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Planning to build a gaming PC around $600 or less?

Hey everyone, I have decided to build my own gaming rig, I have THOUGHT about it for quite a long time.. while in the meantime I ended up buying a Ps3 + a Gaming headset. But I've made my mind about building a PC for gaming generally. I, myself is an avid gamer. For one I'm still in school.. so I know when to schedule myself to studying or gaming. I'm planning on building myself a gaming PC. I have experiences with parts, like I know how it goes and how it would pair up. But I need help in picking parts. Basically I'm looking for a semi-budget spec setup. $600 would be my limit, I know spending only 600 wouldn't get me EXCELLENT gaming experience, but I'm looking for someone who can get the best SPEC setup with 600, something that will get me the MAX/High performance I will be looking forward to. Please list your suggestions below, be free with your choices, just make it within 600$, AMD or Intel. This is excluding the monitor, keyboard and mice. I was looking for a high performance graphic card/motherboard while trying to find parts cheaper? Generally.. spending literally half of 600 on graphics/motherboard.. but again, feel free to list your suggestions as long as its under 600. List the parts (with LINK, preferably NEWEGG) price, and total. PLEASE help, THANK YOU! If you can get anything around 400~500 it would be GREAT too! ANYTHING LOWER THAN 600! :) I got my father to help pay for the graphics card. hehe! so I'm basically paying for everything else^^

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  1. Just buy an Alienware. They aren't that expensive, come prebuilt, and look amazing.

  2. Have a look at this:

    System Builder Marathon, March 2011: $500 Gaming PC,2903.html

  3. Get a GTX 550 Ti-


    AMD Phenom II X4 925 2.8GHz

    Seagate Barracuda,ST3500418AS.html

    cooler master extreme plus

    Three Hundred ATX Mid Tower Case

    ASUS 18x dvd-rom

    Windows 7 home premium

    That PC should run crysis 2 at around 30fps with the resolution @ 1680x1050 if it is 1024x768(or something like that) you would get even better fps

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