Build Your Own Gaming PC

How to build a gaming pc?

i want to know where to find the parts, where to find the cheapest and best parts to a computer, what tools i will need to build, and how to put it all together, also i want to know what i are all the parts to build a pc, and i dont want to spend that much like 800 bucks it doesnt need to be amazing just good enough to play like World of warcraft, also like where would i find all the parts for a good deal please help,,, THANKS

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  1. Go to and subscribe to "Video Cards", "CPUs/Processors", "Hard-drives", "Power Supply Units", and whatever else you want in your new system.

    Using this method, I built a $1200 PC for only $560 for my Christmas present to myself :)

    Also visit the forums for GREAT reference!

    Hope those links help you as much as they helped me!


  2. You can build a low-end gaming PC, which is all WoW needs to run smoothly on. Personally, I'd purchase a low-end PC from Wal-Mart or your local electronics store. They are usually cheaper than building your own PC in most cases.

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