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Is it possible to build a Gaming PC with $600-$700 that can run a game like Gears of War, not adding Monitor?

I am getting a Job during spring break (finally), and I will make about $600-$700 dollars out of the intire spring break, maybe more. If I wanted to build a PC that can run games like Gears of War, Shadowrun and Orange Box, would it be possible? Or am I dreaming?

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  1. Thats very reasonable, here are the parts:

    This is the best site to buy pc parts from, great customer service and eggcellent prices :)

    This is a good, cheap processor. You can easliy take this and overclock it to 3.2ghz with the motherboard that I recommend. I have the E2140 oc'd to 3.2ghz and it hasn't gave me a problem in the whole 8 months its been running 24/7...

    This is a very good motherboard. Stable and offers great overclocking features.

    This is very cheap and good memory. Its nothing special, but it hasn't gave me any issues while overclocked.

    This is a good hard drive, but you could probably go with less space for less $$$. Its all up to how much you need.

    This is the case I have and it looks amazing with 2 cold cathode ray lights in it. Also has superior cooling than most other cases.

    Im not recommending this drive, but you should get a dvd burner. You could find one for a better price on newegg.

    I would reccomend this or the 8800gt as you graphics card. They are both good, but the 8800gt has the lead. But if your are playing at lower resolutions, then this has the most bang for you buck.

    Thanks for reading my answer and I hope I have the best one :)

  2. Very possible. I'd say any of the 8000 series of Nvidia cards have better graphics processing than the GPU in the xbox 360, which is based on the ATI 1900 xtx from a couple of years ago. Pair it up with a decent core 2 duo processor (the e6600 is a good mid-range CPU and fairly cheap) and you should have a good gaming rig.

    I'm running an ATI 1800xt with an overclocked amd 3700 chip. It's showing its age now but I can still get away with playing most of the latest games and they still look good. Not Crysis but if it's a game that's available on the consoles my PC can handle it (e.g Oblivion).

    Bear in mind that a 360 plugged into a standard HD tv running at 720p is displaying approximately a million pixels, whereas most PC monitors at default resolution usually run well in excess of that number. The higher the resolution, the harder your graphics card has to work.

    Also, things like AA and AF can put a greater load on your PC. If you spend less on your components you might have to turn down the resolution and turn off AA and AF. I still think games look great without that stuff, however.

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