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is this pc setup good for a full gaming system?

I'm building a gaming pc. i'm new to this, so i would like to know if this is any good? PROCESSOR: AMD Athlon(R) II X4 640 Quad Core MEMORY: Corsair(R) XMS3 8GB DDR3 GRAPHICS CARD: ATI Radeon(R) HD 5770 (1GB) MOTHER BOARD: Asrock(R) N68C-S Motherboard HDD: 1000 GB POWER SUPPLY: Quiet 700W Power Supply Thanks

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  1. You don't need a 700W power supply.

    That Asrock N68C-S motherboard is a microATX board with just one PCIExpress 16x slot. What can you possibly cram onto that board that is going to need 700W?

    Save yourself some money. A 400W PSU is already more than plenty for your config as stated.

    As far as playing graphics intensive games go, the HD5770 is a decent lower midrange card. You might want to use the money saved from getting a more appropriate-sized PSU towards a better video card instead.

  2. Way more RAM than you'll ever need, power supply is overkill, low-end quadcore, and low/mid-range graphics card. It's a budget gaming rig. Expect Medium settings in most games.

    Consider a GTX 460 1GB, or HD 6850, for better gaming performance. Not much more than the HD 5770. And go with a Phenom II X4, instead of Athlon II.

  3. Looks like a good build, a little dated (so am I). Should produce good results. Might want to upgrade the card to the 6xxx series of ATI. When you get there. Might want to upgrade to the Phenon II x4 965 if you would like to conquer all of your opponents. Its $30 more that what you have. Hope it helps.

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