subject. I don't even tend to the manual (taking things apart, building etc) but more to the cerebral (thinking things through, making not necessarily obvious connections). I am in NO WAY saying one of these ways of thinking is superior to the other. NASA engineers are in the manual category. A social theorist would be in the second. PLEASE help me out?
need help building a gaming pc? when building a gaming pc what should i spend most on? videocard ?cpu? motherboard? ram? etc can you list from most important to less important (example 40% on videocard, 20 %ram.etc)
Should I get an african grey parrot or ps3 or a custon built gaming pc? Hi I'm getting an offer from my dad and I dont know which to choose the african grey the ps3 or the custon built gaming pc. Its just so hard. If you dont know what a african grey is, its a smart talking parrot.
How much does it usually cost to build a good gaming PC? I was thinking of getting one but I hear to buy a already build gaming pc cost $3000-$5000. Is this true because I really don't know how to build one from scratch.
what is the chepast way to build a gaming pc from scratch? Hi I am thinking of building a gaming pc from scratch and I want to know what the best parts are and whats the cheapest parts I could get to build a gaming pc?
How much will it cost to build a gaming pc? I was looking into building a gaming pc instead of buying a next gen console since everyone online says its cheaper than a console.. Which I only seen the computer not including a monitor or keyboarding or anything go for $699 at the cheapest? Can someone tell me a rough price point of what the price would be?
What is a good way to build a Gaming PC with economical standards? What is a good way to build a gaming PC that is an economical computer that can run games like BF3 at standard graphics like Xbox. I don't want to waste money on a 1,000 dollar computer, I just want a computer that can run games well, not the heretic way of every game must be ultra settings, but in a comfortable way like the Xbox, sometimes there a lags, but mostly it can run games at a normal standard at a fair price.
Is it possible to build a gaming pc for under a grand? Is it possible to build a gaming pc for under a grand? This computer will be used from graphic design/multimedia (flash video creation, photoshop, etc.) It will also be playing games such as WoW, Portal 2, and maybe even Crysis 2. Any recommendation on how this could be done would be greatly appreciated. If you believe the system I'm looking for will cost over 1,000 please explain why. And thank you!
What are the parts I need to build a gaming Pc? What are the parts I need to build a gaming PC and where can I buy them? And what would be the total cost?
Is it possible to build a gaming PC in an old NES shell? I want to build a gaming pc; or at least gut my old desktop or laptop. Is it at all possible for me to build it inside of the NES shell? I think it would be a really cool retro design.
Is there any advice for me to build a gaming pc? I have a horrible pc that can barely even play flash games and i'm planning to build a gaming pc. I have $4500 which I was saving for this project. Any advice on what I should get for it?
Should I build a gaming pc right now and wait with the PS4 till my birthday? My birthday's in april and I was wondering if I should build a gaming pc from my money now. I have 300 euros but a friend will give me extra money + a very powerful graphics card he's gonna replace. I really want the ps4 so I can still play with my friends But I think most of my friends will probaly still wait a few months after it's release. And if I build a gaming pc I could just pirate games.
How much would it cost to build a gaming pc that rivals a PS4 and Xbox 1? I was telling a friend that I bought the PS4 on the day it came out. He tells me that I should have built a gaming pc instead. I told him I've heard of people building gaming pcs, but I never thought of doing it. He told me that it will cost a lot at first, but I'll save more money with a gaming pc. He also told me that I should sell my PS4 and start building one. So I was wondering can pc games look exactly like PS4 games if not better? Then how much would it cost to build one?
What Parts should I buy to build a gaming PC? What Parts should I buy to build a gaming PC? I want to build a new PC or just upgrade my old one so it will be able to handle new games better.
How to build a gaming PC for Battlefeild 3? Hi i would like to build a gaming PC for Battlefield 3. I am looking for 70 fps and try to build it for around $600. Please tell parts i can use and where to find them. Thank you for any help
What other parts should I buy to build a gaming pc? I plan on building a gaming pc that can handle games like Skyrim and Far Cry 3 on ultra settings. So far the cpu I plan on getting is the AMD FX-6300. I am not sure what video card, motherboard to get, or if I should get a hard drive disk or solid state drive. Please give me suggestions as to which parts will work best with the processor I plan on getting and give me a better gaming experience so I can play Skyrim and Far Cry 3 on ultra settings. As for the price for each part $200 is the most I am willing to pay.
What are all of the parts to build a gaming PC? What are all the parts of building a gaming PC? *All the essentials that are compulsory, but don't include extra parts.
How hard is it to build a gaming pc? I want to build my own gaming computer, I plan on saving up around $1,000-$1,500 for it. I have a good knowledge of computers, but I'm not a wiz with them, even though I love them and want to know more about how they work. How hard would it be for me to build a gaming pc from the ground-up with almost no hardware experience?
Can someone list me all the parts to build a gaming PC? Going to build a gaming PC soon and I need to know all the parts like the graphics card, processor, RAM, motherboard, and more.
What are the best parts to build a gaming pc? i need to know what the best parts are to build a gaming pc like motherboard ,processor , videocard etc
is it cheaper to build a gaming pc or just to buy one? I can't afford a top of the line gaming pc, however, i keep reading comments that it is cheaper to build a gaming pc than it is to buy it already made. would it be possible to build a gaming pc that can handle great graphics at around the 500-600 dollar area. I want to use my pc to play system emulators as well as be able to play current games at good speeds. Please any help will be appreciated.
im going to build a gaming pc and i need help on what type of parts to get? I am going to build a gaming PC ,and im new to this so i don't know what to get. I have a budget of 1000 to 1500. Which parts would give me the most power, effectiveness, and durability. Preferable something that would last the longest and let me play battlefield on a high resolution. Thank you for your help.
What's the best and cheapest hardware i can buy to build a gaming pc? Please include as much details as possible. I'll be building a gaming pc from scratch. Thanks. It should be able to play every game. thanks again.
Do I need a license to build custom gaming PC's for others? Ok, say I put an add up saying I build custom gaming pc's, would I need a license to do so? I am very skilled with it, as I have built my last four PC's. Thank you for you're time, -Jon.
Building a gaming pc, what should i look for? Im looking to build a gaming pc, since i heard its better than buying one. I dont really need a mouse or keyboard since i will be using a gamepad. Any ideas for a graphics card? I dont really know much, can you guys tell me what i need. I will be using a a desktop that im planning to get from a flea market.
Any ideas for a good gaming PC that I can use to play Skyrim or Fallout at medium to high settings? I really want a good pre built gaming PC that has a good processor and quad core, any advice I'm 13 so I don't have a lot of money. Thanks:)
How much will it cost to build my gaming pc? I want to build my own gaming pc, but im not sure how much it will cost. What i want is the Sandybridge 4-core 2600k CPU, GeForce GTX 590, ASUS Maximus IV Extreme motherboard, and thats i have for now. I need to look for the rest but can you guys give me an estimate of those items and the rest(case, cooling system, and all that good stuff)? Thanks
What parts should I build my gaming PC with? I am looking to build a gaming PC, but I'm not sure what parts would be wise to use in it. I'd like it to be in the $800-900 range. You could also leave suggestions for my keyboard, mouse and monitor, as I've been looking into getting a new one of each of those as well. Thanks to anyone who can help. I would like to be able to play games like StarCraft II, Battlefield 3, and other games similar to these, on at least medium graphics settings. If this isn't possible please inform me.
