Build Your Own Gaming PC

What do i need to build a Gaming PC?

I know how to put everything together, but i do not know all the parts I need. I need a list of what to get, such as a fan, a mother board, a case, and ect.What parts do i have to have to build one?

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  1. mother board and graphics card are most important.

    you also need a fast cpu, big hard drive, at least 4g of memory, power unit, cd drive, a tower that'll fit it all, and a fan that's big enough to cool it all off.

  2. Everything he Said besides the 4gb hardrive.. LOL

    My pc is gaming but my Graphics card is useless

    The total amount of space the games i have take is between

    50-55 GB

  3. has all the parts you need,

    motherboard, that has the right socket for your CPU, at least 2 gb of memory, that fits the motherboard. graphics card with 512 mb of memory or more. CD/DVD rom drive, Hard drive 320 Gb or more. case, get one with a power supply, if not you'll need a power supply. all of that should get your PC running. you could get optional things such as memory card reader, second CD/DVD drive, another hard drive, TV tuner, or what not. also dont forget you'll need an OS to put on your PC like Windows XP or vista.

    good luck

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