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Is this a Decent build for a Gaming PC?

Hey guys, wanting to build my own gaming pc with a certain budget, what do you think about this, will it be able to play decent games like WoW, Skyrim, MW3 etc. £72 Case - Cooler Master Storm enforcer £100 Motherboard - ASUS M4188TD-V EVO £30 Power Supply - Cit 650UB Black Edition £135 Graphics Card - XFX ATI Radeon £115 Processor - AMD Phenom II X6 £50 Ram - Corsair vengeance Blue 8GB £40 Hard Drive - Western digital caviar Green 1 TB £20 Optical Drive - 24x DVD RW drive Thanks Sorry, The Graphics Card was a Radeon HD 6870

Public Comments

  1. Yeah, thats more than what you really need.

    My friend plays skyrim and other games no problem and he has a really old rig.

  2. If you list the graphics card model i could give you a lot more help.

  3. u didnt say which AMD Radeon you were getting but $135 sounds like it should be decent (i know its pounds but i dont have a key for that)

    Only thing I'd suggest is get a Caviar black HDD instead of green. they are made for storage and low power usage. not for gaming.

    I got their 750GB caviar black for my OS HDD cause I have about 4TB of storage. dont go below 750GB cause the cache gets smaller

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