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Good first gaming PC Build Case?

I'm still not sure whether or not I'll need full or mid, but the graphics card I'm getting (Nvidia GeForce 580) is quite long. Also, I may be using the Corsair H60, H80, or H100 in it, if I can fit them. Which cases are the best for looks/cooling for both the mid and full tower classes? I've looked at the antec df-85, the coolermaster haf x, the NZXT Phantom, and the Corsair Obsidian for full towers. For Mid I've only seen a few so far, like the NZXT Guardian. What do you recommend for a gaming build and OCing? (Meaning lots of cooling, but also quiet. Looks are important too, but obviously second to cooling and space.

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  1. Awesome. just finished building my gaming rig aswell, and im also buying a GeForce GTX 580. The best case for me is the Antec 300. its a mid tower ATX but is definately big enough (im very sure it will fit a GTX no problem) the fans that it comes with are great and always blow cold air :D

    you can make it look better buy buying some LED fans for the front (ive ordered mine).

    if your looking at a more expensive, full tower ATX the Cooler Master cosmos ii is a great case aswell

  2. i imply you meant with the corsair obsidian the 800D?

    because if you did i would suggest you to buy it

    + it has the most positive reviews

    + highest scores

    + looks nice

    + has 3 layers of cooling

    - expensive compared to other cases

    Designed for years of performance

    The Obsidian series 800D is built to last through years of motherboard, power, memory, cooling, and component upgrades.

    -Quote from the manufactory

    The Corsair Obsidian Series 800D is the gaming computer case used by God.

    -Quote from a reviewer

  3. The Odsidian 800D is meant for WC(watercooling) and if that's not what you're planning on doing then you can skip the case

    The Antec 300 is a cramp case with very little air flow and horrible cable management

  4. The H60 and H80 should fit in any case with a 120mm rear fan. Side note, bought an H60 in the hopes of learning how to overclock my CPU. Despite decent reviews the thing was worthless. The stock cooler for my 965 BE worked better. Tried all the stuff I read online. Changing fan direction, using a push/pull setup. reapplying thermal paste, etc. Corsair support was even more worthless. If you decide to go with the H100 pretty sure you are going to have to check the specs of the case you want to buy. Always been fond of the CoolerMaster Haf (pretty sure the H100 is ok with that case), the Obsidian look kinda sweet too and you gotta figure should not be a problem pairing with a Corsair Water Cooler. Check out the link below for this Rosewill case. Somebody here was asking about it. I had never seen it before but with the exception of the red lights, personally preference prefer blue or none, it looks like it has possibilities. Watch out though apparently this is classified as a Super Tower. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

  5. This is the case for my pc

    it has VERY GOOD airflow and great cable management

    This is a video I made

    Sorry for the bad recording, I only made this video to show one of my online friends

  6. The coolermaster haf x is a big freaking case and will take on any build , the nxzt phantom has style and a good looking case the corsair obsidian is a cool case as well out of the three full case i would go with the coolermaster haf x the second choice is the nxzt case

  7. I would just go with a H80, the H100 is just a pain... Corsair needs to make the H100's liquid hoses detatchable on all their models, but the H100 mainly... You almost need a case with 2-140mm fan spaces along the bottom, with no obstructions, such as hard drive bays... 2-140mm on the top would be good as well, but most cases do not have enough space between the top of the case and the ram slots to put the radiator and 2 120mm case fans to help cool the radiator, unless you mount the fans to the exterior of the case... That is where the problem with the NZXT Phantom comes in, there isn't enough room on the top of the case to mount the radiator and 120mm case fans on the interior. Also there is a cover that goes over the top of the case, so you cannot mount any fans to the exterior either...

    If I am paying for a H100, I surely would want to use case fans to help cool, and would prefer to use 4 120mm to have optimum cooling... A H100 with no fans would just keep getting hotter and hotter as the hours go by... You can just about add 5C of cooling for each fan you mount to the radiator... I find myself that idle temps for the corsair series isn't that impressive, but the average temps throughout the range of performance is very impressive... I get 32C idle with the H60, but my top for prime95 after 3 hours is 51C which I am very at ease with...

    Looks like your best bet is the HAF series, but you will lose the huge fan in the top...

  8. Corsair Graphite 600T

    this is the only case i want and reccomend.

  9. Go with either a HAF X or a Phantom, depending on which style you like. Both offer good build quality, cable management options, decent air flow, and room to upgrade in the future.

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