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Want to build a gaming PC from scrath with $800 budget. What would you do?

Want to build a gaming PC from scrath with $800 budget. What would you do? What parts would you use to get the best results for a gaming station? CPU, motherboard, RAM, chassis, monitor, sound, video, mouse, keyboard, controller, etc. What would you build and where would you go to get those parts?

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  1. i would put an amd6000 on an asus sli/raid board ... put one 8800gts for now .. about a 600wattpsu .. one wd raptor for now .. and 2 gigs of whatever memory is on sale .. later on when i had the money i would sli another 8800gts and add a second raptor in raid .. for sound onboard will suffice .. any atx box will suffice .. a cheapo mouse and keyboard will suffice for now .. and if ur figuring monitor/ speakers in the price u wont make it im afraid ..

  2. 1) buy a case with a lot of ventilation

    2) buy a 8600 gts really good value

    3) 500gb hard-drive (for storing all those games)

    4) dual core or a quad core cpu (amd or intel)

    5) 2 gb of ram

    6) any Creative branded sound card will sound fantastic

    7) a set of wireless mouse and keyboard

    8) and a 19" widescreen Samsung monitor to top it off

    the computer will cost around $800

    and the monitor will cost another $200

  3. well I would try this link That is a good website to start getting your parts from. they have great deals and fast shipping.

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