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Is there a wireless gaming headset for xbox and pc where i don't have to disconnect wires constantly?

I'm looking at the Razer Chimaera 5.1. But my main concern is that i have my laptop and my Xbox in different rooms, and it's a hassle to have to constantly unplug my headset from my Xbox to move it to my PC. Will i be able to say, hook these up to my Xbox and maybe only unplug one thing to move to my PC?

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  1. Some turtle beaches are easy movers and all you have to do is move a unit the size of a flashdrive. They cost alot but they are pretty good.

  2. AS far as i know,There's only one way to do this, is to connect your Headset directly to your Monitor or TV

    I play both my Xbox360 and my Laptop on the same monitor Through HDMI so i don't have to keep switching all of the time. the only cable i have to switch is the HDMI .

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