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How much does Best Buy buy their items wholesale (percentage)?

I've asked this question before, but no one got to it.. I explained that I was going to be working at Best Buy when I turn 16 next month and I want to kbnow exactly how good is the employee discount.. I know that its based on wholesale price with an extra 5%.. The things I'll be buying is the typical thing you would buy at Best Buy, video games, video game consoles, iPod Accessories, pc games, pc/mac hardware and software..

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  1. It all depends on the item, there isn't one set markup. Some items you will save a lot, like car stereos are marked up 50% or more.

    Items like DVDs and video games you can expect to save a buck or two at the most. Most DVDs are sold at a loss or break even just to get people in the door to buy appliance and tvs.

    Computers as well, the only computer with good markup are usually the Sony, nothing on sale has a high markup.

    You won't save a ton of money but you will save a good amount.

  2. Adding to the answer you already received, some items will actually be cheaper if you buy without your employee discount!

    for example, sometimes they have a deal on a complete package (computer, monitor, printer) for $999. If you were to buy all of this under your employee discount, you would actually pay more.

  3. pretty much everything you said you wanted to buy will not be discounted much except for the ipod accessories. Those are marked up a lot. a cool thing is though, that employees can buy directly from the manufacturer so you can sample the products for really cheap. The reason they offer this is because if you use the product then you will most likely try to sell it if it is good. I got a $350 graphics card for $160 straight from ATI. They offer this for all sorts of stuff. Usually the prices will be a little cheaper than the cheapest you can find it online on ebay or whatever with store discount.

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