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Where can I custom build a Gaming PC, Australia?

I want to buy a customized gaming tower online. I don't like dell because you have to buy a monitor with the tower. Any well known and secure sites? OR where can I buy a good gaming PC from a store, something cheap like $1500, Sydney.

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  2. or you could buy the parts from ebay, and save yourself a lot of money

    from ebay, you could build a very good gamer's computer, for under $600

  3. Well your best bet is to build your own, which is not too difficult, or look around for a local computer guy, that option will make sure you dont get crappy old parts such as the psu that online vendors will use that will ruin your pc.

    also check these websites if you really want to buy online:

  4. check out U can find lots of good stuff there like ratings for pc parts and links to gaming comp. sites

  5. I can design you one for free here:


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  7. Go buy oe of the computer magazines ... thre are 3 main ones available .. at least one of those will have an article on best value PC's or Gaming PC's ... they will also have the links to where you can purchase the computer

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