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What is better to build a gaming PC? AMD quad core or intel quad core?

I was planning on building a gaming PC and i was wondering if I should use a quad core intel processor or a quad core AMD processor, the intel one is Q6600, and the AMD is the Q4 phenom 9550. they are both around the same price, but i was wondering which is better for gaming, I am going to play the lastest games like crysis. Also please explain why your choice is better, best answer gets 10 points.

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  1. I use the AMD and I've had no problems....However much hype has been written about Intel taking over from AMD washed up.Basically your board will determine which to use.

  2. Definietely Intel, just look at various PC review sites to see how much the Intel Quad Core's score compared to AMD's

    At this time in processor market, Intel are streets ahead of AMD!

  3. The Intel chip performs better. This is especially true if you plan to overclock.

  4. Right now, it wouldn't matter. No Games (or program) uses Quad core.

    But the AMD Quad Core is really 4 cores. Where as the intel Quad Core is really just 2 Core 2 Duos. So they are connected differently then if it was really 4 Cores.

    So on paper the AMD one should be better.

  5. I have both chipsets on my systems at home and I prefer the Intel Q6600. I noticed that my AMD computer get really hot after awhile. I have also added 2 extra fans on to the AMD system and still find it get really hot after about an hour. Intel does not have this problem. I can leave the system on over night and don't have to worry that the computer will melt.

  6. Unless you overclock the Q6600 then you'd be better off with the Core2Duo E8400 as most games arent currently quad core optimised. Thats not my opinion either its fact. I have the Q6600 and in some (not all) at stock speeds the E8400 would have the edge.

    I overclock mine though! ;)

  7. since at these speeds heating becomes a major issue... and power supply gets drained heavily... the manufacturing process would be the primary worry... these cpu's are barely different, the AMD one is faster (2.6ghz with a 2000mhz FSB) but lacks cache it only has 4mb... half of the Q6600(2.40ghz with a 1066mhz FSB)... they both are 65nm which is old technology(try to get a cpu with 45nm Architecture). But depending on what you are doing you may need more cache or more speed(it is gaming I go with speed, 4mb cache is enough). So get the AMD quad core cpu but just for about a 100$ more i go for Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Processor EU80580PJ0606M - 2.50GHz, 6MB Cache, 1333MHz FSB, Yorkfield, Quad Core, OEM, Socket 775, Processor(it has 45nm technology, get a great fan and thermal paste)... then overclock it if you want to...

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