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What is the best desktop computer system to have?

I'm looking to buy a new desktop computer system. Who has the best and who should i avoid? I know u will say the best one to have is the one you make yourself. But that takes some time and i need a good system now. Im using it 4 evrything internet, email,games, etc... much more, So can u help me out, who should i buy?

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  1. Dannie,

    I can save you a lot of time. I am building one also and have been researching parts for a month. Since you don't have time, I can build it for you if you want. As you stated, the best PC is a custom one. Pre built PC's skimp on key parts like power supplies, motherboards, etc. They are not always very reliable and come bloated with too much unneeded software. You also get a better warranty when you build yourself because pre-build negotiate wholesale warranties e.g. 1 year. Individually, you can often get lifetime warranties and as good or better technical support.

    I am going to be building mine ASAP. I am getting the parts from Microcenter and TigerDirect when they are on sale in two week- Black Friday- biggest sale of the year. If you want me to build yours I could- I'll just literally double my order. Without question, your computer will be amazing! I'll give you all the receipts- or you can order your own parts. I can send you my parts list (shopping cart).


    Here is the exact system I am building (after reading HUNDREDS of articles, benchmarks, etc.) For the $ this system in amazing. To get better performance you have to spend A LOT more for marginal increase in speed. Anything less than this system will perform much worse for many technical reasons. It's definitely worth spending a little more for this system.


    Intel Core i7 860 CPU. AMAZING CHIP. Just read the reviews- it consistently gets 5-5 stars. This is a quad core chip with hyper-threading (sees 8 threads) and a huge 8mb cache. It has Turbo mode that goes from 2.8mhz-3.4mhz. Read about it in TOM's HARDWARE- $ for $ the best CPU on the market BY FAR. $229.00 at Microcenter.

    IF YOU HAVE TO BUY IT PRE-BUILT BUY FROM MICROCENTER WITH THIS CHIP AND 8 GIGS OF 1333mhz (not 1066mhz) DDR3 memory. Any quality brand e.g. Dell- just NOT HP.

    That CPU, being high performance needs a great cooler (not stock); go with the Hyper 212+

    It has PWM (Pulse width modulator); speed controller. It basically goes faster/slower based on usage and it's quiet. PRE BUILT WILL SKIMP ON THIS IMPORTANT DETAIL- without it, the system is loud and runs hot (causes issues).

    I've researched Mother Boards and the one to go with for that chip and the matching 1156 socket is the Gigabyte UD4. It's more reliable than the others and has on board high definition audio.

    Next, get a solid graphics card- I'm going with the NVidia GTX275- very, very good card- great value. If you don't game, this might be overkill- you can spend half and get a 9800GT.


    Install Windows7 64 bit- Best OS; 64 bit sees more than 3.5gb of memory and is more future proof although might not work with all your peripherals if they are old.

    8GB of DDR3 memory at 1333- must be 5 volts only with that CPU. PREBUILT WILL GIVE YOU SLOW 1066mhz memory at the wrong voltage (causes crashes).

    The power supply should be the Corsair 620HX modular supply (neat wire bundles that plug in). It is highly recommended and rock solid. It also runs with 80% efficiency. PRE BUILT WILL NEVER GIVE YOU THIS QUALITY PSU- youll get an underpowered weak PSU.

    I chose the Nvidia Case with clear side cover ($100). NEVER SEEN PREBUILT WITH THIS QUALITY CASE.

    Hard Drives- I'll buy two since I do HD Video editing and that makes it faster. The WD Black Caviar 500GB; 32mb cache are highly recommended and fast due to larger cache.


    Trust me when I tell you this is an AMAZING PC- yes, a little more $ but if you know about computers, you will know that it is a great value. People will try to sell you on the i7 920 but it RUNS HOT and uses 135Watts vs. only 95 Watts on the i7 860 (better). The only advantage to the 920 is it uses the 1366 socket. The new CPU's will be based on this socket so if you plan to upgrade the chip (I don't), then and only then does the 920 make sense. The newer chips will not likely run on the 860 socket (1156). The new Intel CPU will have 6 cores- not necessary for me as most programs can't even use 4 yet.

    EMAIL ME if you want more details or you want to discuss my helping you to build it. You could probably even build it yourself- it's very easy; see YouTube videos. It's sort of like a big jigsaw puzzle. The parts really only go on one way- take your time. It can be a little tricky if you have never done it before; it's the little things you need to know to do it right but if done right and with care, it will BLOW AWAY anything you will buy pre-built. I have an electrical engineering background (college) so it's easy for me.

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