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Processor suggestion for a gaming PC with GTS 250 ?

I am planning to get a build a new gaming computer, intended for playing Flight Simulator X and Red Alert 3, Crysis, etc. Any idea for the processor? I am thinking of getting something from AMD.

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  1. I suggest getting a 280 or so and getting some sort of quad core, and if u can afford it an intel i7.

  2. I have the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Dual Core Processor and can run all of them fine with graphics on high. it depends how much you want to spend you could always go for the AMD triple cores for abit more or the quads for even more.

  3. Q6600 as it's cheap but very powerful

    or Core 2 duo E8400 and can be OC very well

    dont buy i7 is a waste of money now. not many games support quad cores anyways

  4. No game is able to fully use more than a quad core...

    Soo i suggest a AMD Phenom Processor

  5. I agree with fantasy 3. I'd go with an Intel cpu and spend the rest on a video card with 2 GPU's on it such as the HD4870 X2

  6. unless you already have an AM2+ motherboard its not worth getting an AMD CPU because its not good at games. although its better at multi-threaded tasks such as video encoding like the Phenom II X4. and don't bother getting the AM3 motherboard because it might be over your budget...

    Now for my recommendation i would suggest a Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 if you are going to overclock your CPU... using a Titan Fenhir TTC-NK85TZ CPU cooler

    if you are not so keen on overclocking than use an E8600

    of course if you are going to edit some files use programs that multi-threads heavily, multitask than use a Q6600. even though its old, unless you can afford a Q9650 than use this because its heavily overclockable (you need to overclock because it will give you so much performance) can use the above cooler if you wish...

    just to make sure this is my setup with your suggestions....

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

    GPU: GTS 250

    Motherboard: Biostar TPower I45

    RAM: 1066MHz 2X2GB DDR2 RAM (you can choose a 800MHz if you want)

    HDD: Seagate Barrcacuda 500GB 7200RPM

    Optical Drive: Sony Optiarc

    Power supply: Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 650W

    Case: Antec Nine Hundred Two

    Monitor: Samsung 22" 1680X1050 resolution

  7. AM2 mobo with an Athlon FX60 .

  8. a card like that only needs a duo core, c2d e6600 or athlon x2 5600+ will do.

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