How can I convince my parents to let me build a gaming pc? In about a month we're going to buy a pc from currys and it's overpriced and not very good for gaming.I want to build a gaming pc but I'm sure my parents won't let me because the don't want me wasting my time playing games and building it and also because its risky.Also they don't want to put credit card details on some random website.How can I convince them to let me build one?I'm 15 by the way. These are the points I already have: It'll be useful for my computing gcse. It will save money. Better value for money If it goes wrong I can get the parts replaced. 3 of my friends have done it and they all want to help me. Could you please give me some other points and phrase it for me? This is the pc we would be getting: Thanks
How much does it cost to build a gaming pc? I am looking to build a gaming pc..dosent have to be amazing but I play the pc game starcraft 2 and i want to be able to play on Ultra Settings with no lag..rough estimate how much am i going to look at spending??
What is better to build a gaming PC? AMD quad core or intel quad core? I was planning on building a gaming PC and i was wondering if I should use a quad core intel processor or a quad core AMD processor, the intel one is Q6600, and the AMD is the Q4 phenom 9550. they are both around the same price, but i was wondering which is better for gaming, I am going to play the lastest games like crysis. Also please explain why your choice is better, best answer gets 10 points.
where can i build a gaming pc online? Im looking to build a gaming pc online like you can on alienware but not from alienware, any suggestions?
can you build a gaming pc with any desktop? I finally decided to just build a gaming pc instead of going through lists of which pc is better for gaming but im wondering if i can make one out of my old desktop that has been laying around for years cause I know the basic thing to build a gaming pc is replacing and installing. I really appriciated for your anwser oh and can you also recommed me a good graphics card to play games like Skyrim or BF4.
Is it worth my time and money to build the ultimate gaming pc to sell? would it be worth my time to build a gaming pc with all the most current best hardware to resell, becasue i can get the hardware for alot less than the regular consumer from a store etc? or is it a waste of my time and a gamble with my money? when your dealing with a 3,000+ pc!
What is the best possible pre-built gaming pc that I can buy for under $800? I know EVERYONE is going to say, "Built your own PC it's better......." Just give me a straight up answer on the best possible gaming pc that I can buy pre-built for under $800. It is just that I really do not want to take the chance of failing to boot my pc up, or just plug in the wires wrong and short circuit the gaming rig. JUST GIVE ME THE BEST POSSIBLE PRE-BUILT GAMING PC THAT I CAN BUY FOR UNDER $800! What I want to play is Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, or just modern games that are graphically intensive. But, take a note that I will not play my games on MAX setting or ultra settings, maybe high or medium. So yeah. Just copy and paste the link. Oh and also tell me what settings Battlefield 3 and Crysis 3 can run at.
How can I convince my parents to let me build a gaming pc? In about a month we're going to buy a pc from currys and it's overpriced and not very good for gaming.I want to build a gaming pc but I'm sure my parents won't let me because the don't want me wasting my time playing games and building it and also because its risky.Also they don't want to put credit card details on some random website.How can I convince them to let me build one?I'm 15 by the way. These are the points I already have: It'll be useful for my computing gcse. It will save money. Better value for money If it goes wrong I can get the parts replaced. 3 of my friends have done it and they all want to help me. Could you please give me some other points and phrase it for me? This is the pc we would be getting: Thanks
Can somebody recommend me parts to build my new gaming PC? My price range is somewhere in between $800-$1000. I'm looking to build a gaming PC that can run most newer games efficiently on their highest settings.
How much would it cost to build a good gaming pc? Im graduating from college and im expecting to get a gift from my mom. I have a really shitty laptop that I have been using for 4 years and I think she is going to give me a mac. Thats what she got my sister when she graduated. However, I dont really want a mac, I would rather build my own gaming pc. But how much would that cost? Mac's cost about $1,000 so would all the parts fit in that price range? Woops, I meant desktop not laptop.
How to install windows on a custom build pc? I recently purchased a custom build gaming pc for my boyfriend, when I purchased it I knew it'd have no operating system so a friend of mine burned a copy of windows 7 to a disk. When switching the pc on and trying to use the disk it doesn't work. A black and white screen appears saying... "Windows boot manager Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem: 1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer 2. Choose your language settings, and then click next. 3. Click repair your computer. If you do not have this disc contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance. Status : 0xc0000034 Info : An unexpected error has occurred" So what do we do? We're really dumb when it comes to computers. Thanks for any help!
How do I build a gaming pc? I am 19 and my laptop is getting old and outdated. I need a new gaming pc. The only problem is I have no knowlege or what I need to do to build a gaming pc. I don't know what a hard drive is or a graphics card or what the best one is or anything outside of installing games, using the internet or word. Everything else I'm clules about. So how can I build one? What are some good gaming pcs? The one I'm looking for are in the 1200-1500 price range. I am not getting alienware since its to expensive.
What components i should use for a really good gaming pc? Im 13( a little early eh?) anyways im planning to build a gaming pc in the feature so any help would be appreciated from an experienced gaming pc builder Thanks in advance :D
How can I build the best gaming pc? I want to build the best gaming pc before, at, or after GTA 5 is released on PC. What parts do I need? Please give me a list of what to buy to make an excellent gaming pc.
What are the best parts to building the ultimate Gaming PC? I need a list of parts and even a case to build my Ultimate Gaming PC, I only want the BEST parts available and the best combination of Gaming PC and OS. Money is NO object. Thank you
How much would it cost to build a gaming pc? I really want to buy an affordable gaming computer. Apparently building one yourself is much cheaper and you can get the best for under $1000? Also, if you can: Can anyone build me a good gaming pc that is under 1000$ please, it has to be future proof for at least 2-3 years? Thanks alot. I have already have a monitor and other software (OS and office) Hmm, something that would be able to play crysis on very high would be perfect for me.
Looking to build my own gaming pc where should I start and what cases do you guys recommend? I've been told to build my own pc and have some knowledge on parts but do not know much essentially my info on motherboards is close to none so what case and motherboard should i get to build a gaming pc. Im not really looking for a very strong just want to run games like minecraft and tf2 thank you
What PC Specs should i get for building a Gaming PC with a Budget of 1,000 Dollars? Im going to build my own gaming PC in the future with a budget of 1,000 dollars and i want the future PC to be able to play games like Crysis 3, The new Simcity, and just a ton of other games, and be able to withstand editing and recording software n stuff like that for my youtube channel.
Is it possible for me to build a good, fast gaming PC with maybe $200 or less? I want to build a gaming PC REALLY bad because my current PC is not so capable with running games, the only problem is that I don't know if I can build a reliable, fast, good working gaming PC with the amount of money I currently have. Plus I don't know where I would begin to building the PC. If someone could answer my question and possibly leave me a link to a video tutorial on how to build a gaming PC that would be great! Thanks! Ahhh, I kinda thought so. I was just asking because this guy I know made two gaming PC's and I remember them being actually pretty cheap and it looked like they ran well.
Where is the best place to custom build a gaming pc? Wanted to know where is the best place to build a gaming PC for games like skyrim also the cheapest and most reliable would be Great thanks
What are some good parts for building a gaming pc under $700? Alright so I really would like to build my own gaming pc that can run amazing games at little to no lag for under $700. Does anyone have any ideas on what parts I should use (ps I already bought the DVD drive an I still need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse)? Thanks in advance.
