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Is having a good power supply important for a pc?

I'm getting a new gaming pc. I'm going to custom configure it and I saw the option to choose my power supply. I'm not sure which one to choose from 500 watts to 1200.

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  1. A good power supply is more important than most people think. If you have a shitty power supply that's not up to the task, you will get errors and crashes as a result. Also, running a power supply near peak load will dramatically shorten its life - all power supplies degrade over time.

  2. You have to choose the power supply based on the parts you are getting... If you are getting higher end parts (ie: Graphics cards) than its better to get a bigger power supply, or else your pc will not be able to run with those parts =/ I would suggest ~800 wat power supply should be good for a long time to come

  3. of course

    i your power supplu bad it can effect your harddrive , mother board, everything that connect to electric. so u must have a good power supply for gaming

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  4. Well, you see, there's a fine line between good and bad. A low power supply can leave you at "wtf?" when your power goes out.

    However, having too much power can burn out your PC. It's not good for the battery life.

    Usually 500 should suffice for this kind of situation.

  5. Like Tunic said, a PSU running at full capacity is not good. Get a power supply with a couple hundred watts more than the PC needs as a bare minimum.

    The amount of power you'll need depends on the type of CPU, number of hard drives, number of cooling fans in the case, number of optical drives, and the power consuming demands of your video card/cards.

  6. Depending on your setup, a good PSU is always recommended specially if your a gamer. I'd say 1200W is a little overkill. I'm sure a good quality 650W-700W PSU can provide for Sli or Crossfire configuration. But check it, i wouldn't really think you'd need even 800W. Late~.

  7. Yes but in brand not capacity as plenty of generic Power Supplies can only produce half of what they claim, missing lots of safety features and providing a rather erratic power source which is bad for the lifespan and stability of the entire computer.

    The easiest way to identify a good PSU is weight as a cheap one is extremely light due to missing coils and heatsinks.

    LIST OF POWER SUPPLY BRANDS with corresponding rating

  8. 500 is to low for a gaming pc (if you intend to do more) but 1200 is gonna rack up some bills and some serious heat. Are you going to run 2 video cards in SLI mode? Is gaming going to be the only thing you will be doing with it (more or less). 650 - 800 should meet all your needs.

  9. An adequite power supply system is essential there is no such thing as too big as your system will only draw from the power supply what it requires.

    Look at it this way, you have a fast flowing water tap that will fill a bath very quickly but if you only require a glassfull you would turn the tap down .

    .Tthis is exactly what happens with a power supply if output exceeds supply then demand suffers.

    If you have adequite supply to meet eventual demand even if your system grows then the power supply will cope.

    I hope the above analogy helps with your enqury

    So even if you fit a 1200 watt supply and draw less at the start there is room for expansion

  10. Go to the website that makes your video card and find out what size of power supply it specifies. One hard drive or two. how many auxillary fans. The main thing is buying a card that has it's own fan. It wont take much to run it. Mine is a ATI radeon 9500 with seperate fan. and it only specifies at least a 300W The way power supplys burn out I wouldn't spend to much on one if you don't need it. If you do pay more than the standard one make sure you get a good surge protector because the power supply is usually the first thing to go after a lightning storm.

  11. A decent power supply is important regardless of what your computer is going to be used for. If you only plan on basic office type functions then as little as 380ish would suffice. If you plan on playing graphically intensive games with a single graphics card then 500ish watts would be my suggestion. The really high wattage units are intended for computers running multiple graphics cards in sli mode (or crossfire if you have ati).

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