Build Your Own Gaming PC

Should i go and buy a gaming console or save up and build a gaming pc?

I like any games and i have the knowledge of how to build pc's and their inner workings...

Public Comments

  1. NO!, Buy a PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Definitely. A powerful gaming PC will be able to emulate most gaming consoles (check back in a few years for 7th gen consoles), and you will also be able to get a much better experience, as PC games can also be modded and such. If you have the ability, might as well go for it, you'll likely have fun doing it as well.

  3. PS3 is the best, but XBOX 360 has the most popular online play. I personally like pc games more though. PC gives much more control over your characters too. If you going to be playing by yourself then PC, if parties then Wii, if gamers come over a lot then get PS3.

  4. PS3's ROCK, i definetly reccomend PS3 to anyone, i even reccomendedd it to my pet Frog :p

  5. a gaming console like the ps3 it has internet, blu ray, and lots of other stuff and you can also play online for free and i would recommend you to buy a ps3 'cuz online playing is free unlike xbox you have to pay like 50 dollar a year and why would you pay 50 dollar a year if playsation network is free think about it.

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