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How much will it cost to build my gaming pc?

I want to build my own gaming pc, but im not sure how much it will cost. What i want is the Sandybridge 4-core 2600k CPU, GeForce GTX 590, ASUS Maximus IV Extreme motherboard, and thats i have for now. I need to look for the rest but can you guys give me an estimate of those items and the rest(case, cooling system, and all that good stuff)? Thanks

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  1. Well near $1500 to $2000.

    Hope "that game" you wanted to play at Ultra is worth it.

  2. 2600k with Hyper 212 CPU fan and HS for good overclocks 350$

    GTX 590 650$

    CM HAF 912 75$

    RAM Corsair Vengeance 8GB 40$

    H.D.D 1TB 100$

    SSD Kingston SSD 64GB now for the Operating System 90$

    asus maximus iv gene-z 1155 mobo 170$

    Corsair AX 850W psu 175$

    a total of 1575$.

    if u want a decent monitor, mouse and keyboard u have to add about 300$

    so 1875$ for a complete gaming PC

  3. In terms of shopping locales, I would recommend Newegg (best site but limited selection and prices) Tigerdirect (Most selection, lots of Mail-In-Rebates) and Amazon (Sometimes best price, good return policy).

    Generally, if you don't get bleeding-edge components, you can make a good gaming rig for $700. This doesn't include peripherals, like keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor etc.

    From the look of it though, you must have a lot of money to spend as the components you picked out are all top tier. I've included more budget minded alternative in parenthesis after the part.

    i7 2600K $330 (Overclocked i5 will have similar performance)

    GTX 590 $500 (560 TI is in the sweet spot price/performance wise)

    Asus Maximus $330 (High end motherboards have a lot of features you may not use, a $200 'Z68' motherboard will do the same job unless you're really going to dig in)

    Case $150 - You'll want a mid-tower or full tower if you have the space. Some include fans.

    Power Supply - $150 Around 800Watts. Maybe more if you will eventually run 2 big graphics cards. Modular is a little more expensive but makes it easier to wire cleanly.

    CPU Cooler $130 - Intel, Corsair, and Antec make these cool new simple liquid cooling systems that are more effective than a fan and heatsink.

    RAM - $60-100 You want pairs of DDR3 for these processor to run best. At least 1600mhz, 8 or 16gb. You could get 4 x 2GB sticks cheaper, but you wouldn't be able to upgrade. 2x4GB sticks would let you have 2 more memory slots.

    Hard drive - Flooding in Taiwan has made hard drive prices spike, but they're not too bad. This is up to you - some people don't need much space. I personally have a 120GB solid state drive ($175) and a 500GB 7200 RPM normal drive ($100). Solid state is great for gaming load times, but are pricey.

    Operating System - You'll need one, you might already have one, there are free alternatives, but Windows 7 can be got for about $100 legally.

    You now have a functioning computer. We're at about $1750, which isn't ridiculous but not necessary either. You'll have an excellent rig though!

    Here are the additions to consider -

    Extra fans

    Optical disc drive




    I think that's everything... But there's always something else.

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