How much does it cost to build a good gaming PC? I want to build a good gaming PC that can play games on high. How much would this cost and what specs and RAM would I need? Is it worth saving up for the 1199 one or will the 649 run things at high? is there site i can go to to see what it can run without having the computer?
What are the differences between a micro atx and an atx gaming pc? I Want to start building a gaming pc or maybe buy one (depends on the price)and wanted to know if I should go for micro atx or regular atx form. Which one will also Dave some money?
Any ideas for a good gaming PC that I can use to play Skyrim or Fallout at medium to high settings? I really want a good pre built gaming PC that has a good processor and quad core, any advice I'm 13 so I don't have a lot of money. Thanks:)
Should I buy a gaming pc in parts or all at once? I'm trying to build a gaming PC that's around $1400.00. I'm on a tight budget so i was thinking i could buy it in parts. This would allow me to splurge a little on better parts. Problem is the return policy is only good for 30 days so if something's broken, I've just got a bunch of expensive paper weights lying around. This is my first time doing this and I'm curious as to how it's normally done. Any suggestions?
What are the main things you need for a gaming pc? I want to build a gaming pc and I need help. I mainly want to know whats required and wants mainly wanted. I'm kind of on a $450 budget so please keep that in mind. Thanks!
Website where I can custom build my own Gaming PC with a Corsair 800D case? I've been looking over websites like TigerDirectBlog, DigitalStorm, CyberPowerPC, and some other sites. However, they only have a limited range of cases available. Does anyone know a site where I can custom build my own Gaming PC with a mid Corsair 800D case? Thanks!
How can I build my own Gaming PC? What is like the best website that I learn from that will allow me to be able to know how to build a Gaming Pc without any problems whats so ever?
How hard to build a gaming Pc? I've always wanted to build my own gaming pc. I dont have much knowledge on how to do so but have heard it fairly easy with some commen sense and a screwdriver. Is it really that simple. The main reasons are that i feel like my options are limited on ps3 and have become kinda bored with it. Plus I have heard over all game play is way better and graphics etc can easily be changed out. Whats the pros and cons. I have only played Cod4 on pc, i loved it once i got the hang of using the keyboard an mouse. Any info is good info. thanks in advance.
Whats the best video card for an advanced gaming pc? I am building a gaming pc and I am putting the best hardware possible into it. I want the fastest most advanced, and best quality pc around. What video card should I use?
What kind of RAM should i get for my gaming pc that im building? I am building a gaming pc and i am trying to decide which ram i should get for the best gaming performance possible.
What is the best PRE-BUILT gaming computer in the 650 range, 750 range and 800 range? Alright, I am not able to build a PC so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not tell me to build one! Someone does every time! I just want to know what is the best PRE - BUILT gaming PC you guys can find in the 650 dollar, 750 dollar and 800 dollar range/budget.
What parts should I use to build a quality gaming pc for around $750? I want to build myself a gaming pc for around $750. I'm not a genius when it comes to computer parts but I was wondering if I could build a PC this cheap that could run games like far cry 3 and battlefield 3 at high or max settings. If not, how much more would I have to pay to play those settings? this is not including monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard, but how much should I pay for those. I'd like to use sites like newegg and amazon but if they're out of stock for the moment it's fine, I'm planning on building it in a few months, once I earn the rest of my money. Thanks!
What is the best way to ship a liquid-cooled pc? I am trying to sell my custom built gaming pc with liquid cooling, but I don't want to put it on ebay, because I don't know how I would ship the computer safely with the liquid in it. Any suggestions on how I could do this, other than draining the computer or only offering local pick up? Would shipping insurance cover repair cost if the system leaked in shipping and damaged the computer?
Which parts should I buy for building a budget gaming pc with a jpec 411 case? I have a jpec 411 silver platinum case that my dad bought but never used. I would like to build a budget gaming pc with it, and not spend a thousand dollars on it. I don't know a lot about building computers/compatibility, but if I buy the right parts my dad can built it easy. So which parts should I buy, or at least what is compatible? All I know is the case is compatible with ATX motherboards...
Is it worth buying a already built PC from Best Buy, or is it better to put more money into building your own? Im planning on building a gaming pc for the upcoming games Operation Flashpoint 2, Modern Warfare 2, Bad Company 2, ETC. But im not sure if it is better to just buy a $800-$1,200 from Best Buy, Staples, OR if i should just put a little more money into it and buy parts from scrap and build my own. Please Help.
Is it easy to build a gaming PC for your first time? Christmas is coming up, and I want a gaming PC, I read some reviews and did some research only to find that building your own PC is the way to go. I have absolutely no experience with this stuff and I watched some videos of people doing it and it looks like a foreign language to me. Is it easy to build a PC for first-timers? If so, what building kit should I get?
What is the best gaming pc u can build for 1500$? I want to build a good gaming pc, and like most people I want to get the most out of my money. So I have 1500$ to use. Where should I buy it? And what should I buy? (Im building it myself, so i just need the parts)
What's the best pre built gaming PC for under 650? Hey my laptop recently broke and Instead of repairing it I thought I'd buy a computer that can actually run games passed 20 FPS. So what's the best pre built gaming pc for under 650 And no I am not going to build my own PC.
i was wondering if it is really cheaper to build your own gaming PC? my computer is getting really old now and i saw the new star wars; the old republic and thought, i need a new computer. i did a little research and the internet says its cheaper to build your own gaming PC than buy one from a store. there is only one problem, when i went to new egg to find the components i found myself overwhelmed by the options and names of everything. basically, i have no idea what I'm doing. if anyone could help, that would be awesome.
What do you think of my gaming PC build? I'm planning on building a gaming PC by June or July of next year. I want to make sure that the parts were compatible. Also, is my processor good for gaming? Check it out here: @BC What case should I get then?
If I get a gaming headset for my gaming pc, do I still need a sound card? So I want to build a gaming pc with powerful sound so I can hear approaching enemies when I play FPSs. I want to get a gaming headset but I'm not sure if I get a headset, whether I need to purchase a sound card or not.
What are some good parts for a gaming pc? I plan on building or having my friend build a gaming desktop pc, since I've read that its way cheaper than buying one ready made.So I want to know what are some good parts for a pc that will run League of Legends, Minecraft, Counter-Strike(the latest versions), Amnesia, and a few other games. What site has all the parts, preferably for cheap. I only need good enough parts to last two or three years until I can get the top of the line parts.
What is a good website that gives you a simple guide to building a gaming computer? Hey I want to build a gaming pc and I don't know how to is there a good website that gives me step by step instructions on how to build one (simple step by step instructions one that a 15year old boy can understand,although I am rather clever for my age)
How would i get started on building a custom PC? Im looking to build a gaming PC with the budget of around £750 i want high FPS and MAX settings on most games im going too play. The thing is how would i start learning about how to build a PC which has the best Processors, RAM, GPU etc.. I need as much information as possible so i know everything before i buy the parts and start building it. Also i wanna know how to know to actually put it together and get it up and running.
What PC game is the biggest resource hound? I want to build a gaming pc and I need to know what game uses the most resources and build my pc to out last it by a few years. The last time I bought a pc it wouldn't run the games that came out the year after.
Should i go and buy a gaming console or save up and build a gaming pc? I like any games and i have the knowledge of how to build pc's and their inner workings...
