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what is the best laptop for online gaming?

or closest to being the best chioce for it.

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  1. there is nothing under $1200 that would be able to handle it. go with a mid level to high level alienware or voodoo laptop

  2. laptops are not suitable for gaming, you should buy a desktop pc for a real gaming experience

  3. Alright.

    Right now laptops can game. I play my games on a laptop - there is no room where I live for a desktop.

    Best brands : Alienware, higher up Sony Vaios, HP, some choice few Dells.

    You want a computer that is at least a 15.4" Widescreen, with at the very least 2.5 Ghz, 4GB RAM, AT LEAST a 256MB vRAM graphics card but preferably 512MB, a large hard drive (at least 320) that is at least 5400 RPM - preferably 7200 RPM.

    Voodoos are now outdated - and not work it.

    Alienware comes in at the top as they are built for gaming. They are hella expensive.

    You will want to custom to order whatever you get - not quick ship.

    Here are my top five favorite models and why:

    Alienware Area 51 m17x ntoebook:

    You can get desktop specifications on this thing - and it's a beast. It's not really that portable so if you wanna carry it around a lot- meh. But for performance - great.

    HP dv5t

    Portable, you can get a huge hard drive, a 512MB graphics card, and it's not really really heavy. It's also pretty well designed. Personally - I'd get this over the Alienware but I know the Alienware has more power and stuff.

    HP HDX16t series

    Bah - I love these 16 inch widescreens. Portable, great for games, and this one comes with a 512MB? A bit expensive.

    Sony VAIO FW

    It's onyl get a 256MB graphics card - but I love this computer so much I have to recommend it. The screen is beautiful - it runs Warhammer and Spore well and the fan is quiet and keeps the computer cool. I own this one and love it.

    HP dv7t series

    A 17 inch that is kind of a mix of most of these computers.

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