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Gaming cosoles vs pc gaming...Hardware related question?

How come video game consoles like Xbox 360/ps3 don't need any hardware upgrade while each year the graphics of the games gradually improve as opposed to PC gaming where you need to upgrade your CPU, Memory, Graphics card every 1/2 years?

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  1. Well, I've been asking the same question to me for about a week.

    Gaming consoles need not to upgrade, but they do not deliver good graphics.

    But as we all know pc's deliver good graphics and good performance.......................

  2. Because games on consoles(for example:BF3) are downgraded in terms of graphics, player count, etc. in order to improve performance on the 7 year old hardware the consoles are running on.

    As an example: BF3 on console has to run at 704p resolution, 24 players, no anti-aliasing, and the lowest graphical settings to just run at a semi-smooth 30FPS. On the PC however(depending on hardware), I run it at 80-100FPS, at 1920 by 1080 res., max settings, with 64 players.

    In short, games on consoles are downgraded in order for it to run on 7 year old hardware.

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