How to build a gaming pc?(how to choose the pc parts)? Ok intel i5 2500k. I dont know what motherboard i should i get.(ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional.?) its abit expensive for a motherboard i am not sure if i need it. As i said i want a cheap gaming pc. I saw some comments saying its bad and so on, Now i dont know what should i get if there is any cheaper motherboard but still good. And now for a GFX What video card should i get???
What is the best gaming PC build/setup/hardware or whatever you want to call it for 2011? Just mostely wondering what the best processor for gaming is and what the best brand of mobo's for gaming are along with RAM? But a whole build would be nice too :). Last question, how good are Sandy Bridge's for gaming?
How can I build a gaming PC? So I would like to make my own gaming PC since many people say it will be cheaper to do so, but I don't know how? What things would I need to buy? My budget would be 2,000$ or lower, and I would like to run games like battlefield 3, team fortress 2, minecraft, and left for dead 2. Please help!
Is this a good mid range gaming pc build? the mid range gaming pc build I also want to know how difficult you guys think it is to build a desktop on a scale from 1-10, 10 being really difficult
Help with what I should get to build a gaming PC? Can anyone help me by suggesting a good graphics card, processor, how much RAM i should get for a gaming PC that can run games smoothly or give me a few websites that are good to find this kind of thing? Thanks!
What is a good PC for gaming or how can I build a good gaming PC? I would like a gaming PC/Laptop, but I always hear it's best to build a PC. How would I do this? How do I get started? Please Help.
How to build a gaming PC for 500$? I'm looking to build a decent gaming PC for 500$ or less. I would like to just have a list of the components, if anyone can do that. Thanks.
How to build a gaming PC? I would like to build a gaming PC for as cheap as possible, while being able to play some modern DX10 games like Crysis and Stalker. How much will this cost? Where are some good sites to reference what I should get for components? Which version of Vista do I want for gaming? Where should I buy my components?
How to build a Gaming PC? I am planing to build a Gaming PC, however, I do know what I should know about building one. So, can I get a list of parts required to build one. I know how to put a PC together, I just do not know what are the gaming parts I need. Thanks
how much money do i need to build a good quality gaming pc? i have $1200 to spend on building a gaming pc and the game i play mostly is battlefield 3 i also play dota and mw3. by the way im from australia
How is this build for PC gaming? I found a recommendation for a medium range PC gaming build (under $1,000 U.S. before tax) from and was wondering if anyone can provide an expert opinion of it. I plan to play first person shooters, such as Battlefield 3 and RPGs such as Skyrim.
Can someone tell me how to build a gaming PC and all that I need? Y'know like instructions on how to do it and all the stuff that I need to make it. Like a custom computer.
What do i need to build a Gaming PC? I know how to put everything together, but i do not know all the parts I need. I need a list of what to get, such as a fan, a mother board, a case, and ect.What parts do i have to have to build one?
How hard is it to build a high-end gaming PC? I want for less than $1,000 to build a gaming desktop. Nothing extreme, but I'd like to be able to play games like Crysis (obviously with graphics turned way down). Where do I start?
Would this gaming pc build be good enough? How is this pc gaming build I have really no clue about building a pc and I'm basing this build off the mid range gaming build ASUS P8Z68-V LX Intel Z68 Motherboard Intel Core i5-2500K Patriot G2 Series 8GB DDR3 (1600 Mhz) EVGA GTX 560 Ti 1GB Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 7.1 Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid-Tower Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply Seagate Barracuda 1TB Corsair Hydro H60 Lite-On Internal DVD Writer Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit I was wondering if this build would be able to run games like skyrim, battlefield 3, total war:shogun 2, tera, and diablo 3 on at least high settings if not what should be changed.
Rate my pc please its my first build? (gaming rig)? the motherboard on my dell inspirion 531s died so i trough it out the window, i still have the ram and hdd that came with. dont know what to do with the 2.5 gb of ddr2 ram through it away or sale it but sale it to who????? anyway i built a new rig to replace the dell, my gaming pc i built my self and am being 13 am since my family sucks at cash this build is as good as i can get. Would of love to have a i7!!!!!!!!!!!! i this build cost like 291$ the reason i got a ddr2 mother board is because i still had the amd athlon 64 5000+ from my dell 531s and my freaking mom needed to use a computer to check her stupid Facebook only thing she gets on. i didn't pay for all this my mom did cheap woman if only she has more money i could have built a ddr3 RIG with i7. IS my pc a good pc build for the money... motherboard: Msi 785gtm-e45 CPU: AMD phenom ii 960T unlocked to 5 core @4.1ghz RAM Gskill 2x2 4GB ddr2 @ 1153mhz GPU: AMD radeon 7850 HDD seagate 465 gb 7200rpm CASE Raygo R12-40885 MG12 Series Mid Tower Case GAMEPAD: PS3 Controller useing motionjoy to emulate 360 PAD for pc games that use it I play games like dolphin emulator pcsx2 emulator and some PC titles blackops bioshock fallout 3 and 4 assassins creed harry potter order of phinonx Please dont say my pc sucks if it sucks i hate myself for building this lame PC and i'll toss it out the window like i did my dell :( out of 10 how good is my pc
I want to build a gaming PC rather than buying one because it's cheaper, some questions? I already know all the components that are required, but I was wondering, Is it easy to mess up and accidentally break things? Like the $300 processor? And also, is it easy to learn how to diagnose problems once you start using the PC? i.e., defective motherboard, defective ram, etc.? Because I don't think it would be worth it if I build my own PC, then have to send it to Geek Squad to diagnose hardware problems
Hardware tips for a $2000 Gaming PC (Desktop) build (and a monitor)? Also, any MUST HAVE PC Games? DON'T RUN AWAY AFTER SEEING THIS HUGE DESCRIPTION! YOU DON"T NEED TO READ ALL OF IT! I am building my first computer. I only know a little bit about them from talking with my friends. I would like it to be able to play ANY game on the highest settings without difficulty. -It's gotta have a long lifespan to impress the parents -I will definitely be getting a SSD with external HDD. -$2000 is absolute max, with or without a monitor, I would like to spend about $1800-$1900 on the PC itself but I can spend $2000 on it if you don't think I should buy a new monitor. -I didn't include anything external in the cost (except HDD) so I can buy a mouse, speakers, keyboard, etc. without having to fit it in the budget. -My OS must be Windows 7 for the SSD -Intel Processor is the only way to go in my opinion. {This web address -> is a $1680 PC build that you CAN/SHOULD look at to give you an idea of my price range.} -------------------------------------------------- YOU MAY SKIP THIS...YOU MAY SKIP THIS...YOU MAY SKIP THIS I appreciate ANY constructive replies no matter how short or long. I don't expect you to calculate all of the item prices, just suggest something with about the same price (maybe a little higher than) as the products from the link. Feel free to sacrifice quality in some areas and add it to others if it will be beneficial overall. Don't stress about giving me tips on all of the items, even a suggestion for one piece of hardware is fine. I don't usually award a best answer, but for this question I definitely will. YOU MAY SKIP THIS...YOU MAY SKIP THIS...YOU MAY SKIP THIS ---------------------------- To refresh your memories, I need... Monitor Mouse Keyboard Speakers & Headphones ------------------------------- Motherboard CPU (You'll really have to fight me if you want me to get something other than Intel) CPU Cooler RAM Video Card Sound Card Hard Drive/SSD Drive Optical Drive (I have BD player in my room so BD reader/burner isn't terribly important. Case Power Supply ---------------------------------- I can find suggestions everywhere but the thing I want is an explanation for why you suggest this and/or why I should use your suggestion over other suggestions... so please leave that if you can... If the part you suggest comes with requirements, (ex. SSD's need TRIM [to keep from being damaged] which requires Windows 7), please let me know. Other things that I would like to hear about are: -RAM 4, 8, or 16gb -Water Cooling vs. Fan Cooling -Intel i7 / Intel i5 -ASUS Motherboard: Many different reviews giving totally opposite opinions. (Good or Bad) -Monitor: I have a HD AOC 18" and a 40" Dynex HDTV, I am not a fan of the 18" size and the TV's size can cause lower resolution. What hardware contributes to allowing higher resolution? Should I just buy a bigger monitor? -What should/shouldn't I put on my SSD? I really want to save Skyrim on it but if it's a bad idea than I can live without it. and yes, my OS will be on it. -What do you think about NVIDIA? Is there anything that gives more bang for your buck? -Any tips that will save me time/agony during/soon after the construction of it? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -On a side note, any MUST HAVE games for PC? I am into most genres. I am a 17 year old guy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Thanks for your time!
