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Can you tell the difference between an i7 2600k and an i5 2500k in performance of gaming?

I want to build my own gaming pc, and i'd like to know if an i7 processor is worth the money? The 2600k is a quad core.

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  1. I7 is worth more then its price if you install six cores you will get 12 cores with turbo and you can even overclock it

  2. I can play the latest games (Crysis 2, DNF, Fear 3) with a Core 2 Duo from 2007 and still get 45+ fps, max settings, 720p. cpu really doesn't matter much for modern games. Save your money to spend a bit more on extra ram and a better video card.

  3. With the 2600 you get 8 virtual cores in windows7. The hyperthreading ability of the CPU will let you run 8 threads at one time. In gaming that really doesn't apply. Many games just barely run 4 cores as of now. The 2500k doesn't allow hyperthreading, but if you do not video edit and do many severe tasks while gaming, then you will not be able to see any difference between those 2 CPU's...

  4. i7 of course! as it has more cache so it can store more temporary files in it per sec. or msec.n it has greater clock speed then i5

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  5. honestly you would be better off getting the i5, as the increase in fps would be marginal and buy a top of the range graphics card instead out of the money you saved, if your graphics card cant handle the game a better processor wont help you.

    but if you can afford the i7 and a top of the range graphics card, then get the i7

  6. As far as gaming goes, the difference in performance between the 2500k and 2600k is practically nonexistent. For a gaming computer the i5-2500k is a far better deal the i7-2600k. The 2600k has hyperthreading which is largely irrelevant in gaming, and 2 more MB of cache, which again isn't a big deal. In stock form the 2600k is clocked a 100mhz higher, but with a k CPU, you're probably going to be overclocking anyway so that doesn't mean much either.

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