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Can anyone explain to me how to build my own gaming PC ot refer me to a website?

It's seems to be best for me to build my own gaming rig because i'll be getting the most performance for my money, although even though i've looked through a couple of websites I can't find any reliable/detailed ones that can tell me what I need to do from the ground up? Also I plan on getting a large tower instead of a medium so I can keep upgrading it in the future and it will have plenty of room for air flow.

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  1. Go to , they build a "dream machine" every year with step by step instructions and sources for the components. I build PCs for fun, and one tip would be to spend most of your bucks on the best motherboard you can get. That way any upgrades you want to do, you can do without tearing everything apart. A big case is only helpful if you want to have multiple hard drives... air flow is good in mid cases. You might want to look into liquid cooling if you plan to over clock your components.

    I hope this helps. I enjoy building machines, and I even have most of my hair left after doing so. Good luck!

  2. DIY is a good idea, for the reasons you've mentioned. Love the big case, you can fit a ton of extra stuff in (including GPUs/CPUs w/huuuuger heatsinks), and have room for fans/watercooling for OC. As for what parts, tom's hardware, pcmag etc will have some pointers for high-end, mid-range, etc. Google each part, and read pros and cons, depending on what your priorities are.

    How-to, I found this:

    And this:

    That seems to have what you need, better than i can explain it in this little box;)

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