Can a 14 year old build their own gaming pc? Well, i've gotten more into pc gaming more then console gaming because the games are cheaper, you can use mods, more game options, graphics are better, etc. My laptop cannot run games very well so I figured i'd try to get a job and earn the money. But I know that teens my age are VERY limited in the workforce. The pc i'd like to build was at It seems very good, looks able to play games at their max settings even with shadows with great fps. (Which my laptop cannot do). So what I'm basically asking is that people my age could be able to get a job to build a good gaming pc like that, because i've heard that alienware is a ripoff compared of what you could get if you just build a pc yourself.
What drivers should I install in a freshly build gaming PC? (First build ever)? I am building my first budget gaming PC, and before I go ahead and do that, I want to know a few things. 1. When I build my rig and install Win7, how do I know which drivers to install? 2. What is the best way to install the drivers? 3. Any advice you can give me? (For beginner rig builder.) Here is my list of parts I'm going to get. If there is a better alternative which I can use please let me know. Motherboard ASUS M5A97 AMD 9 Series CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1045T RAM Corsair 4GB DDR3 (1333 Mhz) x2 Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti SuperClocked (1GB) Hard Drive Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB Optical Drive Lite-On Internal DVD Writer Case Cooler Master RC-430-KWN1 Elite 430 Power Supply Cooler Master Elite Series 460 Watts I would really like some help with this. Thank you in advance.
How to convince my parents to let me build my own gaming PC? Wow. Alright. I need a new gaming PC, and the only ones that meet my specs sell for about 7000$ (Alienware). I discovered the joy of building my own PC soon after! I asked and with some help from the Steam Powered User Forums I found every part I need to build my own ultra gaming rig! But here's the problem. When I took it up with my mom ( she has the credit card :[ ) she didn't believe it. I've researched (painstakingly) for many hours, and every site tells me the same thing. Building a computer is not rocket science! She seems to believe I will crash and burn and waste 1200$ worth of equipment! She says unless I find a computer-building class (o.o) or some sort of support line she's not getting the goods. Help me convince her that it's easy, please?
How I Can Build Gaming PC at LOW Price ? I have AMD athlon 64 3000+ , 512 mb Ram .. i am unable to play games like GTA san andrias etc. i am thinking to buy a new Graphic Card .. Which one is cheap and best i only want to play only one game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas . i am big fan of rockstar games ..
How much would it cost to build a good gaming PC? Not everything maxed out, I'd probably only spend big money on the graphics, decent on mother board, rest mediocre. Idc for sound or anything like that. It'd really only be for gaming and nothing else. To build something decent what do you think it would cost me?
How can I learn to build a gaming rig? I always hear and read about how it's better (and cheaper) to build your own gaming pc instead of buying a custom one from a manufacturer like Alienware. But since I know very little about building PC's, I wonder if there's a way to learn without having to pay for a class. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Anyone know how to build a cheap gaming PC? I have $650 and I'm trying to build the best gaming PC I can for that amount of money. I am going to be playing World of Warcraft and would like the best graphics I can get and play with. Can anyone tell me what I need to get in order to have a great gaming PC for that price? Thanks!
Please help to build Gaming PC. Any answer will be appreciated .? Please help me to buy PSU and Case for my PC. here are my system details:- MOBO:- Magic-pro MP-AKGX EXTREME GTS link for mobo ( ) CPU:-AMD PHENOM ||X3 720 be VGA:- sapphire HD4870 (512mb) HDD:- HITACHI 500GB RAM:- ADATA 2* 2GB/DDR2 /800 I have bought those already . I need only PSU and chasis.please help me. its my first time to build a PC. and please give me some hints about configuring PC like how to start after opening box. while answering please view compatibility with those above mentioned equipments. thank you Thank you for your time do something will go wrong if i am using my old 15 " LCD .Anyway next month after salary arrives I will get 22" kekeke.... I just wanted to know will my LCD blast using with those component?
I am new with computers, I need some advice on this custom build gaming PC? I am planning to build my very own computer to play video games. I am looking to play games such as Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim, MW3, Battlefield 3, Crysis, etc. Usually I buy a computer that is already built, but I recently learned that it is cheaper to build one yourself. So, after a few computer engineering classes, I more or less acquired an idea as to how to build a computer when you have all of the parts at hand. I may need a bit of help from Youtube tutorials, but it's not a big problem. I have a flexible $650-750 budget. Anyways, here are the components that I plan to buy: AMD phenom ii X6 1090t Processor Intel DH67BLB Socket LGA 1155 Motherboard 500GB of Hard Drive memory Corsair Vengeance 2*4GB of RAM 700 Watt power supply First, I need someone to tell me whether this is a good system base for playing games or not. Are there any cheaper components that run better than the ones I bought? Is the power supply I bought enough for these components? Thank you. Now, I am aware that those five components are the most important part of a pc, and I find this an easy concept to grasp. I have been told, however, that you also need small components, such as USB ports, Ethernet ports, PCI ports, optical drive ports, etc. and I have no idea what this is. Could someone either explain something to me,or tell me what extra little ports/components I need to buy other than the five obvious ones? The main question I ask these questions is because I looked at ASUS's "recommended power supply" page, and I came across some utterly confusing language and names for some "ports" that I had to choose...I was very lost. BTW, I know that I need a case, but I will buy that once I can plan out where everything goes in the computer. Please help, and remember that I am rather new to computers, so any links that can help me understand or some information as to what I need to make a computer run and play games would be very helpful. Sorry if I seem very clueless but...well...I am. Someone tell me if I need to clarify something. Computer experts/geeks/nerds or whatever wanted especially please!
how do (or need) to build a medicore gaming pc? i'm trying to build a gaming pc for less than $1000. its like investing in your own robot, lol.
