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Need help Building a good gaming PC?

I am wanting to build my own gaming PC but I've been out of the loop on building computers for close to 10 years now. I put them together in the past but I don't know what's good now days. Anyways I am wanting to put together a good gaming PC but I'm not wanting to spend a lot of money on it. Can you guys maybe throw something together for me or help in in anyway possible please. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. try to get a least a case with power surply with 500w

    get a least a motherboard bundle with a good cpu 3g up and at least 4g of ram for now in the future you can upgrade to 8g or 16g later. and get at least 500g hard drive and get vista or windows 7 64 bit and get a good video card 1g or 512 if you dont have alot of cash

  2. Windows 7

    I5 750 - good processor cheaper mobo quad core performs well for the money

    Gtx 460 1gb - cheap but powerful can sli later or id recommend the 560

    Ram 4-6 gigs id recommend (ddr3 on this setup mind good ram though)

    500 watt psu for gtx 460 - 600 watt for 560 (id get 600 anyway unless you wish to sli) cheaper then that id do ati 5000/6000 series good dx11 get the performance money wise you wish

    hard drive just get a good speed but shop around

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