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Where can I build my own desktop PC?

I know there are several websites where companies such as Dell and Asus will allow consumers to pick and choose what kind of processor they want, etc. Do any of these companies allow you to do this with desktop PCs? I'm looking for a decent gaming rig, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars just for a brand name such as Alienwares (which look dumb anyway). I don't think I have the computer know-how to build my own PC from scratch, which is what I would rather do. Thanks for any help!

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  1. I highly suggest just going to Dell and just call the rep over there. They will put some packages together for you that will be beefy for under 800 bucks. OR check

  2. ibuypower is will let you basically pick every component in your system

  3. Computers are not hard to build. If you know someone who can build them, go through them, or through a computer shop. If the shop isn't super over charging you on parts, you should be able to have a decent gaming build for around 700

  4. There are computer clubs, magazines and website that help do that. You do not have to know everything to get started.

  5. >Everyone starts out not knowing what to do some time. It may look alien to you to do it, but really, it only requires about 10 - 12 ez steps from beginning to end to put a computer of your own together. 12 year old kids do it every day of the week and so can you. There are lots of good websites on the net with step-by-step instructions and plenty of pictures to follow. You can also buy magazines in your local store that show you how to build a rig for yourself step-by-step and even offer the parts lists already worked out. The one problem with the magazine type is that the magazine may be two or three months behind todays technology which can change very rapidly if a new cpu type is released or if a new video card class comes out suddenly. And you may not get exactly the kind of rig you would want to build uisng the parts they recommend.

    Here is just one sample of what I am talking about:

    There are also LOTS and LOTS of YTUBES you can look at to get the idea, starting from scratch.

    Here is just one example of a YTUBE that shows you how:

    With these resources you can learn how to do it with a minimum of effort, and of course, you can pick out your parts or get parts lists here from us with recommendations and also troubleshoot and get the thing built.

  6. I would recommend taking the time to find the parts that you want and putting your computer together yourself. I may be a bit hard and take more time but it is more rewarding and you end up with exactly what you want without useless addons. There are plenty of websites on the topic or youtube DIY videos.

    Only problem with this approach is that you keep finding parts that are only a little bit more expensive but much better so I find it very hard to stay in budget.

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