What do you think about my going-to-build gaming pc? Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth P67 B3 TUF Edition Motherboard ($220) CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K ($215) CPU COOLER: Comes with CPU Retail box (N/A) RAM: Corsair: DDR3 8GB 1600MHz DUAL CORSAIR VENGEAN ($100) Video Card: EVGA GTX 580 SC ($470) Sound Card: Motherboard Integrated (N/A) Hard Drive: SEAGATE BARRACUDA 1TB SERIAL ATA/600 7200RPM 32MB BUFFER INTERNAL HARD DRIVE ($70) Optical Drive: SAMSUNG 24X OEM DVD-RW ($20) Case: Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Mid Tower Case ($80) Fans: Cooler Master Megaflow 200mm Blue LED Case Fan ($15) Power supply : Cooler Master GX Series 750W Power Supply ($100) All prices are the orginal price from Frys. Please comment, give suggestions, and answer these questions. 1. Is everything compatible? 2. Should I get the video card I listed, or Crossfire two video cards?(If so, which two?) 3. Should I stick with a i5 2500k, or get a i7 2600k? 4. Where to buy a OEM cpu? 5. Is the hard drive and sound card good enough? 6. Know any good/reliable stores(ones I can drive to and get parts right away)? 7. Is the power supply I'm going to get good enough? 8. Is the optical drive all right? (I'm not too sure what OEM means?) 9. How long do you think it will take to build this computer? (First time...) 10. And most of all, can everything fit into the case?(Got any suggestions for a better case?) Please leave any suggests because this will be my first build, and I'm pretty nervous about it. (The pc will mainly be used to play games and watch movies)
How do I build a custom made gaming pc? Now I need to know what type of things I need to build a gaming pc. I want to spend less than $800 max on the pc but would perfer starting at $500. I got no ideas on how to build one or what makes it faster or better in graphics please teach me how and give me a list of things i need to build one! Thnak you for your time!!! :)
Can anyone explain to me how to build my own gaming PC ot refer me to a website? It's seems to be best for me to build my own gaming rig because i'll be getting the most performance for my money, although even though i've looked through a couple of websites I can't find any reliable/detailed ones that can tell me what I need to do from the ground up? Also I plan on getting a large tower instead of a medium so I can keep upgrading it in the future and it will have plenty of room for air flow.
How much would it cost to build a gaming capable pc? Like, how much would it cost to build a pc that can play, say, Skyrim, with a list of name of parts and cost. Thanks!
How to build a custom gaming PC? I'm nearly 15 now, and soon I'll get some money about 650-700 euro. I want to build a good gaming PC, or a good laptop that can play games, but I honestly don't have a clue. I do know lots about PC's, all the components, I used to be a Top Contributor in PC on this but building it just isn't my thing, any help would be great! Thanks! :)
Decided to build AMD gaming PC instead. HELP PLEASE!? Alright, I been asking about building my PC several times here on Yahoo Answers but I ran into a little trouble so I going to ask once more. I was planning to build Intel i7 PC but then it is too expensive. I am now in a tight budget since school started. Money is going to be problem here so now I am going to buy a AMD PC instead. Again I only want this PC mainly for personal gaming so please tell me if this will be a good enough PC to handle RTS, MMORPG, Third-Person and RPG games on the PC Console. I plan to play Aion, and soon Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Will my soon to be build PC handle all at HIGH setting. ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Phenom II X4 945 Deneb 3.0GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 95W Quad-Core Processor OCZ Gold AMD Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Rosewill BRONZE series RBR1000-M 1000W Continuous@40°C Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive LITE-ON Black 4X BD-ROM 8X DVD-ROM 32X CD-ROM SATA Saitek PK17U Black/Silver Logitech MX Air Silver/Black ASUS VH222H Black 21.5" 5ms HDMI Widescreen 16:9 Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor If you can, please tell me how well will this PC will perform. If some of the parts are not compatible, inform me please.
How do I build my own gaming PC? Everyone keeps telling me to build one rather than getting a custom or buying a prebuilt. Problem is, I don't have any dedicated computer parts stores nearby let alone any knowledge of this kind of venture. How do I do this without going over a 1k budget or seriously messing something up?
Before I actually build my gaming PC, what should I know? Okay... my gaming desktop case has just arrived today this afternoon and I am ready to start gathering all the compatible parts for my soon to be custom built PC. Now I already have my list ready... but before I actually do go and spend around $1500+ on hardware for my gaming future PC, I am doubting myself though. Because this will be the first time that I am going to be building a PC, I am actually very nervous. I am only going to get one shot at this because of my budget (trust me, I saved up a lot for this) and of course I don't wana deal customer server, I want perfect it as much as possible. I'd read a lot about building a custom PC and watches a few videos but they all seem lead to the same thing... So, with few read knowledge and no hands on experience, I wish to seek some experiences from those who have already built one. What is the first hardware I should start with when assembling? And Why? Does it matter? Where do I go from there? How do I ground myself...? (I read something about Negative charge or something so that I won't shock damage my hardware). What happen if not all my hardware can fit into my mid tower case? How can I tell if which wire should put where? (Be more specific other the manual) What the heck is this BIO after I have finish assembling and how do I deal with it? Do I have to buy my own window? How do I install it with no already window processor? How do I build a PC...? (If you don't mind to explain) Sorry to be asking too much... I just wana make sure that I don't mess up. Please understand where I am coming from. It might be a piece a cake for you but trust me... it don't sound very cake walk to me yet. Please let me know if there is anything left I should do before attempting. Also If you can, tell me how you built yours and how long have it been working. Thank you very much.
How to build my gaming PC? Hi I was planning to get this Case: Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower Case and I was wondering what else do I need except for: Intel core 17 processor nvidia gtx 590 card. What else will I need. I am a big noob so I need lots of help! Thanks!
How much would this Hand build Gaming PC be worth? Build by myself cost me about 2200. Would 2500 be asking to much? Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit 2.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler 250 GB--7200 RPM 150.00 GB--10000 RPM XFX nForce 780i 3-Way SLI 900w Power supply 2x Sony Optiarc Black 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-ROM 4 GB Ram 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 2x GeForce 8800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 Acer 24" HDMI Widescreen LCD Logitech X-530 70 Watts 5.1 Speaker Its in this case Scythe "ULTRA KAZE" 120 x 38 mm Case Fan in back Scythe 120mm "Slipstream" in Front
how can i build a gaming pc? what are the specs on how to build it?
How much does it cost to build a good gaming pc? Look i want a pc with liquid cooling good looking case awesome graphics (that will be able to play skyrim) also bluray drive
How do I build a cheap gaming pc? Hi. I am hoping to piece together myself (with help of computer guy friends) or find a site that will build me a cheap gaming pc. Is there a way to make one that will be sufficient for games on the Orange Box, WoW etc, that won't cost me a fourtune??? Any ideas will help! I have an older computer that I wouldn't mind altering... it's a dell optiplex... I also have a laptop, but I don't think I can really alter it. Thanks!
is it cheaper to build a gaming pc or just to buy one? i live in the UK and i think i'm capable of constructing a PC what i want to know is how long does it take and is it cheaper to build one or to buy a full made one with customisation options etc by the way i'm looking at a medium to high end gaming PC
How much would it cost to build a pretty good gaming PC? The questions says it all. I was thinking about building my own PC from scratch, one that can handle the top-end and future games and would like an estimate. Thanks
Anyone know any good sites on how to build my own gaming pc? I am totally new at this and I don't want to mess anything up. I need step by step instructions that explain everything %100. Anyone know any websites, books, etc?
how do i put together a parts list for building a gaming pc? i know how to build the pc but i am clueless on how to pick out the parts for the pc. i want to build a pc that can play games like crysis and modern warfare 2 so that it plays at a moderate to good speed but not the highest end graphics settings. like what kind of motherboard do i look for or what kind of cpu?
