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What should i get only for gaming out of a gaming pc or a ps3?

Ok so i only and only want to play games but i like games with good graphics but i also like games with good gameplay and features as well. What would be better a gaming pc or a ps3? Gaming pc specs: Intel core 2 quad q9550 9800gx2 graphics card 4 gb ram vista ultimate 64-bit or the playstation 3 Thanks

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  1. I'd say a PS3. I hate to say it, but more and more game publishers are pushing games onto consoles more than anything else. In fact, in the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC gamers have complained to Infinity Ward that they can't do certain tasks that they would be able to in other pc games like record a gaming session, use hotkeys etc. So all MW2 was, was a stupid port of the console version.

    Not to mention, it's getting more and more expensive to update the hardware of a PC system, especially with games like Crysis.

  2. Go w/ a pc. Im not a big gammer but i do know that w/ a Pc you can hack into cirtain things after you meet people inworld. Quad 4's basic now but if i were you i would spend the extra and get ailienware created for gameing. There stuff rocks! I use Dell but a had it custome.

  3. The PS3 because so MANY awesome exclusive games come out for the ps3 but rarely for the pc. So get the PS3.

  4. a ps3 because it way better than a pc and better graphics

  5. pc im a pc gamer pc's have better graphics and ps3's are shit

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