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How many cooling fans do i need on my pc.?

Hi, i am certain to making a new custom pc. I've chosen most the parts now and am struggling with the cooling fans. I am not sure how many i need and what type i need. I am making a fairly fast PC using a 4.0ghz and dual core AMD CPU. And i will be playing a few games on it quite often and using it for general use as well.

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  1. me, i use 1 on the cpu + a heatsink, with heat compound. to transfer the heat to the heat sink.

    one at the back

    one at the front of the case,hidden where the power switch is, to increase cold air to har drives..

    depends on the case, as some have a side vent / holes.

    the airflow should run back to front, so make sure u have the fans in the right direction. so the one at the draws in cold air while the one at the back expells the warm air.. also wiring is an issue, try to keep the cables tidy to increase airflow.

  2. As many as you pocket and pc case can hold.

  3. it depends how much stuff you have in your pc but the problem with having to many is that it becomes etremely noisy no more then 1-3

  4. Since you are building a gaming pc, I am guessing that you are going to use components that will generate a lot of heat. Your question may generate various answers. But I would advise one case fan on the front, one case fan on the back, and of course, one for the CPU.

    The airflow is from front to back, so the front fan is the intake fan, while the back fan is the exhaust fan. As far as the CPU fan is concerned, you shouldn't worry too much about messing up the installation, because it is very difficult to incorrectly install CPU fans. You'll see what I mean when you get to that point.

    For the case fans, just make sure that you look at the direction of the arrows on the side of the case fan. These arrows will tell you the direction of the airflow. 120 mm fans are generally more quiet than 80mm fans, because the rpms are smaller in order to push out the same amount of airflow. But some cheaper cases will only allow 80mm fans.

    If you buy a retail CPU, it will include the cpu's heatsink and fan. Fan fanatics will swear by their XXXX aftermarket fan as being the best for cpu cooling though. OEM cpus will not include a heatsink and fan.

  5. 4 120mm 2 being exhaust 2 being intake

  6. you should try the free free free program speed fan. What speed fan does is measures temperatures and adjusts the fan accordingly. I would go with two because my computer has two. That is my advice.

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