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i am sick of people saying you need a a high end computer and an expensive card ect for playing games people bitch to much about frame rates that in most games you will not notice i purchased a 50$ Biostar N68S3+ mobo a $60 Zotac Gt 440 512mb Core 810 mhz 96 processing cores GPU paired with a phenom II x2 565 3.40Ghz Cpu also 4gig 1333 mhz ram and i max Flight sim X out with no lag and find myself tweaking for more and last night i played the mass effect 3 demo maxed TES V Skyrim Maxed out again very smooth no lag so my opinion is the PC industry is a money Racket and people are either miss lead with no real experience performance is not always in the price but if you would like to comment on how you feel about PC Gaming Feel Free i will admit there are bad Graphics cards out there but then again my cheap Zotac proves it's not always in the price a guy asked if his i5 is good for gaming and a person replied it's ok but i would get an i7 man Fuck i7 i am murdering Games with a Phenom 565 BE i am plying games Maxed out that means res also and to the dud below i am not Crying lmao and i have an xbox but i love pc an i am actually taking up for the pc gamer it is the rich people who have always had expensive stuff that have no experience with low budget hardware because they never tried it that will tell you money makes performance and also to the Billy Mays Dude i don't care if your Certified i am self certified been learning Computers since i was 12 computers have always been my hobby i don't need a paper saying i know my stuff learning come from experience and how much you explore study and show interest no College can give you that now i am 24 and i can say you may have been buying hardware for 7 years but i have been working with what i am for the pc gamer meant to say working with what i can afford well mass effect 3 looked bad ass last night the textures and facial features believe me the games look good if they didn't i would not have built my new budget gaming rig and to answer your question jhon c i am playing skyrim at 1280x720 i haven't tried changing it higher but as for flight sim x a very cpu intensive game 1920x1080x16 Smooth and believe me it looks great btw this is a Hardware Discussion if you have a low budget gaming pc post your specs and reviews you will find that it's not the price but the hardware and setup some low end hardware will out run high end hardware with the cost to performance Ratio the proof is in the pudding of course i will buy a better card than the GT 440 512mb but it's funny how well it performs for a mid Range card it's not the memory that makes a GPU fast it's how fast the CPU can Translate Store and Process Data to work with the GPU i don't use all of the 512 mb i am just using a cheap card factory core clock 810 my clock 855mhz and keep in mind not all processors motherboards are the same and you may not get what is Shown Same goes for GPUs

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  1. Well get use to hearing it, because it reality, If you are not willing to pay for high permanence go get a xbox or PS3 and stop crying.

  2. What resolution are you playing at?

    EDIT: What resolution is maxed out to you? Are you playing at 1080p? 720p? Less or more? Heck at 800x600 my on die Intel HD3000 can handle quite allot of games maxed out, but its far from being eye candy(even if it is playable).

  3. I agree, a lot of gamers think they need overkill to win. When somebody says they want 16 or 24 gigs of ram I know they don't know what they are talking about. 4 gigs is plenty; I actually bought 8 more gigs for my pc because it was only $30 for 8 gigs so now I have 12 and can't tell the difference. Some act like money grows on trees and rceommend things like 800 watt psu's. Anyway I agree. My pc is fast because I can afford it and I am impatient, I'm not even a gamer.

  4. I hear you on that.

    I find it all comes down to what hardware and software you use in your system.

    I have ran on 2Gigs o Ram for 5 years, only recently bumped it up to 4Gigs an changed the OS to 64bit. Even running at 2 and/or 4, i havent had any issue running any new or old games out there.

    I suppose if you have the money to waste, go for it, but seriously if you are not into video/music/graphic editting career then no need to get more then 8gigs

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