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Well Im planning to make me my first PC and which is a gaming PC but i have a few questions Now i want to buy this kit Now the question is well it has a 430 Wat PSU so im guessing this is enough to power my whole pc. But i want to upgrade to a video card something like this and on the first review it says "BEWARE OF POWER REQUIREMENTS. Amazon doesn't tell you this you but EVGA recommend you have least a 450W PSU and a MINIMUM of 24amps on the +12V rail!" So does this mean i can place this card in my system or i have to get a 1000 wat supply since 430+450 wats would be 880 would that mean i should get a 1000 wat supply?? to power all of my system? Next question is can i run a 900 wat system? Because when ever i want to bake in my home i turn on my stove and the power goes off on that part of the house and i have to go to the switcher and switch it back on so this leaving me unable to bake to anything >_> FUUUU Please help! Thanks in advance

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  1. You must have a 500-550 W REAL POWER PSU for GTX560

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