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is ibuypower build your own gaming pc worth it?

at you can build your own gameing pc. its the ibuypower build your own pc. is it reliable? like it lets you get name brand internals? everything i want would be like 650. is it better then buying like a hp with the same specs like alreadybuilt? or this?

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  1. yes custom built are ALWAYS better in my opinion

  2. I find that it is usually cheaper to buy components yourself and build the pc from scratch. If you don't know how to build a pc, don't worry. It is a lot easier than it used to be. Especially with jumper less mother boards. If you search YouTube you'll find all the instruction you need. Plus if you ever want to upgrade a part (like a video card) you can do it yourself.

  3. Nothing bought at Wal-mart is going to be of any quality.

    Buy from NewEgg and build it yourself. It's not that hard dude.

  4. iBuyPower takes the same stuff you would purchase if you were building it on your own, but they built it instead of you. It's a pretty solid company. I bought one when I was in Iraq, and it was fine.

    You end up spending a little more for them to built it instead of you. But to be honest, I'd buy from them before I bought from a major manufacturer like Dell, HP, etc.

    You'd save a little if you built yourself, and you'd learn a lot from it. It's really quite easy. But if you don't wanna go thru that bother, iBuyPower is a reputable company.

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