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I want to build my first gaming PC?

Hello Everyone! I would like to build my own gaming PC. This would be my first build ever I was thinking about buying a pre made gaming PC but they all cost to much money. If you could please tell me a good gaming PC to build and post specs below would really help. My price range Is In $400-1000. Also the games I want to play would be world of warcraft, diablo 3, crysis, and other steam games on high-ultra settings. Also tell me what you think of this gaming pc for $809 link Is below thanks.

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  1. I've seen better, it could handle the games u have listed

    honestly, if you want a good computer, your price range is a bit "cheap"

  2. i do not build i just buy desktops and have them modified some stores will modifiy them for you

    if you do this you can get one local instead of waiting forever for a order and paying shipping

    that computer is fine on playing the games you mentioned but bf3 would be ran on medium-high however you did not mention bf3 so yes that pc should hande those games fine

    answer mine opps that is not my question lol

  3. they will sell you everything you need to build your first pc, as well as an instruction manuel to guide you through it.

    BTW: Andy - he said build, not buy, building a pc is completely different from buying a computer already made. I built a computer with parts I bought from and my pc is a mother effen beast. Please dont post on crap you don't know anything about, because if really just pisses me off.

  4. The computer you chose is pretty nice but its nothing compared to this:

  5. DONT GET ANY GAMING PC ONLINE!!! gaming pcs that u get online often have big mistakes and damages when it arrives at your place and then you can do nothing about it. either buy a gaming desktop from a store or build your own

  6. actually I am doing the same thing and I did a bunch of research and this is what i came up with







    op drive:



    cpu cooling (optional)

    and u will need 2 fans for the h70 core cpu cooler

  7. you are definitely going in the right direction with that build. 8120 isn't an ideal choice for gaming(more of a budget build), but it is the best amd has to offer currently, and it can be a beast when overclocked. the only catch i see in this computer is that you don't get to see which components they are using, so the motherboard they give you can be crap for overclocking (which, with a decent mb can be as simple as going into the bios, enabling p-states, and setting the multiplier up a couple of notches.)

    i would buy all those components separately and put them together. that way your better safe than sorry about what goes into your rig.

  8. I built my own computer about fours years ago using parts I ordered from tiger direct, comp usa, and amazon. I got good deals and delivery from all three. If you take the time to shop from reputable sources, you may be able to get close to your $809 maximum target price. For amazon, I usually use an amazon discount finder like the one at the link below, to help me find the parts I need a good prices.

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