Is this a good Amd based gaming Pc build? Case: Cooler Master Storm scout Motherboard: Asus Crosshair IV 890fx AMD GPU: XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB RAM: G Skill Rip jaws Series 4GB (2x2) DDR3 1600 CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black WD5001AALS 500GB 7200 RPM PSU: CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-650HX 650W ATX Cooling:COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 PLEASE READ!!!! :) thank you , so im building a gaming pc that for now can play decent until i can get a real beast by upgrading. Heres a few questions i have and please answer with a bit of info and i have done some research so please bear with me and im asking please to answer the questions :) For the motherboard i hear that there's some problems with the north bridge overheating so can this be fixed? How is this build so far is it a good one? Is the motherboard overkill and what other boards would you recommend for future upgrades? If i crossfire the hd5770 will i get good performance? Is the case too small? ( cant really dish out lots a dollars for one right now) How is the cooling will it be sufficient if i OC to like 3.6 to.8 Im going to be hardcore gaming soon so when i get some real money ill maybe invest in liquid cooling and do some serious OCing and get a better case. I just want to get the major build parts out of the way. So can i commence on buying parts and please add any info you feel sufficient
Planning to build a gaming PC around $600 or less? Hey everyone, I have decided to build my own gaming rig, I have THOUGHT about it for quite a long time.. while in the meantime I ended up buying a Ps3 + a Gaming headset. But I've made my mind about building a PC for gaming generally. I, myself is an avid gamer. For one I'm still in school.. so I know when to schedule myself to studying or gaming. I'm planning on building myself a gaming PC. I have experiences with parts, like I know how it goes and how it would pair up. But I need help in picking parts. Basically I'm looking for a semi-budget spec setup. $600 would be my limit, I know spending only 600 wouldn't get me EXCELLENT gaming experience, but I'm looking for someone who can get the best SPEC setup with 600, something that will get me the MAX/High performance I will be looking forward to. Please list your suggestions below, be free with your choices, just make it within 600$, AMD or Intel. This is excluding the monitor, keyboard and mice. I was looking for a high performance graphic card/motherboard while trying to find parts cheaper? Generally.. spending literally half of 600 on graphics/motherboard.. but again, feel free to list your suggestions as long as its under 600. List the parts (with LINK, preferably NEWEGG) price, and total. PLEASE help, THANK YOU! If you can get anything around 400~500 it would be GREAT too! ANYTHING LOWER THAN 600! :) I got my father to help pay for the graphics card. hehe! so I'm basically paying for everything else^^
First custom gaming PC build, please help!? Please help! Hello I am new to building PC's, but I've heard that it is really easy to assemble. My only trouble is that I do not know if the parts I have chosen are compatible with each other or will perform well together. I wish to make a gaming computer that is very fast and can handle almost anything but is very affordable (within the $1000-$1200 range). Could anyone please correct my build and/or make me a build that fits these perquisites? My build: -computer case: -power supply: -CPU: -CPU fan: -motherboard: -hard drive: -CD/DvD-ROM: -video card: -Memory modules: this build is roughly $1100 lol please help! :( if anything, I could always go with a premade computor i loosely based these builds off this website's builds: Mines like a hybrid of the moderate/elite gaming to anyone who answers this question; Thank you i want to give you all full points but sadly i can only choose one person :( but I really want to know: does this build work? Would it run games such as assassin's creed well or would it even run at all? thank you again :D So glad that yahoo answers has a community as supportive as this
1k gaming PC build HELP!? just sold my ASUS Gaming laptop for 850 i got it for 1k about 8 months ago. Looking to build a gaming tower i have all the accessories like the mouse, lcd screen all that ish. I just need some help what hardware would go good together, last gaming comp i build was socket 939 and am2 im looking into intel i5 or i7 depending on how much it is. So please post links and hardware stats from newegg or tigerdirect. Im experianced in building just not up to date with new hardware. Thanks a bunch! Must run following games in Ultra Settings. Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, COD black OPS. Also if possible raptor WD hard drive for the OS and a 1.5 TB hard drive for the slave. Thanks again.
is it hard to build MY gaming PC ? :( what are the most important things :(? is it hard to stick the glue on the fan ? and all those other metal parts :((( - will my internet work onmy new PC? :( - what is OS ? can i install windows if i dont have OS ? -how i know lal the parts are compatible ?
how much time will it take to build my GAMING PC? lets say i have all the parts (but i don't)
how is this for a $2,400 gaming pc build? does this look like an ok gaming pc build? this will all come out to just under $2,400. oh no not the near future! it will be well over a year before i build this so ill probably be getting windows 7 64 bit
how much money i need to build a good gaming PC computer ? how much money i need to build a good gamer computer ??
How much can I sell this PC gaming build? $110 Intel H55HC Motherboard $289 Intel Core i7 860 Processor 2.8ghz Quad Core $240 (x4) PNY MD2048SD3-1333 PC10666 2GB Memory Upgrade $80 Hitachi Deskstar 1TB HD 7200RPM &155 GeForce GTS 250 Zalman Edition Video Card 1GBddr3 HDMI SLI $109 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64BIT $55 Ultra X-Blaster ATX Black Mid-Tower Case $25 Lite On IHAP122-04 DVD Burner $9 Adesso Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard $8 OEM Optical USB Black Scrolling Mouse total $1080 to make. what would this sell for in a store? or what do other comparable gaming pc's sell for?
A Gaming PC Build? Hey guys Im thinking of adding more powerful components to my PC to shift it towards high performance gaming , and i was hoping for your opinions on this build: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Processor (3ghz) Nvidia 8800 GT 512 Model GPU 4GB DDR2 RAM ( is this too much?) I Was also wondering about how frame rates and level of detail will be in games such as Gears of War, Bioshock, Oblivion etc... Thanks :)
final gaming pc build untill i want to upgrade what do you think? okay just wan't to know everyone's opinion on my new custom gaming pc? say what you like just don't be offensive. Case - raidmax tornado atx case Motherboard - Asus m4a88t-v evo/3usb CPU - Amd phenom II x6 1055T CPU Cooler - Inno3dchill xxxx Power Supply - HighPower 1000W Ram - G Skill Ripjaws 2 x 2gb sticks Hard Drive 1 - 60gb (not sure what has'nt arrived, going to install windows on this) Hard Drive 2 - Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB (installing programes and saving data) Disk Drive - LG GH22LS50 22x DVD±RW DL & RAM with LightScribe Graphics Card - XFX ATI Radeon 5770 (crossfire very soon) OS - running windows 7 ultimate (64bit) okay thats basically my gaming rig - please post how i can make this better, if you think its a good build or not? PLEASE NO SARCASTIC ANSWERS OR INSULTS! ¬¬ im 16 and this is my first gaming pc
How to build a fast gaming computer under 700? My brother and I are trying to figure how to build a Gaming PC under 700 maybe 800 dollars as I know how to build a great PVR PC for under 450. Anyone have a clue on this as well as any websites to help him. I used a book back in 95 to teach me but he is much younger and needs to learn how to do it and the books these days are useless!!
