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What makes a pc noisy? building my own and it HAS to be quiet?

So what makes a pc loud apart from the hdd, CPU fan and normal circulator fans. What makes the pc noisy also is it worth getting a water cooling system?

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  1. It's not worth getting a water cooling system.

    First, your motherboard should support quiet or silent thingy.

    Your fan should also be slim and light.

    Your HDD should also be slim.

    And of course, the CD/DVD drive should be exact, like don't go and buy ASUS ones because they're noisy when they read discs.

  2. It's not worth getting the Water cooling system... and the Fans and hard drive are the only things that truly makes any noise.....

  3. You could submerge your rig in oil. There is videos of it on youtube although i wouldn't recommend it on a new rig :). In less you have done it before

  4. fans, cooling system, cpu fan, mother board, USB port make sure its up to date. its worth the water cooling system

  5. A water cooling system is awesome but it is not quiet.

    Use large quiet case fans and a quiet Power Supply

  6. crappy power supplies, cooling fans and case fans are usually the problem.

    The stock fans that come with retail CPU's are also noisier than the branded ones (e.g thermaltake and zalman fans )

    If your PC is noisy, you can replace some of the fans with your own, starting with the CPU and case fans.

    If it's still noisy you might want to consider a water block for your GPU or a passive cooler if you don't play games.

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