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Is it a bad idea to build my own gaming computer at this time?

I want to build my own gaming PC this Christmas to upgrade from my current desktop. I was just wondering if you guys think i should even buy one, the reason why i'm concerned is because next month the will release the wii u, that means other gen consoles which also means next-gen graphics in games. Sadly the pc world moves along with the console world, so maybe my gpu won't be able to power next-gen of games and my gpu that i want to get is 660 ti

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  1. Build one at the beginning or middle of next year so you can get better and cheaper parts and get windows 8

  2. It seems to be the other way around. People build PCs because the performance is much higher than a gaming console once into a reasonably decent build. The only thing to wait for would be Windows 8.

    Check off laptops and desktops.

    Look what it takes to get ultra settings.

    Consoles don't go up that high in settings.

    GTX 660 ti is a fine card. You just can't squeeze the rest of your system too tight in cost once you want an "A" class card. My view is to not bottleneck, you need an intel core i5. Preferred is the i5-3570K if overclocking and the i5-3450 if skipping the overclocking (choices define motherboard and CPU requirements). You need 8GB of RAM 1600 1.5V with heat spreaders.

    If you can't be up in a balanced system, maybe you need to wait for more money. You don't want to match up a top tier graphics card with any AMD CPU or a core i3 from Intel.

    use pcpartpicker and benchmarks

    but you have to account for certain factors like little value in more than 4 cores or hypthreading for CPUs, and that NVidia cards game better than AMD in terms of stability and PhysX support, so at similar ranks and price, you go NVidia. Lab tests show HD 7870 as better, but game tests say GTX 660ti is better.

  3. No, it isn't a bad idea to build your own gaming computer. Honestly, it's up to you if you want to build one or not. An i5 3570k can easily handle modern generation PC games, and your GPU should be fine. PC gaming usually doesn't move with consoles, consoles move with it.

  4. ill point this out now the gpus used in consoles are usually like a few years older then the ones in pcs

    they have just been micro so they can go in a machine and tinkered for console use

    also youd save more on a gaming pc instead of paying like 400 dollars or 300 pounds depending were ya live its cheaper example if you got a decent quad core with a decent gpu like the 7850 it do you a few years

    like 2 years on ultra - high then 2 years after that medium etc

    and youd still have saved like probly save much more

    plus pc gaming can work both xbox 360 compatible as they make a xbox 360 controller for pc whack

  5. No, it's not bad to build a pc now besides parts will be cheaper and always can upgrade next year , tech seems to improve every 6 months so if you build one next year the following year some better will come out

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