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Would the addition or modification of PC hardware help protect intellectual property?

PC hardware has failed to acknowledge the need for protecting the rights of software authors. Is it possible to add/modify units in PC hardware in such a way to protect intellectual property? This could be accompanied by having the software itself run on media which include hardware that would authenticate with the PC hardware. Would such things as encryption and digital signatures help?

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  1. There's been various attempts to do this kind of thing, but much of the appeal and utility of the pc lies in its being an open architecture under the control of the owner.

    If you want a crippled piece of hardware with "safe" software you can buy a game console. And we all know nobody ever pirates on those right?

    Intellectual property is plenty safe, other than from casual users who wouldn't have bought the stuff anyway, and their activities are a source of innovation as well. Commercial use is well regulated.

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