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Whats a good plot for a videogame?

I'm going to make an FPS pc game and I can't figure out a good plot. In the credits, I will inlcude your name and give you full credit for the plot outline.

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  1. An FPS set in the present, during World War 3, and have like your future self come back and tell you what to do to stay alive, kinda like Paychek the movie, but you would see your future self appear in a hologram before you.

  2. your a swat team and you have to infiltrate buildings and kill the enemy, but it would be more tactical rather that run and gun. and at the end your in a room and for some reason your team turns on you and you have to take them out tactically and it ends.

    I'm Phil S.

  3. Zombies. Zombies make any fps good.

    I suggest having a map, compas, and waypoints for this plot, makes it easier.

    Your a new recruit at an army base, you just got out of training, and your getting assigned your first assignment. Your task is to head to a small town and see why the post there hasn't reported anything in over 12 hours. You get to the outpost realizing somethings wrong. There is nobody in sight, everything seems too quiet. You can explore the small outpost for weapons/ammo, and upon exiting, you are greeted by a survivor. He babbles on about "those, things, nonsense." A zombie comes shuffling around the corner of the outpost and lunges at the survivor. You stare horror-struck as the zombie consumes the flesh of the poor soul. You are now Immense in a battle for your life, choosing to try your luck in the city, or the outpost.

    1. -Outpost-

    You decide to stay at the outpost and radio for help. As you near the command console, the power goes out. You must restore power to the building to call for help before the zombies can open the now useless electric doors. You head to the basement, wandering dark sparsely lit with eerie red emergency lighting. You find a large, closed off, blast shield door. You cannot open it now, but you see the power box on a nearby wall. You restore the power, to find out the door is now opening to reveal the fates of the people at the outpost. Out of the door, stumbles the undead form of the guards. If you survive this ordeal, good for you. If you died, looks like you should have picked the city.

    2. -Town-

    You choose to head into the small town to radio for help and possibly find survivors. You walk into town on the main road, nothing you see is moving. As you walk further in, you start hearing sounds. Eventually you find a large group of zombies, possibly the entire town. (Obviously you should run, but to where?) 3 waypoints appear, pointing to the fire station, police station, and the high school.

    2A. -Police Station-

    You find the front doors barricaded from the other side, seems like there is no way in. Try another.

    2B. -Fire Station-

    At first glance this seems to be barricaded also, but after exploring the side, you find a maintnence door unlocked. You get assualted by a few crazy survivors, who you promptly kill, loot the place for ammo, guns, etc. Nothing important here, maybe you should check out the school?

    2C. -School-

    You arrive at the school, it looks safe enough. You enter, wandering the halls until you arrive at the gym. Once inside, you find a large group of people, and some military personnel. You ask around, learning little. People here don't know what the heck is going on, but there is a shady looking guy in the corner taking notes. Hmmm?

    Thats what I have in my head right now, hopefully that helps. =]

  4. A good FPS pc game would be about a huge war. There would be a major Character fighting against harmful disease spreading creatures.The major character would have a name like,"General....." or "Captain......" The Creatures could be called some creepy alien name.Thnks, Jake<>

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