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Plan on Upgrading my gaming PCs Hardware... Re-Purchase Win7?

So I built my PC and bought Win7... Its only 1 year 1 week old.... Im going from 775 parts to a new 1155 mobo, cpu, and ddr3 ram.... Will I have to re-purchase Win7? Are there ways around this?

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  1. technically you should buy a new one, but if you still have the disc and the cd key, you don't need to. I redo my computer and I use the old windows alot of the time when i upgrade my hardware.

  2. Nope since once bought you can use it all your life with the same registration key .

  3. No. If it's a retail version, just install it and activate, you should have no problem after a year. They only hold activation data for 30 days or so. If it's an OEM version, you should still be OK, as long as you haven't activated it more than twice.

  4. You shouldn't have to. I upgraded to SB from a C2Q and didn't even bother reinstalling the OS. WIndows booted up without issue, Installed the mobo drivers, rebooted into safe mode ran a driver cleaner, got rid of the old mobo drivers, rebooted, and that was it. I did have to reactivate Windows again, but that took like 5 seconds.

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