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$600 Gaming PC build?

I need a new gaming pc within the budget. Some parts I already own and can use in the new build: Geforce 8800 gts *(unless I can get a better card with a huge improvement within the $600 budget) dvd/dvd+rw drive 450w power supply Microsoft Windows 7 pro 64 bit OS Monitor Mouse/Keyboard Speakers I like to use for ease. I do not need it to look fancy or quiet, just the best gaming performance for the money.

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  1. i5 750

    Cheap H55 1156 motherboard (£50-£70)

    cheap RAM is fine

    you should get a better than 450W psu... £30 a decent 600W you could get

  2. cpu: Phenom II X4 965

    mobo: MSI 880GM-E43 AM3

    ram: 2x2GB DDR3 1600 CL7

    gpu: Asus GTS450 925Mhz

    hdd: Samsung 1TB 7200

    case: Cooler Master CM690 II

    total: precisely $600 (without shipping)

    psu & dvd drive can be used

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