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what are the important components a computer needs for gaming.?

like what is the motherboard for, what would it improve, the processers and stuff. the graphics card. thanks i would like to have a better insight on computer hardware. please give a easy to read description on what each component nessacery for a gaming pc. i would like to know, so i know what components i should upgrade in the future and what is the important component to upgrade.

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  1. a mobo is the big square thing that the processor, ram, and video card go and where everthing else is connected...

    but for gaming, the video card is usually more important than the processor...

    i would go with intel and nvdia...

    And if yuo are rich as fuck i would get a core i7 machine with 12gb ram, 2 EVGA 295's , 2 Western Digital 300gb Velociraptor and a 1300 watt psu

    you can get all that from here:

    its a really good website

  2. It does depend on your motherboard as to how to improve your system for gaming. My experiences have taught me the following and in this order.

    1) The video card will bring the biggest improvement. A jump of 2 to3 generations, say from the Radeon X1650 to the Radeon HD 4670, will be almost revelatory. You will see the more enhanced visuals and higher framrates of the more capable card with no other tweaks or changes to the system. Your system in general will seem faster as the video will offload some things from the CPU.

    2) CPU upgrade should be considered as secondary as the bang for this kind of buck is not necessarily visible. The boost here is overall performance for the system, i.e. everything should benefit but not all that much.

    3) RAM gives everything more room to play and many games will be more responsive with more RAM as the game engine isn't waiting for memory to be released. RAM in general is one of the things you can never have too much of. The others being CPU and storage.

    Some will quibble with these particulars, but overall I have been well served by them in the several dozen systems I have built. Should you go the new system route these are the same considerations to have in mind.

    Good luck.

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