Build Your Own Gaming PC

What sort of desktop PC should I get, and where should I get it?

I'm looking for a low-cost gaming PC that is highly upgradeable. I'm looking to not go crazy with price because I want to see if this is really what I want to get in to, but if I like it, I would want to add more to it. I've never really gotten into PC gaming before.

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  1. I think wal-mart has an offer... it's like Dell pc bundle including LCD 19" i think for less than $500...

    You should find out... it's a great deal!

  2. depends what your budget is and what your hoping to play. Custom builds usually tunr out the best but I'd have to say if your cheap go for a dell studio 540 with dual core 2.6ghhz processor and 3gbs of ram. upgrade the video card to fit your budget.

  3. Build it.

    Its not hard, doesnt take long to learn what you need and what will work with other parts...

    Its waaaay cheaper and alows you to actually plan for upgrades while building it..

    I built my current system from parts ordered on Got a super cheap CPU and graphics card to start with, but I made sure my Motherboard supported the latest greatest thing. Eventually I got a new CPU and a killer graphics card, now its a beast.

    If you order a pre-built PC its going to be overpriced and most-likely not as upgradable as you want it to be...

    The other reason to build it yourself is the learning process. It helps to understand what hardware is and how it works. Makes addressing computer problems much easier.

  4. OK, I've already recommended this machine 3 or 4 times tonight on here but I'm gonna do it again. Check this out -

    It's a great machine for the price... and I did a lot of research!

  5. just DON'T buy an HP PAVILLION, if you want my opinion! The old worn out EMACHINES is still slowly going after 7 years but the hp didn't even make it 1 year! I just posted my story about the hp here on answers, maybe it will give you enough advice to keep you from wasting your $!

  6. computer hardware

  7. go to the link below and give those computers a look,you might have to buy the monitor seperate,but the link is well worth the look,the link is for gaming computers,you can choose the one one like,you can see what they come with and read reviews of people who has bought the computers and what they think of the system.hope this helps.need more help email me.

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