Need some feedback on my first gaming pc build? Hello, I'm planning on trying to build my first pc. I plan on using this for gaming purposes. I've read around and spent hours on how to build a new computer, and I'm pretty sure I can do it, so here is a list of parts, and links. Feel free to criticize and leave feedback on the parts I chose. These are all from thermaltake mid tower case $60 pentium e5200 $70 gigabyte ep43 $80 WD 500g 3.0sata $65 apevia 500w $20 asus radeon hd 4850 512mb ddr3 2.0 $95 lg optical drive $25 artic cooling freezer 7 $32 artic silver 5 $9 hannsg 19" ws $110 So, all together it costs around 780 including monitor, mouse, keyboard, wrist strap, and shipping which is right around my maximum budget of $800. I got the aftermarket cpu fan and compound because I plan to overclock it for games (if I can figure out how to =P). So, there it is. Feedback or anything greatly appreciated before I check out my shopping cart???? wrong link for cpu cooler, also including vista home premium 64 bit Oops, forgot the link to ram OCZ 2x2G DDR2 1066
will someone please give me a list of pc hardware for a very powerful gaming pc? I want to build a gaming pc that can run starcraft 2 at ultra graphics settings but i don't know how to pick the parts i need. all i know how to do is put it together. will someone please give me a list of parts that i can also add or replace some of the hardware later if i want to add more? also i am on a budget for about 1000 dollars
Gaming pc build, how well will this do? im building a pc to do some pc gaming, i mainly console game, so ill be playing pc exclusives or games that just run better on pc anyway. The games im looking to run (medium or some on high, i dont mind medium settings haha, not looking to blow my eyes out or anything) Crysis, Far Cry 2, WoW, TF2, L4D 1+2, any new games that come in the future that catch my fancy ;p. Links are below products for further specs, just wondering if it looks good/ is there anything that would be a better choice (preferably cheaper, i dont want to spend more money if i can help it) I dont really think ill be doing any overclocking, if i do it would be minimal hard drive - Western Digital Caviar Blue WD2500AAKS 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive GPU - HIS H577FK1GD Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card w/ Eyefinity RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model F3-10666CL8D-4GBRM PSU/optical drive combo - Corsair CMPSU-650TX - Lite-On iHAP422-98 Mobo/CPU combo - ASUS M4A78T-E - AMD Phenom II x4 945 case - NZXT LEXS-001BK Lexa S Crafted Series Mid Tower PC Case & Free S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call Of Pripyat™ Download Coupon Bundle I also plan to add another 5770 to crossfire later on, just starting with one I will also add another 4gb of ram sooner or later I already have mouse/keyboard/monitor/OS so no worries there Thanks!
Final (gaming) PC build, good overall? Okay so i am building a pc to get into gaming, i want to spend less than $700 including shipping, but i want to try to stay at the same price im at, or better yet less if i can help it. Im going to playing games like Crysis, Far cry 2, TF2, Bad company 2, and any pc exclusive games in the future, or games that are just better for pc (bit of a console kinda guy ;p) This is the rig i will be building, if you have any suggestions on a different purchase, please dont go more than like $5 more haha, but if its less but better, than i love you. case- XION Vantage Mid-Tower Case AXP100-001BK - ATX, mATX power - Ultra LS600 Lifetime Series 600W Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, PCI-Express, Lifetime Warranty wireless - Wintec FileMate PCI Wireless-N Network Adapter - 802.11n, 300Mbps optical drive - LG GH22LS50 DVDRW Drive - DVD+R 22X, DVD+RW 8X, DVD-RW 6X, DVD-RAM 12X, CD-R 48X, CD-RW 32X, SATA, Lightscribe (OEM) graphics - HIS H577FK1GD Radeon HD 5770 Video Card - 1GB GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0, CrossFireX Ready, Dual DVI, Display Port, HDMI Hard drive - Seagate ST3500418AS Barracuda 7200.12 Hard Drive - 3.5", 7200 RPM, SATA 3G, 500GB, 16MB Cache (OEM) RAM(2 of these for 4gb) - Crucial CT25664BA1339 2GB PC10600 DDR3 Desktop Memory Upgrade - 1x2048MB, Non-ECC, Unbuffered, 1333MHz motherboard - ASUS M4A78T-E Motherboard - AMD 790GX, AM3 128MB DDR2 Side-Port, ATI Hybrid, CrossFire, PCIe 2.0, DDR3 Memory USB2.0, RAID, HDMI/DVI CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition AM3 CPU HDZ955FBGMBOX - 3.20GHz, Socket AM3, 6MB Cache, 2000MHz (4000 MT/s) FSB, Retail, Processor with Fan And one question about the CPU, i dont really know how to overclock, should i just get the regular phenom II instead of black edition? Thanks so much for the help! Oh i forgot, i already have a mouse, keyboard, and operating system (64bit of course ;p) But if i use my 32" lcd lg tv as a monitor, would that be fine? Also i dont mind playing games on medium settings so im not looking for the eye shattering gpus or anything haha
How to build a gaming pc? i want to know where to find the parts, where to find the cheapest and best parts to a computer, what tools i will need to build, and how to put it all together, also i want to know what i are all the parts to build a pc, and i dont want to spend that much like 800 bucks it doesnt need to be amazing just good enough to play like World of warcraft, also like where would i find all the parts for a good deal please help,,, THANKS
what do you buy first when it comes to building a good gaming pc? My desktop is really old and slow, so Im going to pretty much start from scratch but use what I can from the old one. I've been reading alot online about how to build a pc, and what to buy, but everythings so dependant on each other, how do you decide what to buy first? I keep finding things I want to put in it, that dont go together :/ gah.
First time Gaming PC!!!!? I am embarking on my first PC build and i would like to know how well these PC components will work with eachother...If anyone knows of any known problems between these parts please let me know...Thanks in advance! CPU-Intel Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz (LGA775) GPU-XFX GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI MOBO-EVGA Nvidia nForce 750i SLI ATX intel MEMORY-OCZ SLI-Ready Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000) Dual Channel Kit CASE-Sunbeam Transformer ATX full Tower PSU-Rosewill RX850-D-B 850W 80Plus Certified,ATX12V v2.2 & EPS12V v2.91 SLI 8800GTX SLI CrossFire HDD-Western Digital Caviar 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s DISC DRIVE#1-- ASUS Black SATA DVD-ROM Drive Model DVD-E818A3T BULK - OEM DISC DRIVE#2-LITE-ON Combo Black SATA Model DH-52C2S-04 - OEM OS-Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit English 1pk DSP OEI DVD for System Builders - OEM
How would you build an above average gaming pc for $750? I already have a Rockwill 550w power supply, good speakers, and monitor. Don't need more than a 250g hard drive. Need everything else down to the case. I'm finally making the leap from AGP, 2 Gbs, and 1 Pentium4. I appreciate the help.
How to build a Gaming pc..? The pc description is: A-open 4 bay tower with 400Watt PSU.. Intel pentium duel core (E5300) 2.60GHz CPU-45mn, LGA775, 800MHz FSB - 2x 64k L1 + shared 2MB L2 cache.. Asus/MSI Mainboard (1x PCI-Express 16x, 2x PCI, 1x PCI-e 1x, 2x DDR2-800, 2/4x SATA, 1x PATA, 6x USB2.0) (LGA775).. Integrated graphics (up to 256MB memory shared).. Onboard 6channel sound + 10/100MBps LAN.. 1024MB DDR2-800 Mhz 240pin memory module.. Seagate SATA2 250GB HDD, 7200RPM + 8MB cache.. LG SATA DVD+/-Writer with lightscribe.. A-open USB keyboard (bundled with case).. A-open USB Optical mouse.. Logitech X-210 2.1 speaker set (25w rms).. LG 17" CRT Monitor.. What must i ad to make it a great gaming computer?
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