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I have been doing research on PC gaming and would like to build my own gaming rig. I have been not been getting strait answers with regards to what hardware I would need to be able to play battlefield 3 on ultra settings, I am also looking to to do some video editing as well. Please provide a list of parts you recommend or full rigs and please consider part compatibility when making the list. Thank You! Also If you can please include a link to parts!!!

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  1. For the Battlefield 3 Gameplay, simply find the specs on the package for minimum requirements. I recommend getting a Nvidia Geforce 9900 Graphics card, then update the driver. It works for my Desktop, and I do a lot of video editing. I also recommend a 2010+ Motherboard, a Terabyte sized HDD, and at least 4 Gb of RAM.

  2. I can easily max out BF3 on my laptop-

    8 Gigabytes DDR3 RAM

    2GB DDR5 Nvidia GeForce GT 650M with Optimus

    Intel Core i5-3210m running at 3.1ghz, overclockable, with a 3mb cache

    You dont have to sink hundreds, or even thousands into a rig just to max todays games. I recommend at least 6 gigs of DDR3 ram (8 or 16 if you want your pc to last), an i7 intel processor (may last a year or two as games get more advanced), and a decent nvidia card.

    I can run engineering design programs on my Alienware as well, but for desktops, you're going to need to upgrade every few years or so. You could do it in under 800 USD

  3. how much is your budget? u want to play a high end game and do video graphics stuff so you will need expensive parts, a good CPU (maybe a quad core or 6 core, around 150-250$), a good graphix card (anything around 2-3-500$ and no less should be your choices), power sup....ok i built my rig with less than 900 dollars and i could play battlefield 3 on ultra i got no cooling system though and my case kinda sucks in appearance. bought my parts from, i did not go for the bundles i bought them all 1 by 1. so go to new egg check out what u want, compatibility isnt that common of a problem there cause they kinda give u recommendations of other parts for the part u are looking at.

    edit. heres an idea of what u want

    **8 gigs of ram is good enough

    **a quad core is good enough unless u wanna do some multi tasking then go higher like a 6 core. i have a quad - phenom II 970 3.6 and it works just fine for heavy work. no need to overclock

    **a radeon 6870 can play BF3 on ultra. its what i have, its also not overclocked, any card less than this might have trouble playing BF3. a 6850 might still work though

    **a 650W psu. handles all the parts' power consuming pretty well. its what i got as well. i'd recommend u to go higher though like 7-800-1000W for when u wanna use 2 cards.

    **a mother board with SLI or FUSION (2 cards) support

    **hard drive with a buncha space and 500 gigs is not enough if you're a gamer or wanna be one. its what i have and it aint nearly enough to hold all the new games that are coming out like max payne3 needing 30 gigs of space

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