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What are the things I need to look for when customizing a gaming pc?

So I've been a console lover since I was a young teen, but I know that pc's top consoles anyday. So I'm gonna try and customize my own gaming pc, but the thing is I don't know anything about computers. So, what should I get, what parts of the computer should I upgrade and to what?

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  1. You should take a hardware class at a local university or college to really get a thorough understanding of the basics if you don't know anything. There are many choices and options to consider, and they get more confusing every day with new form factors, expansion slots, and memory types that are being developed all the time.

    The first step you should do is pick the most intensive game you'd want to play and then compare your current system to the recommended specs for that game. You might just need a few more sticks of ram, or perhaps a new graphics card and a new power supply and some ram.

    The second step is, read, read, and read some more.

  2. Make sure every part is about equal in quality and that you don't bottleneck. For instance, a good rule of thumb is to spend about as much on your CPU as you do your graphics card. Most important parts are:



    Graphics Card (if you play games, which you do)

    RAM (Memory)

    Hard Drive (I'd recommend getting an SSD, Solid State Drive for your operating system and a couple favorite games and using a regular hard drive for everything else.)

    I just bought this computer a week ago and posted it in this article:

  3. Why not try the ‘MMORPG’?

    Build the machine (PC) in such a way that these online games can ‘run like a horse’. If you can configure it to support the recent ones e.g. The Chronicles of Spellborn then it should support almost any games available in the market today.

    Start with the Processor and a compatible motherboard. A small online research (reviews and current price) should help you in making an informed decision on them. The more you invest on these two, the better your gaming PC will be...

    Another equally important component for a gaming PC is the Graphics card. Remember to check its compatibility and performance with the motherboard and the processor you chose. You should be able to get this information from any of the online reviews.

    Rest of the components are upto you as they don’t matter much. However, make sure to check on their compatibility and performance with rest of the component, through online reviews.

    You may also check my lens on this topic.

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