Build Your Own Gaming PC

I am building a PC but software how to install?

I finally got some budget building my own gaming PC , i got two list of compatible hardware PC desktop built by self . Although this is my first but the problem is after building it , how do i install windows and stuff ? Just insert the windows CD and thats it ? or do i need to use something else ?

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  1. That will do it, assuming you have set the BIOS to boot up on a CD as first choice. It will format the hard drive and install Windows. Try it with a Linux disc for a faster cheaper more satisfying result.

  2. Yes, using the Windows disc will allow you to install your operating system. As far as other programs go, you'll have to install them separately, from either disc or by downloading their setup files.

  3. Yep just slide in the CD and follow the directions and once it is installed insert all of the driver CD's and there ya go. If it does not include the driver CD's with the Hardware you bought then go online and check for drivers.

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