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Hi! I've decided to build my own gaming rig, but i'm a newbie. So tell me what do you think of this configuration: Case - thermaltake element V or HAF 932 CPU - i5 2500k GPU - GTX 580 frozr 2 (probably +1 via SLI), or asus radeon 6970 with 2 fans (also +1) MoBo - asus p8p67pro RAM - hyperX 2x4gb PSU - corsair 1000w CPU cooler - Noctua NH d14 Hdd - seagate barracuda 7200 1Tb

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  1. Not bad but get a SSD

    much faster load times and use the HDD for storage

  2. You won't really need 8 gigs of RAM, just take it down to 4 gigs and save a little bit of cash.

    I also agree with the SSD, get yourself a 60 GB SSD for around a hundred bucks.

    Kilowatt power supply is also overkill -- a 850w Corsair TX850 will do

    Everything else is fine.

    I would also change the motherboard to a ASROCK Z68 Extreme4 motherboard if you want Z68 chipset (for Lucid Vertu and SSD hard drive caching). Very neat features to have.

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