Build Your Own Gaming PC

How can I learn to build a gaming rig?

I always hear and read about how it's better (and cheaper) to build your own gaming pc instead of buying a custom one from a manufacturer like Alienware. But since I know very little about building PC's, I wonder if there's a way to learn without having to pay for a class. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Its very quite simple how to build and design your own computer.

    First there is a motherboard which everything plugs into

    Then theres the processor, think of it as a brain

    Then ram, it makes multitasking easy

    Then the hdd also like the brain but only for storage

    Everything plugs into the motherboard with wires.

    Go to, they will tell you what you need for a computer. As well as supply you with parts and such to build it.

  2. building your own rig is actually really easy. i learned simply by looking around newegg and reading forums, and i think most people learn that way. computer building is so easy now a monkey could do it. people just get scared because they have bad experiences with computers. check out this guide to get you started.

    never hesitate to ask on boards and forums. people are really friendly and more than happy to help.

  3. Visit Howstuffworks website @

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