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What things do you have to do in order to maintain a gaming PC?

Just wanted to know I'm getting a new gaming PC and I don't know much about them. Oh and that means hardware to do I have to open it up every month and clean it or something?

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  1. Antivirus software, a defrag program, frequently delete unused things to keep space open and speeds fast.

  2. Figure on upgrading one component, about every 6-months, to stay in top current.

    You can periodically check the Ars Technica guides, to make sure you are getting the best performance, for the price. They have Budget Box, Hot Rod, and God Box specification-sets.

    It is a Great starting-point, as you grow your own knowledge. "Tom's Hardware" gets more technical, but if you are just starting as a hobbyist, Ars can save you a lot of searching.

  3. Have your PC free from dusts from time to time --- accumulated dusts causes the PC to heat more especially those dusts that are stuck in the heat sink and cooling fans of the PC.

    Monitor your hardware's temperature --- use a software called 'Speccy'. It will monitor your PC for you and it's free. Temperature is very important, if left unnoticed it could burn your computer's hardware, literally.

    Defrag your hard disk and registry from time to time --- software within the PC sometimes leave some clutters in the system which when accumulated could slow down the PC. It's best having some software like CCleaner, Perfect Optimizer, and the likes in your PC. Those software could clean the PC off of some clutters.

    Protect your PC from malicious softwares --- install the best anti-virus software in your PC. The better the anti-virus software is, the more secure your PC is from malicious softwares. I, personally use BitDefender 2011 and Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft Security Essentials is free, while BitDefender 2011 requires you to buy it, but it's worth it. I was using the previous version of these two anti-virus software and I could really say that it protected this PC for months. And for that I am thankful to the people behind these two software.

    Scan your PC from malwares and viruses from time to time --- there are still some sneaky malwares and viruses that could get into your PC from time to time. Full scanning the PC could detect them and remove them off the system.

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