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How can I upgrade my gaming PC?

Hello there, I have a custom built gaming pc that performs well, but could stand to be improved a little. Right now, it has: 1 water-cooled Intel i7 950 processor, stock clock still at 3.07 Ghz 6 gigs of RAM 1 Nvidia Geforce GTX 295 Windows 7, 64 bit All installed on an x87 motherboard. Is there any way I could upgrade or improve my gaming performance? Preferably for a small amount of money, or free if possible. I do have several case fans, but I would like for it to remain quiet, as the tower sits on my desk next to me. Thank you for reading. I got the motherboard wrong, it's an MSI x58 Pro-E Also, in the windows system information pane, it says my drive transfer rate is 5.9, while everything else is 7.5. Why?

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  2. that's a sick setup you have, um, a new video card is all i can think of, GT460? although idk how much that costs :P

    -also wtf is the guy above me talking about?

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