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How hard is it to build a high-end gaming PC?

I want for less than $1,000 to build a gaming desktop. Nothing extreme, but I'd like to be able to play games like Crysis (obviously with graphics turned way down). Where do I start?

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  1. You should start by choosing a motherboard, this should be what you want to focus on. Then power supply, graphics card, CPU, memory etc.

    You must be careful because sometimes parts don't work together. You have to check the voltage, and all sorts.

    Having Crysis on the lowest setting won't take *that* much.

  2. You start by researching every component you'd like to use. On even $1000 budget, you could still put together something quite capable of playing Crysis.

    I'd start by checking out Ars Technica's System Build guides. They update their guides a few times a year. The just updated for September. Their "Budget" box would run you about $800 before tax or shipping, and with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT-based video card that they recommend, you could easily do Crysis.

    Putting it all together is the tricky part. If you've never built a PC before on your own, you might use the last 200$ in your budget to take a class on PC Configuration and Repair at your local Community College - you would learn everything you need to know, and more, to build and troubleshoot your own PCs. You would learn the dos and don'ts of putting it all together. If your teacher is cool enough, he might even help you out.

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